Train operation status

Last updated at 06:00 on November 6th, 2018 (Japan time)

This page shows you temporary closed sections by natural disaster.

Substitute transportation service is available on most of closed section. JR Pass and other JR deals cover these substitute service. But if you intend to take these services, please make sure whether it is available or not, when you exchange a pass.


Nemuro line between Higashishikagoe and Shintoku

This line has been closed since Typhoon hit this area in August, 2016. The damage is very serious and this line may be closed permanently. Substitute bus service is available. You can take a local train between Furano and Higashishiagoe and substitute bus between Higashishikagoe and Shintoku. This substitute bus does not run very frequently. Please see the timetable below to make sure the timetable.

From Shintoku to Furano (from Mar 17, 2018)

Furano Higashi
07:20 08:04 08:09 09:00 09:11
11:15 12:00 12:05 12:54 13:05
14:19 15:04 15:13 16:02 16:21
16:46 17:31 17:36 18:26 18:45
19:06 19:50 19:55 20:55

And also there is one bus trip from Furano to Shintoku.

Furano 11:02 – 11:58 Ikutora – 12:50 Shintoku

This bus does not stop at other than Ikutora.

From Shintoku to Furano (from Mar 17, 2018)

Shintoku Sahoro
07:59 08:15 09:07 09:15 09:54
10:49 11:05 11:57 12:09 12:49
13:58 14:14 15:05 15:13 15:52
16:20 16:36 17:28 17:40 18:20
18:38 18:54 19:47 19:58 20:35

There is no straight bus services from Shintoku to Furano.

Hidaka line (Hokkaido) between Tomakomai and Mukawa, and between Mukawa and Shizunai

The segment between Mukawa and Shizunai is closed due to the landslide by high wind and wave. The remaining segment between Tomakomai and Mukawa was damaged by earthquake in early September. Substitute bus service on these segment are available. Train operation on these segments will be suspended until further notice.

Tohoku region

Tadami line between Tadami and Aizu-Kawaguchi

This line has been closed since heavy rain storm hit this region in 2011. JR East and municipal government has agreed to keep this line. It is expected to be open in 2021.

Yamada line between Miyako and Kamaishi

Third sector railway company, Sanrinku Railway will take over this line. A few parts of this line will be open in fall 2016. All line is expected to be open in March, 2019.

Joban line between Tomioka and Namie

Substitute services are available. This segment will be open in spring 2020.

Chubu region

Takayama line

Heavy rain storm hit Takayama in July. All trains which include Limited Express Wide View Hida is operated as normal between Osaka, Nagoya and Takayama. It is no problem to travel by train to Takayama from Nagoya, Gifu, Kyoto and Osaka.

But the segment between Sakakami and Inotani which is the way to Toyama from Takayama is closed. You cannot travel to Takayama from Toyama by train directly. This segment will be open on November 21st.

Substitute bus services are available for the closed segment until Takayama line will be restored. But the spaces are limited. You might not be able to take a bus which you want to ride because of luck of seats. The current schedules of closed segments are the following:

From Takayama to Inotani (on the way to Toyama from Takayama and Hida-Furukawa)

Local train Bus service
Takayama Hida
Sakakami Sakakami Inotani
05:31 05:47 06:07 06:35 07:20
07:40 08:03 08:22
09:40 09:57 10:17 10:19 11:04
10:28 10:44
12:01 12:21 12:40 12:45 13:30
14:34 14:51
15:51 16:11 16:30 16:40 17:25
16:44 17:01
17:51 18:09 18:33 18:38 19:23
18:51 19:07
19:51 20:08 20:27
20:55 21:12 21:32 21:37 22:22
22:51 23:08 23:27

Rapid bus service from Takayama to Inotani is also available. You can get Inotani without changing bus and train at Sakakami.

