Tengachaya station guide. How to transfer among Nankai Railway and Subway line

tengachayaStation information
Tengachaya Station East Exit

Tegachaya is one of the stations on Nankai Railway. It is located in southern part of Osaka and a few stations away from Namba.

Tengachaya is not a mega terminal station but this station is very convenient transfer point of Nankai Railway and Osaka Metro Sakaisuji line. You may change trains at this station from Kansai airport to some locations in downtown Osaka. And also Osaka Metro Sakaisuji line goes through Hankyu Railway Kyoto and Senri lines. You also may use this subway line to get some places on Hankyu Railway lines.

This station’s structure is quite simple. But you may want to see how you change the trains at this station. In this post, I would like to show you many photos of this station. You will see how easy to change trains at Tengachaya station

Nankai Railway and Osaka Subway Sakaisuji line Tengachaya station overview

Tengachaya station is located on the way from Kansai airport to Namba station on Nankai Railway line. This station is also the departure point of Osaka Subway Sakaisuji line.

You may find the route map of Osaka Subway lines in the link below:

Osaka Municipality Transportation official site, Osaka subway lines map

Station structure, tracks and platforms

Tengachaya station is four levels structure.

3rd floorNankai Railway platform
2nd floorNankai Railway ticket gate
1st floorOsaka Subway ticket gate
UndergroundOsaka Subway platform

There are elevators, escalators and stairs. Unfortunately English map is not available. You can find the map in Japanese in the links below:

Nankai Railway official site, Tengachaya station map
Osaka Municipality Transportation official site, Osaka subway lines map

Platforms (Nankai Railway)

1Koya lineKoyasan
2Koya lineShin-Imamiya, Namba
3Nankai Main line / Airport lineWakayama, Kansai Airport
4Nankai Main line / Airport lineShin-Imamiya, Namba

As you probably have seen the map in the link above, there are three platforms. One platform each for track #1 and #4. Another one is just between track #2 and #3. It is very simple and easy to find the platform which you need to catch a train.

Nankai Railway platforms at track #3

By the way only Koya line local train stop at Haginochaya station between Tengachaya and Shin-Imamiya, and Imamiyaebisu station between Shin-Imamiya and Namba. All other trains on Nankai Main line and other local train on Koya line skip these stations.

Platforms (Osaka Metro Sakaisuji line)

1,2,3Sakaisuji lineNippombashi, Kitahama, Tenjibashisuji 6-chome
Awaji, Kita-Senri, Takatsukishi

There are three tracks and two platforms. However most of trains depart from #2 or #3. #1 is used in peak hour only usually. This station’s layout is very simple too.

Osaka Subway Sakaisuji line platform at track #2. Hankyu Railway train is at track #3.

Ticket gate/Exit

Nankai Railway and Osaka Subway Tengachaya stations have one ticket gate each.

Nankai Railway’s ticket gate is located on the second floor. Osaka Subway’s ticket gate is located on the ground floor. It is very very simple.

Nankai Railway ticket gate
Osaka Metro ticket gate. Another ticket gate can be seen in the back. That is Nankai Railway ticket gate.

How to change Nankai Railway and Osaka Subway at Tengachaya station

All you have to do is going up or down. Nankai Railway station is located just above Osaka subway station. If you arrive at Tengachaya by Nankai Railway, go down to the second floor and exit ticket gate. You will see the stairs just in front of the ticket gate. You may do down to the ground floor. Osaka Subway’s ticket gate is just there.

The stairs and escalators are just right there behind the Nankai Railway ticket gate. Osaka Subway ticket gate is seen in the back.

Tengachaya is the best transfer point

There are several transfer points between Nankai Railway and Osaka subway lines, such as Shin-Imamiya and Namba. However Tengachaya is the easiest station to transfer between Nankai Railway and Osaka Subway. Nankai Railway and Subway stations are not very closed each other at Shin-Imamiya/Dobutsuenmae.

Namba is the mega terminal station. It is not hard to change trains but it is always crowded. You may be frustrated to walk with luggage.

Especially if you go to east side of downtown Osaka, Tengachaya is recommended to transfer.

But if you want to save your cost as much as you can, transfer at Namba is better. Because Nankai Railway has Nankai and Subway deal. You can go to any stations on Osaka subway line from Kansai airport at 1,000 yen.

