Two days trip to Koyasan (Mt. Koya) and Wakayama from Osaka, Part 5 – small trip by Medetai Densha

Medetai Densha of Nankai Railway2017 fall Mt Koya and Wakayama
This train is Medetai Densha and it is one of the reason why I visited Wakayama.

This post is continued from “Two days trip to Koyasan (Mt. Koya) and Wakayama from Osaka, Part 4 – small trip by lovely trains of Wakayama Dentetsu“.

I wrote about the train of Wakayama Dentetsu. In this post, I would like to show you Nankai Railway’s “Medetai Densha”.

Walk from Wakayama station to Wakayamashi station via Wakayama castle

I had 50 minutes for next train from Wakayamashi station. I supposed to take a train but I decided to walk

Wakayama (walk) Wakayamashi

I did not take the shortest route because I wanted to drop by Wakayama castle. My route was shown on the map below:

I started to walk right after I got Wakayama station by Wakayama Dentetsu train. I just kept walking to get Wakayama castle.

I went down on main street from Wakayama station.
There were lots of signage to Wakayama castle.

I thought I could make it in 40 minutes. But it was very tight. I just walked through Wakayama castle gardens. I could not see Wakayama castle.

One of the garden in Wakayama castle

I got Wakayamashi station only 5 minutes before train departure time.

Wakayamashi station is under construction.

From Wakayamashi station to Kada station by “Medetai Densha” train

I took very lovely train, “Medetai Densha” to Kada.

Wakayamashi 10:55 (Nankai Railway Kada line) 11:21 Kada

Medetai Densha started to run in last year. Medetai means “happy” in Japanese. And in Japan, red snapper is served in special occasion. Red snapper is “Tai” in Japanese. The word of “Medetai” includes “Tai” (mede-tai)”. That is why this train’s mark is snapper.

Previous one is pink but one day before my travel date, newer blue one was just introduced. I just had a chance to take this newer blue version of Medetai Densha.

This train runs on Nankai Railway Kada line. Kada is one of most accessible beach resort in Wakayama. You can access there by Nankai Kada line. Medetai Densha was introduced to promote this beach resort.

Medetai Densha shows the theme of the sea. It has many lovely decoration inside and outside train.

Snorkel mask on the window
Fish shape strap
Fish on the roof
Fishing rod on the floor
Lots of fish on the seat
Many more fish on the screen

I enjoyed 30 minutes ride to get Kada. I arrived in Kada station.

Kada station has nice local atmosphere.

Walk to Kada port

I had one hour at Kada. I walked in this small town and went down to the port to see the ocean.

This small town works with Nankai Railway to promote. There are lots of banner flag along the street. I could follow these banner flags to get the port.

I dropped by small shrine. This is not a famous tourist spot. But I like this kind of shrine and temple.

I got Kada port. It was very beautiful day. I got lots of sunshine and nice ocean breeze.

There were lots of anglers on the wharf.
I saw small fishes schooling.

I saw the big line up to wait for the boat. This is the ferry boat to Tomogashima island.

Tomogashima island is the name of four islands. Okinoshima is one of these islands and it has been getting popular for visitors. This island was the army base until the end of World War II. There are lots of remains of gun batteries. It is said that the atmosphere of this island is very similar to the world of Ghibli movie, “Laputa: Castle in the Sky”. Unfortunately I did not have a time to visit this island. I will go back Kada to visit this island next time. Kada has nice seafood and onsen bath. I am sure that my family will love this place too.

Go back to Namba via Wakayamashi by Nankai Railway

Kada 12:27 (Nankai Railway Kada line) 12:51 Wakayamashi 13:59 (Nankai Railway Limited Express Southern #34) 15:00 Namba

I took Medetai Densha again to go back to Wakayamashi.

I did not have a time to eat in Kada. I found nice Wakayama Ramen restaurant near Wakayamashi station. “Ramen Hishio” is 10 minutes away from Wakayamashi station.

Ramen Hishio (link to Tabelog)

It is made from Wakayama premium soy sauce. Taste was fabulous.

I wanted to relax after lunch. I paid 510 yen to get a reserved seat on Limited Express Southern.

My two days trip was completed when I arrived in Namba. It was small trip but this was very nice trip.

Thank you for reading my two days trip report. At that time, I used Kansai thru pass 2 days for visiting just Wakayama and Koyasan. Kyoto, Kobe and Nara are very popular place to visit by Kansai thru pass. However Wakayama is very attractive too. If you look for something different, you may consider to visit Wakayama and Koyasan too.

I hope this trip report helps you to build up your trip plan and gives you some idea.


  1. Sunny says:

    Dear Takeshi,

    May I know if all the trains on Nankai Railway Kada line Medetai Densha? Or is there a specific timing to take the special trains?


  2. Mui Siew says:

    Hi Takeshi,

    Appreciate if you can advise me which pass should I get for the below itineraries:
    Kansai area pass vs Kansai Wide area pass

    Day 1: Kansai airport to Wakayama (stay in Wakayama)
    Day 2: Wakayama (sight-seeing) (stay in Wakayama)
    Day 3: Wakayama – Lake Biwa (stay at Katata)
    Day 4: Lake Biwa (sight-seeing) (stay at Katata)
    Day 5: Lake Biwa – Osaka (stay at Osaka)
    Day 6: Osaka to Kansai airport

    also not sure should I stay another night in Lake Biwa (for Day 5) as I saw there’re quite a few places that I can explore around, e.g. Otsu …..any pass that you can recommend if I would like to explore around Lake Biwa?

    Much thanks,

  3. Mattika says:

    Dear Takeshi,
    I would like your advice about which pass we should get for trip detials as below;
    Day 1- Arriving KIX in the evening .staying near Fukushima station (Osaka)
    Day 2- Day trip in Osaka
    Day 3 ; Day trip in Osaka
    Day 4 Osaka to Wakayama (staying in Wakayama)
    Day 5 Wakayama-Kyoto
    Day 6 Kyoto day trip
    Day 7 Kyoto – Osaka
    Day 8 Osaka- KIX
    I’m thinking about 3 days KTP to use travelling in Day 4, 5 and 7 , Ra;bbit for traveling from KIX to /from Osaka.

    Thank you for your reply

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