Bus service
Takayama Hida
07:08 07:34 08:39
08:40 09:16 10:11
11:42 12:08 13:13
13:29 13:55 15:00
15:26 15:52 16:57
17:50 18:16 19:21

From Inotani to Takayama (on the way to Takayama and Hida-Furukawa from Toyama)

Local train Bus service
Inotani Sakakami Sakakami Hida
05:42 06:03 06:19
05:43 06:28 06:33 06:55 07:11
07:13 07:34 07:51
08:16 08:33
08:47 09:32 09:37 09:58 10:14
10:51 15:22
11:05 11:50 11:51 12:12 12:29
15:01 15:22
14:50 15:35 15:40 16:01 16:18
17:08 17:29
16:58 17:43 17:47 18:09 18:27
19:14 19:30
20:16 21:01 21:06 21:28 21:45

Rapid bus service from Inotani to Takayama is also available. You can get Takayama without changing bus and train at Sakakami.

Bus service
Inotani Hida
09:12 10:14 10:43
11:30 12:32 13:01
15:14 16:16 16:45
17:28 18:30 18:59
19:38 20:40 21:09

These above trains and bus services are covered by rail pass, such as JR Pass, Takayama Hokuriku Tourist Area Pass. But the space is limited. Regular ticket holder and local commuters, students have priority. If you want to move between Kanazawa and Takayama quickly, you should take Nobi bus express bus services. These rail passes do not cover these express bus services. Only Takayama Hokuriku Tourist Area Pass covers Takayama-Shirakawago-Kanazawa route.

Please see Nohi Bus official site to get the details.

Kansai region

Nankai Railway plan to suspend a train service between Gokurakubashi and Koyasan from November 26th to February 28th due to a construction at Koyasan Cable car. New fleet will replace a current fleet on Koyasan Cable car.

In this period, a substitute bus will run between Hashimoto and Koyasan. It will not depart from Gokurakubashi. You have to get off a train at Hashimoto and change a bus to Koyasan.

Chugoku region

The following lines are closed due to the damage by heavy rain storm in this past summer.

  • Fukushio line (Fuchu – Joge)
    *It will be opened by next March.
  • Geibi line (Karuga – Miyoshi, Bingo-Shobara – Bingo-Ochiai)
    *This segment will be closed until further notice.
  • Kure line (Mihara – Yasuura)
    *This segment will be open in January 2019.


The record breaking heavy rain storm and typhoon hit northern and central Kyushu region. The following line are closed until further notice.

  • Hitahikosan line between Yoake and Soeda
  • Houhi line between Hiro-Otsu and Aso
  • Chikuho line between Keisen and Haruda

Hitahikosan line and Chikuho line are damaged by typhoon very seriously. This line will not be opened soon.

Aso cannot be accessed by train only from Kumamoto. It was damaged by earthquake in 2016. Access route to Aso from Oita was damaged by typhoon in September, 2018.

177 thoughts on “Train operation status”

  1. コンニチハ Takeshi-san,

    You’ve got a ton of great info on your site. It’s been very helpful in planning my trip to Japan. ありがとうございました.

    I do have a couple of questions for you, though, in relation to travelling between Kumamoto and Aso:

    1. Has there been any indication of when the railway might re-open? I’m going in mid-March, so I expect it won’t by then?

    2. Can you use a JR Pass on the JR replacement bus from Higo-Ozu to Aso?



    1. Hi Michael san,

      1. I don’t think it will be open in next spring. The damage is huge.

      2. There is no substitute bus running either. Because the road was damaged too.

      If you want to go to Aso, please try to visit from Oita.


      Takeshi /

  2. Hello,
    I posted a message just then & as it was posting I noticed there was a typo in my email address

    It was meant to gave au at the end not su

    1. Hi Rhonda,

      You can take the following route:
      Kanazawa (Shinkansen) Toyama (local train) Inotani (substitute bus) Sakakami (local train) Takayama

      Or you may be able to catch the bus from Inotani to Takayama. You don’t need to change train/bus at Sakakami. You can find the bus timetable between Sakakami/Takayama and Inotani in the post above.

      Inotani – Sakakami segment is located between Toyama and Takayama. But this segment has been closed due to the damage by storm in this past summer.

      I guess the reason why Kanazawa station staff recommended you to take the bus is very complicated. As you see, you have to change train and bus a few times. And train and bus are not express. It runs for a local commuter basically.

