Wakayama and Wakayamashi stations guide. The difference of these stations and which station is more convenient for travelers?

Wakayama stationStation information
JR Wakayama station building

When you plan to visit Wakayama, you will notice two stations there. Those are Wakayama station and Wakayamashi station. Both stations are located in Wakayama city but the locations are different.

In this post, I would like to show you these two stations’ layout and location. You will find the difference of these stations and which one the better location is.


Wakayama station is JR station. Wakayamashi station is Nankai Railway station. Both stations are connected by JR Kisei line. Please see the map below:

Location map of Wakayama and Wakayamashi station, and major stations in Osaka (Click to view large)

I will tell you about access between these two stations later.

JR Wakayama station

JR Wakayama station is located in the center of Wakayama city. This station is connected with Kyoto, Shin-Osaka and Tennoji by Limited Express Kuroshio.

Kishuji Rapid runs frequently between Osaka and Wakayama. It stops at many stations in downtown Osaka, such as Nishikujo, Kyobashi, Tennoji, Shin-Imamiya.

Kishuji Rapid train

Wakayama station is located on the way to southern part of Wakayama. Shirahama, Kii-Tanabe, Shingu, Kii-Katsuura can be accessed by Limited Express Kuroshio from Wakayama.

Local trains run between Wakayama and Wakayamashi, and local train runs on Wakayama line between Wakayama and Oji as well. Private train company, Wakayama Dentetsu (Wakayama Electric Railway) also depart from Wakayama station.

Station structure, tracks and platforms

Wakayama station platforms overview

Unfortunately there is no maps in English available. Please find Japanese map in the link below:

JR Wakayama station map

All platforms are located on the ground level. And these platforms are connected by the underground path and the viaduct. Elevators are available at the viaduct.

The signage at the entrance of underground path


#1The limited express KuroshioTennoji, Shin-Osaka, Kyoto
#2,3Kishuji Rapid TrainHineno, Tennoji, Osaka
#4Kishuji Rapid Train
Hineno, Tennoji, Osaka
#4The limited express Kuroshio
Shirahama, Kii-Tanabe, Kii-Katsura, Shingu
#4Kinokuni line local trainGobo, Kii-Tanabe
#5Hanwa line rapid, local trainHineno, Tennoji
#5Kinokuni line local trainGobo, Kii-Tanabe
#7Wakayama line local trainHashimoto, Gojo
#8Kiei line local trainWakayamashi
#9Wakayama Electric Railway
(Wakayama Dentetsu)
Kishigawa line

Ticket gate/Exit

Platform #1 just beside central ticket gate

Wakayama station has several ticket gates at both sides of the station.

At west side, there are three ticket gates, Central, Mio second floor and Mio underground. Central ticket gate is the primary gate and most of you use this ticket gate. Mio second floor and Mio underground gates are connected with shopping complex “Mio” which is attached with JR Wakayama station. There are other department store and hotels around west side of Wakayama station.

Shopping building Mio attached with Wakayama station west side

At east side, there is one ticket gate which is East gate. This side is much quieter than west side. Most of you do not use this side.

Wakayama Electric Railway gate

Wakayama Electric Railway platform in JR Wakayama station

Wakayama Electric Railway is different train company from JR. But this railway’s platform is located in JR Wakayama station. When you take this train, you need to go through JR ticket gate and enter Wakayama Electric Railway gate at the platform. As you see the above, Wakayama Electric Railway’s platform is track #9. You cannot purchase a ticket for this train at JR ticket office. You can go through JR ticket gate without any ticket. But you need to go through man’s gate and tell station staff that you want to take Wakayama Electric Railway.

You may find some more information in the link below.

Two days trip to Koyasan (Mt. Koya) and Wakayama from Osaka, Part 4 – small trip by lovely trains of Wakayama Dentetsu

Nankai Railway Wakayamashi station

Wakayamashi station building will be demolished soon.

Wakayamashi station is one of two major stations in Wakayama. Nankai Railway connects Namba, Shin-Imamiya, Tengachaya and Wakayamashi. And JR Kisei line connects this station and JR Wakayama station.

Wakayamashi station is a bit away from the center or Wakayama downtown. Especially since major department store in Wakayamashi station was closed in 2014, it has been very quiet around this station. Local businesses are shifting to JR Wakayama station and Wakayama castle area. Wakayama castle is located between JR Wakayama station and Wakayamashi station. Most of business are now concentrating in these areas. There is no big shopping complex and hotels around Wakayamashi station. Honestly JR Wakayama station is much more convenient location to stay. JR Wakayama station is two stations away by JR local train from Wakayamashi station. You can find some more detailed information about these two stations access later in this post.

