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Wakayama and Wakayamashi stations guide. The difference of these stations and which station is more convenient for travelers?

JR Wakayama station building

When you plan to visit Wakayama, you will notice two stations there. Those are Wakayama station and Wakayamashi station. Both stations are located in Wakayama city but the locations are different.

In this post, I would like to show you these two stations’ layout and location. You will find the difference of these stations and which one the better location is. Continue reading

Tengachaya station guide. How to transfer among Nankai Railway and Subway line

Tengachaya Station East Exit

Tegachaya is one of the stations on Nankai Railway. It is located in southern part of Osaka and a few stations away from Namba.

Tengachaya is not a mega terminal station but this station is very convenient transfer point of Nankai Railway and Osaka Subway Sakaisuji line. You will change trains at this station from Kansai airport to some locations in downtown Osaka. And also Subway Sakaisuji line goes through Hankyu Railway Kyoto and Senri lines. You also may use this subway line to get some places on Hankyu Railway lines.

This station’s structure is quite simple. But you may want to see how you transfer the trains at this station. In this post, I would like to show you many photos of this station. You will see how easy to change trains at Tengachaya station Continue reading