      You have to pay full fare if you take a bus from Kanazawa to Takayama. But this is much easier to get Takayama from Kanazawa. Please find the info about the bus in the link below:

      The reservation is required to take this bus. So it may be booked out. But you can see the staff in Nohi bus office and find the availability if you want.

      Good luck.


      Takeshi /

  3. Hi! I plan to take the shinkansen from Kanazawa to Tokyo. Can anyone kindly advise if the train tracks are in operation or otherwise?

      1. With mid november approaching any status updates on the line between toyama and furukawa opening up and becoming operational?

  4. Dear Sir,
    I will take U-Sky Express train from Nagoya Airport to Nagoya Station then connect train to Takayama Station. May I know if the JR Hilda Limited Express train is the only fastest train serviced between Nagoya and Takayama ? Where is the train station located, inside Nagoya Station? And where can I get the train schedule information?
    Thank you

    1. Hi Max,

      Wide View Hida is only express train which runs between Nagoya and Takayama. Please see the link below to find the detailed info about Nagoya station:

      Please use hyperdia to find the train schedule:


      Takeshi /

      1. Dear Takeshi San, Thank you very much. May I asked when I arrived from Nagoya airport by U-Sky train, it should be arrived at Mieitetsu Nagoya station correct ? How could I go to Taiko dori exit in Nagoya station? My hotel is located near Taiko dori exit.
        thank you

        1. Hi Max san,

          You will arrive in Meitetsu Nagoya station. Taikodori exit is other side of Nagoya station and it is closed to Shinkansen ticket gate. So you can follow the signage of “Shinkansen” and you will find Taikodori exit. It’s not such a hard to find it. Just follow the signage.


          Takeshi /

  5. When will JR East announce the opening date of the Inotani – Takayama segment? Do you think it is possible that it will be opened by the spring of 2019?
    Thank you Takeshi, your precious work has an inestimable value for us


  6. Hello,

    just wondering if you can help with the following,

    I had a ticket for the Narita express on October 1st at 16:46 but the train was cancelled. I had to seek alternative transport in order to make my flight. I now need to make an insurance claim to recoup the cost of the transport. My insurance provider requires written confirmation from the carrier detailing the reason why the transport was cancelled. Do you have any information regarding this?

    Thank you,


    1. Hi Sam,

      Unfortunately I could not find any information about it. If it happened in the last few days, I may be able to find the reason. It’s hard to find the reason of the happening more than a week ago. Even if I have it, I’m a just blogger, not carrier. My info does not meet to your insurance company’s requirement.

      You may contact JR East over the phone if you need.


      Takeshi /

  7. Hi there, I want to travel from Kyoto to Takayama on 22 Oct. Google maps tells me to take the JR Hida Line. However, it says here that the Takayama Line has been suspended — is this the same line as the JR Hida Line google is telling me to take? If so, is the info on that page accurate/updated?

    Would appreciate some advice on this, thanks so much!

  8. Hi,
    I am interested in travelling between Inotani and Takayama. I can see that there is a rapid bus service available. There also appears to be the option of catching a bus from Inotani to Sakakami, and then a train from Sakakami to Takayama, however, the table listed under “From Inotani to Takayama (on the way to Takayama and Hida-Furukawa from Toyama)” does not make any sense. Is it possible that you could please review the timetable?
    Thanks in advance.

  9. Hi there!

    Not sure if you will have info on this, but fingers crossed…

    We were travelling on the Narita Express yesterday, the 5 October, from Shibuya. The train got cancelled and we were told to catch the bus. The lines were enormous and we missed our flight. We have heard that the cancellation was due to salt water on the tracks from the typhoon. Do you have any information regarding this? We need something in writing for our travel insurance.

    Thank you


    1. Hi Katie,

      Actually I’m in Japan and I was in Narita Airport yesterday. I was stuck there.
      I have heard that the ground was sunk and found the hole beside the train tracks near Shin-Koiwa station which is located on the way to Narita airport from Tokyo. All trains, such as Narita Express and Airport rapid train were suspended due to this issue. As far as I know, all trains from 16:10 to 17:30 were canceled before this issue was fixed.


      Takeshi /

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