Two days trip to Koyasan (Mt. Koya) and Wakayama from Osaka, Part 3 – from Namba to Wakayama by limited express Southern

Nankai Railway limited express Southern2017 fall Mt Koya and Wakayama
At Wakayamashi station

This post is continued from Two days trip to Koyasan (Mt. Koya) and Wakayama from Osaka, Part 2 – sightseeing in Koyasan.

After I visited Mt. Koya (Koyasan), I went back to Namba. I had Yakitori dinner near Namba station. And then I moved to Wakayama.

Namba station to Wakayamashi station by Nankai Railway Limited Express “Southern”

I used Kansai Thru Pass 2 days for this trip. There are JR and Nankai Railway to get Wakayama. But only Nankai Railway is covered by this pass.

Namba 19:50 (Nankai Railway Limited Express Southern #51) 20:49 Wakayamashi

I reserved a seat on limited express “Southern”. Reserved seat fee is not covered by Kansai thru pass. I paid 510 yen extra for reserved seat. This express train has non reserved seat too. But non reserved seat car is just a commuter’s train. It has only long bench seats and lots of standing passengers. Especially in the evening, train from Namba is very busy because many commuters go home. I took this train on Saturday. But the train was still busy.

Interior of reserved seat
Interior of non reserved seat

Reserved seat is much nicer than non reserved seat. I think it is worthwhile paying 510 yen to get a reserved seat for 1 hour ride to Wakayama. It is much more comfortable.

In both photos avobe, the train is empty. But I took this photo after all passegners got off the train a the arrival of Wakayamashi station. So please do not expect that the train is like this.

From Wakayamashi station to Wakayama station by JR Kisei line local train

Ticket gates of both Nankai and JR at Wakayamashi station. Nankai Railway has another main ticket gate.

I arrived at Wakayamashi station. I took JR local train to get another station, Wakayama station.

Wakayamashi 21:34 (JR Kisei line local train) 21:40 Wakayama

Actually there are two stations in Wakayama. Nankai Railway’s station is Wakayamashi and JR’s station is Wakayama. These two stations are not very closed each other.

I did not check the timetable of JR train to Wakayama. I thought train ran frequently but it did not. Train ran on this segment once or twice an hour. I needed to wait for about 45 minutes there. I thought I could walk. It is about 3km away.

But my phone’s battery was dead. It was night. I did not want to walk without navigation. I waited for the train to Wakayama station.

JR train is not covered by Kansai Thru Pass. I had Suica and use it to enter JR Wakayamashi station.

JR Wakayamashi station ticket gate. There was no JR staffs at Wakayamashi station.

Train on this line is very common commuter’s train.

It was less than 10 minutes ride to get Wakayama station from Wakayamashi station.

Stayed at Dormy Inn Premium Wakayama

Entrance of Dormy Inn Premium Wakayama

I checked in Dormy Inn. It is about 10 minutes away from JR Wakayama station. When I searched for the hotel, I could not find the good rate. I checked Namba and surrounding area in Osaka, all places between Wakayama and Osaka, and Wakayama. I found some affordable rate hotel but these hotels did not look good.

I booked Dormy inn Premium Wakayama. Dormy Inn is one of major hotels in Japan. There are lots of property throughout Japan. Hotels was very good.

But the rate was very pricy. I paid about 15,000 for just one night with buffet breakfast! I usually pay less than 10,000 yen for one night. It was overpriced for me but I had no choices.

Dormy Inn offers complimentary small bowl of ramen noodle in late night
Buffet breakfast

I had a few small trains trips on next day around Wakayama.

Continue to the post, “Two days trip to Koyasan (Mt. Koya) and Wakayama from Osaka, Part 4 – small trip by lovely trains of Wakayama Dentetsu


  1. Monica says:

    Dear MrTakeshi

    My husband and I are going to visit Japan this November. Koyasan is one of the places which we plan to visit. It is very helpful for us after reading your articles. We plan to buy a Koyasan -World Heritage Ticket. If we take the “Tenku” train from Hashimoto to Gokurakubashi by using “Koyasan-World Heritage Ticket”, do we have to pay extra fees to make a seat reservation by telephone? Or for the two ordinary commuter carriages without seat reservation in “Tenku”, can we just board those cars using our “Koyasan-World Heritage” tickets, or would these be so full we could not get on?

    Best regards,

    • Hi Monica,

      If you take a specialized seat, you have to pay extra. I took the seat on the way. Any additional charge is not required if you take the seat on the ordinary car. I took the seat on the way back. Koyasan World Heritage Ticket covers fully if you take a seat in the ordinary car.


      Takeshi /

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