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  1. Dear Takeshi, I read the 2 days Koyasan and Wakayama article. I will be in Osaka for a conference and have planned to visit Koyasan Wakayama and Kii Tanabe to ge the bus to Tajiri for the Kumano Kodo.

    Is a day trip to Koyasan really doable if I do not read or speak Japanese? The timeline seems doesn’t cater for getting lost or being unfamiliar. And is there another direct access alternative to Wakayama and beyond?

  2. Hello Takeshi san,
    Thank you for all the information and your helpful suggestions over the years on rail travel in Japan. Last year my husband and I enjoyed a four weeks local train travel around Shikoku from mid December to mid January 2019 and the year before (2017) we had fun chasing the Sakura from Kagoshima to Aomori for six weeks. All made easy thanks to your info and forum . However, this time I need some urgent input and suggestions from you as we have an unplanned trip on Monday 18th November to attend a friend’s funeral in Tokyo. We are taking the opportunity to do some Koyo viewing in Kyoto as well as visiting some new places for three weeks.
    I will get 7 day Japan Rail Pass tomorrow from the local JTB in Sydney for our first week travel, but after that I am a little stuck as to which passes I should get. Of course they will have to be purchased from the JR West station after our arrival in Japan. Our itinerary as followed.

    18/11 arrive at Narita
    18/11 to 20/11 Ueno
    20/11 to 22/11 Nikko
    22/11 to 25/11 Shinjuku
    25/11 to 29/11 Kyoto
    29/11 to 01/12 Matsue
    01/12 to 02/12 Hagi
    02/12 to 03/12 Tsuwano
    03/12 to 04/12 Himeji
    04/12 to 06/12 Osaka
    06/12 to 07/12 Koyasan
    07/12 to 08/12 Nara
    08/12 to 11/12 Tokyo
    11/12 late departure from Narita.

    1 – We will use 7 day JR Pass from 20/11 Tokyo/ Nikko/Tokyo/Kyoto
    2 – have not decided which pass to use for the 4 days in Kyoto.
    3- Kyoto – Matsue , will probably buy a single ticket for 11:46 Shinkansen Hikari 465 to Shin Osaka/ Shinkansen Sakura 555 to Okayama and Ltd Exp Yakumo 13 to Matsue. What is your though on this?
    4- Can you suggest if there is any Pass that is suitable for travel between Matsue- Masuda- Hagi- Masuda – Tsuwano. I am not sure what is suitable for the Sanin Region.
    5- Where/when can we use the Kansai Wide Area Pass? Will it cover from Tsuwano- Hemiji-Osaka-Wakayama- Nara?
    6- Which of the Kansai Pass be good to use in conjunction with the World Heritage 2 days Pass for Koyasan?

    I do hope you can shed some light on my above queries. If it I said too much of a problem due to short notice, I can understand . Thank you anyway for taking the time to read.


    1. Hi Khairon san,

      I recommend you to use JR Pass 21-day. Because if you use JR pass 7-day, you need Sanyo Sanin Area Pass for Kyoto to Sanin region to Osaka. This pass is sold at 19,400 yen.

      And you have to add the fare for Osaka to Tokyo. The base fare and Shinkansen seat fee is more than 14,000 yen. The total cost is higher than JR pass 21-day at 60,450 yen.

      You may use JR Pass 21-day for the last 21 days in your trip. You may add other deal for the first few days. Please find the deal in the link below:


      Takeshi /

  3. Planning to purchase a Tokyo Wide Pass and use for the traveling to the following: Kamukara, Nikko, Fuji Excursion, Yokohama, Hakone.

    As the pass is valid for three days, which three places are the best for me to fully utilize the pass?

    1. Hi Song Jin,

      You may use Tokyo Wide Pass for Fuji, Nikko and Hakone. But you have to add Hakone Free Pass at Odawara.

      Please find some info about Yokohama and Hakone in the link below:


      Takeshi /

  4. Hi Takeshi,

    Good day to you. First of all, I thank and commend you for all your effort and attention to all the questions in this forum. I would also appreciate if you can give me an insight on how I can navigate the following itinerary or places using JRPass for 7 days. If not, I will be happy to read any information you can provide. Below is the places I would like to visit. Do you think JRPass is worth to purchase with the places I plan to visit?

    1) Narita – Shinjuku (kabukichou) (where we stay while in Tokyo)
    2) Shinjuku station – Mt. Fuji (your recommendation of best spot to view Fujisan)
    3) Mt. Fuji – Back to Shinjuku
    4) Shinjuku – Kyoto
    4) Kyoto – Annaka, Gunma (staying with family)

    I appreciate your time looking into this, thank you in advance.

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