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The limited express Super Hakuto train guide. The fastest train access to Tottori from Osaka and Kyoto

 Limited Express Super Hakuto is operated by high speed diesel fleet HOT 7000 series. (C) Mitsuki-2368 – Chizu Express Company HOT7000 Super hakuto

Limited Express Super Hakuto (スーパーはくと) connects Kyoto (京都), Shin-Osaka (新大阪), Osaka (大阪), Sannomiya (三ノ宮) and Himeji (姫路) with Tottori (鳥取) and Kurayoshi (倉吉). This it the fastest and most frequent direct train service to Tottori from Osaka, Kobe and Kyoto. But this train goes through non JR line, Chizu Kyuko Railway. That means you need to pay extra if you use this train by Japan Rail Pass. If you don’t want to pay extra, Limited Express Hamakaze is available between Osaka and Tottori. However there is only one round trip and travel time is 1.5 hours longer than Super Hakuto.

I think Super Hakuto may be your choice even if you have to pay extra on top of Japan Rail Pass. Let’s see about route, schedule and accommodations.

Route, schedule and travel time

Outdoor hot springs alongside the river at Misasa Onsen ©Tottori Prefecture/©JNTO

There are seven round trips. Some of these seven round trips go to Tottori only, not Kurayoshi.
Kyoto/Osaka – Tottori : 5 trips
Kyoto/Osaka – Tottori/Kurayoshi : 2 trips
Tottori – Osaka/Kyoto : 6 trips
Kurayoshi/Tottori – Osaka/Kyoto : 1 trip

Trains are operated every 2 hours. Travel time is 2 hours 30 minutes from Osaka to Tottori and 3 hours from Kyoto to Tottori. You can take Limited Express Hamakaze without any extra charge on top of Japan Rail Pass. But it takes more than 4 hours to get Tottori from Osaka. I think it is worth getting on this train with extra charge. I will tell you about extra charge later.

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Hotels and Ryokans in Tottori
Hotels and Ryokans in Kurayoshi

If you see the map below, you might think this train’s route seems to be a big detour. However this is the fastest route because Chizu Kyuko line is a high standard track for high speed train operation. And if you travel from Nagoya or Tokyo, you can transfer at Himeji.

Limited Express Super Hakuto makes a stop at these stations:
Kyoto (京都) – Shin-Osaka (新大阪) – Osaka (大阪) – Sannomiya (三ノ宮) – Akashi (明石) – Himeji (姫路) – Kamigori (上郡) – Sayo (佐用) – Ohara (大原) – Chizu (智頭) – Koge (郡家) – Tottori (鳥取) – Kurayoshi (倉吉)

View Limited Express Super Hakuto in a larger map

Extra charge on Japan Rail Pass

As I mentioned, you have to pay extra if you use this train by JR Pass. You have to pay 1,320 yen for the base fare. And also you have to pay one of these following fares:

Non Reserved Oridnary seat430 yen
Reserved Oridnary seat530 yen
Green seat1,060 yen

You can try to get on limited express Hamakaze without any extra charge. Please see the details at the post below:

Accommodation and train formations

 If you get the first row seat, you may get panoramic view. (C) Bakkai – Chizu Express Koiyamagata Station platform

Super Hakuto is operated by the Chizu Kyuko Railway’s HOT 7000 series. In ordinary class, the seat configuration is 2+2 and the leg space is 970 mm. Green class seat is one of the best seat in Kansai area. The seat configuration is 2+1 and the leg space is 1,160 mm. There are only 18 seats available on one train set. It is very popular and sold out very often.

Train formation


*G=Green seat R=Reserved ordinary seat NR=Non reserved ordinary seat
Smoking is not allowed on this train.

Green class seat (C) W0746203-1
Green class seat (C) 663highland
Ordinary seat (C) Sonic Rail Garden
Ordinary seat (C) Sonic Rail Garden

63 thoughts on “The limited express Super Hakuto train guide. The fastest train access to Tottori from Osaka and Kyoto”

  1. Hello Takeshi..
    I am using JR kansai hiroshima pass.
    Tomorrow im planning to go to tottori from kyoto station.
    Do i need to pay additional fee for JR super hakuto ??