In front of Wakayamashi station

At this point, the station building is in under construction. Main building will be demolished soon. City library and small shopping places will be rebuild after that by 2020. In this post, I use the photos which I took in fall 2017.

Station structure, tracks and platforms

Track #4. Most of express trains to Namba depart from this platform.

Unfortunately the station map is available in Japanese only but the station layout is simple. Please see the link below to find it.

Nankai Railway official site (Japanese) Wakayamashi station map

All platforms are located on the ground level. These are connected by the viaduct. The elevators are equipped beside the viaduct.

JR Kisei line local train at track #2. This photo was taken from track #3 Kada line platform.


#2JR Kisei line local trainWakayama
#3Kada line local trainKada
#4,5Limited Express Southern
Namba, Shin-Imamiya
Tengachaya, Wakayamako
#6Express, LocalNamba, Shin-Imamiya
#7Wakayamako line local trainWakayamako

Track #6 and #7 are located at same platform and same side. Half of platform is used as track #6 and the rest of the half is used as track #7.

Kada line train at track #3

Ticket gate/Exit

Main ticket gate of Wakayamashi station

There are two ticket gates of Nankai Railway. One gate is the primary gate and the other one is transfer gate to JR Kisei line. JR ticket gate is located just in front of Nankai Railway transfer gate. JR does not have any station staffs in Wakayamashi station. If you use IC card, such as ICOCA, Kansai one pass, Suica, you can tap at the gate to enter JR Wakayamashi station. Otherwise you can purchase JR ticket at Nankai Railway ticket vending machine.

Nankai Railway transfer gate
JR Wakayamashi station ticket gate

All ticket gates are connected with main exit at east side. There is only one way to exit and enter in this station building.

How to move between Wakayama station and Wakayamashi station

As I mentioned a few times in this post, Wakayama station (JR) and Wakayamashi station (Nankai Railway) are different. It is more than 2 km away each other. The distance of these two stations is walkable. But it is not recommended. If you want to try walking, please see the link below. I walked from Wakayama station to Wakayamashi station via Wakayama castle. You can find the trip report:

I would like to tell you again. JR Wakayama station is located in downtown core of Wakayama city. It is much more convenient location than Wakayamshi station.

I hope this post will help you to get some idea for your trip.


  1. Glory says:

    Hello Takeshi,

    I would like to know your opinion on passes to use for my itinerary in May 2020. I will be staying in Osaka by Shin-immamiya Station for the entire trip.

    Day 1 Osaka (2 day Amazing Pass)
    Day 2 Osaka (2 day Amazing Pass)
    Day 3 Koyasan
    Day 4 Kyoto (start 4 day Kansai Area Pass)
    Day 5 Kyoto day 2
    Day 6 Nara and Uji
    Day 7 Kobe (Last day of 4 day Kansai Area Pass)
    Day 8 Osaka Aquarium
    Day 9 Wakayama City

    Should I get the Kansai Area Pass or Kansai Thru Pass for my excursions to nearby cities? Is there a pass that can take me to Kyosan/Wakayama from Osaka?

    Thank you very much!

  2. Li Li says:

    Hi Takeshi San
    Will be going to Osaka in early November.
    Day 1 arriving KXI
    Day1 – Day6 stay (6 nights) in Osaka but will travel to Kyoto & Nara for day trips

    Day7-Day8 travel to Nagoya from Osaka station and staying 2 nights to explore Nagoya

    Day9- back to Osaka
    Day 10 travel to KIX for flight home

    Is JR West Pass cover the places I mentioned. And if I were to get the 7 days Pass, which day should I start to use.


  3. Stephanie says:

    Dear Takeshi-san,
    Thank you for this very useful blog. I would like to ask for your advice on which pass I should get for the following itinerary (Kansai Wide area pass, Kansai Thru Pass or Kintetsu Rail Pass Plus? would it be worth it if I combined 2 passes?):
    Day 1 – land in KIX , stay at Osaka Uehommachi station
    Day 2 – explore around Osaka and then travel to Kii-Tanabe
    Day 3 – take a bus from Kii-Tanabe to Hongu
    Day 4 – walk Kumano Kodo (Hongu to Koguchi)
    Day 5 – walk Kumano Kodo (Koguchi to Nachi), take bus from Nachi to Kii-Katsuura
    Day 6 – travel from Kii-Katsuura to Ise, explore around Ise and Toba
    Day 7 – travel from Ise to Yoshino, Yoshino to Kobe
    Day 8 – Explore Kobe, Himeiji
    Day 9 – Naruto Whirlpools, travel back to Osaka, stay at Osaka station
    Day 10 – travel from Osaka to KIX for flight
    Many thanks in advance for your advice!

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