Value ticket, Osaka City Subway to Kansai int’l Airport

If you use this ticket, you need to change trains at Tengachaya. You have to change at Namba.

e.g. Kansai airport to Nippombashi
Kansai airport (Nankai) Namba (Osaka Metro Sennichimae line) Nippombashi
You can use 1,000 yen deal for the route above.

Kansai airport (Nankai) Tengachaya (Osaka Metro Sakaisuji line) Nippombashi
Only regular fares are applied for this route.
920 yen (Nankai) + 230 yen (Subway) = 1,150 yen

So the cheaper way is via Namba and the easier way is via Tengachaya. You cannot get both.

I hope this post will help you to build your trip plan.


  1. Cecelle says:


    Do you happen to know if there are coin lockers in tengachaya station where I could leave a cabin size luggage?
    Or what could be the biggest size of luggage that could fit the coin lockers in tengachaya station (if there is such facility).


    • Hi Cecelle,

      There are lockers at Tengachaya station but there are only three lockers which can store cabin size luggage. So those may be occupied. Please do not expect that this will be available. There are even 15 small size lockers. That’s all at Tengachaya station.


      Takeshi / JPRail.com

      • Cecelle says:

        Hi Takeshi,

        Thanks for the reply. Our flight leaving Japan is on the evening, that is why we wanted to squeeze in some osaka tour during day. Do you happen to know if there are any baggage services were we could leave our luggage around or near Tengachaya Station?
        We will be staying in FDS En Osaka, that is why, anywhere within walking distance from Tengachaya Station would have been the most ideal place to leave our luggage in our last day in Japan.

        Thanks for the fast reply,


  2. Alen says:

    Hi Takeshi,
    Good day!

    Can you please help me as I’m quiet confused. I will arrived at Kansai Airport, around 9pm.. And I will be staying in around Nagahoribashi Station.

    I wanted to try the Nankai Railway’s Rapi:t, I will just purchase ticket for that in the airport maybe or online right? Then will stop in Tengachaya station?

    Then my big confusion, is after that, when I stop at Tengachaya, will change to (Sakaisuji Line) to Nagahoribashi Station, right? Do I need to purchase ticket for this one? Or is this included for the Nankai Railway’s Rapi:t ticket?

    Thank you so much Takeshi. You always help me. 🙂

    My itinerary for this trip now is, just to have a day tour around Wakayama and Kobe and sightsee around Namba 😉 Just have a 3 days only.

  3. Siwajit R says:

    I already ​buy a Nankai​ Airport​ Express​ voucher (Kix -​Namba)​from travel agency. For back to the Airport​
    I would like to know can i change A nankai Airport ​Express​ Voucher ​for a ticket here or i need to do that at Namba station only
    Thanks you

    • Hi Siwajit R,

      You can exchange both ways at Kansai airport station if you want. But when you exchange the voucher, you have to decide which train you will take. If you cannot decide what time you will take the train from Namba, you can exchange it later at Namba.


      Takeshi / JPRail.com

  4. Lertchai Srianant says:

    1.Does tengachaya station has loker for laggage?
    2. where is it?
    Can you show the map?

    • Hi Lertchai,

      There are lockers but only 18 spaces (15 small size and 3 medium size). There is no large size lockers. The spaces are very limited and all lockers may be full.

      I don’t have a map but these lockers are located near Nankai railway ticket gate.


      Takeshi / JPRail.com

  5. Allison says:


    I am going Japan in Nov this year. The nearest metro station to my hotel is Ebisucho station. I would like to check how to go from this station to Kansai International Airport. I guess I will have to go from Ebisucho to Tengachaya Station first. Can I buy ticket at Tengachaya station for Nankai Airport Express ticket?
    The route will be as follows:
    Tengachaya station – Sakai-Hagoromo–Izumiotsu-Haruki-Kishiwada-Kaizuka-Izumisano (Nankai Line)-Rinku Town-Kansai Airport(Nankai Kuko Line)

    • Hi Allison,

      As you think, you can take subway to Tengachaya and change to Nankai railway. You can purchase an express train ticket at Tengachaya too.
      Just hop on the train at Tengachaya and you can get Kansai airport directly.


      Takeshi / JPRail.com

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