    1. Hi Andy,

      Yes. You have to pay the fare for Kamigori to Tottori. The fare is around 3,000 yen (base fare and non reserved seat fee). You can buy it at Midori no Madoguchi (reservation window) in Kyoto station. You may tell that you want to take Super Hakuto to Kyoto and show your pass. They will find the segment which is not covered by this pass.


      Takeshi /

  2. Hello,

    I will be going to Conan Town from Osaka for one day tour in mid october, in the afternoon I plan to go from tottori to kyoto,,, can u recomend the best and cheapest way for my trip

    1. Hi Evira,

      Kansai Wide Area Pass is recommended:

      You can take the limited express train Super Hakuto by this pass. But you must add the fare (840 yen one way) for Tottori to Yura (Konan station) to take a local train. This segment is outside coverage area. You must get off the limited express Super Hakuto at Tottori and change to the local train. You can buy a ticket at Tottori or show your pass to the conductor in the local train and purchase a ticket or show your pass at Yura station to pay this extra fare.


      Takeshi /

      1. Hi Takeshi, thank you for your reply
        if in the afternoon I want to travel to kyoto from tottori, can I ride limited exprees train super hokuto again and still cover by kansai wide area pass?

          1. Hi Takeshi
            I’m little bit confused because there is reserved and unreserved seat in that train,,, if I use kansai wide area pass,,,is is cover the reserved seat?

  3. Hi Takeshi,

    If I take Ltd super Hakuto Tottori to Kyoto (and I will be using JR 21day pass) , Hyperdia is telling me for the section Tottori to Kamigori, which I believe is Chizu Kyuko railway area, base fee is JPY1880 and unreserved seat is JPY1170 (total JPY3050). Yet you are saying JPY1260+JPY410/510. I don’t understand.

    Warm Regards,


    1. Hi Simon,

      Chizu Kyuko segment is Kamigori to Chizu. Chizu to Tottori is JR segment. But since the tax was increased, the fare is 1,300 yen + 520 (or 420) yen now. I have revised the post. Thank you.


      Takeshi /

      1. Thanks for clarifying Takeshi. That amount is a lot better than JPY3050. By the way, thanks again for the link to hotels with train views. I booked a night at APA Nippori Ekimae and a night at Miyako City Kintetsu Kyoto Station. I’m looking forward to staying at these hotels (especially Kyoto Station Hotel).

  4. Hi Takeshi,

    I plan to travel from Kyoto Station to Tottori Station. I will stay in Tottori for one night, and then return to Kyoto the following morning.
    Because I do not have a JR Pass, how would I pay for my travel? Can I just ask for a ticket at Kyoto Station? What extra fees would I have to pay to take the Super Hakuto? Also, can I book a round trip ticket if they are not on the same day? Can I book my tickets in advance?

    Thank you so much in advance!

  5. My daughter and I is planning to include Conan Town in our itinerary. We will be staying mainly in Osaka but will do day tours to Kobe, Kyoto, Nara and Tottori. We will only be using IC Pass. I wonder which pass to purchase in going to Tottori and coming from Osaka then back?

    1. Hi Rochelle,

      Kansai Wide area pass is recommended:

      But this pass covers only Osaka to/from Tottori. You have to add the regular fare ticket for Tottori to Yura (Conan station) which is 840 yen for one way.

      You can use Kansai Wide Area Pass to visit Nara, Kyoto and Kobe too. Try to use this pass as much as you can and your saving is bigger. Even if you use this pass for Osaka to Tottori round trip by limited express Super Hakuto only, you still can get 3,000 yen saving.


      Takeshi /

  6. Hello,

    I will be using the sanyo san’in northern kyushu pass, will limited express super hakuto be included in the pass free of any surcharge?

    Thank you

  7. Hi Takeshi,
    Good day to you.
    I have few questions about travel to Tottori with JR Kansai Wide Pass
    1) my JR Pass is unreserved seat , but if i want change to reserve seat how much do i pay for extra charges?
    2) can buy a round trip Super Hakuto ticket
    (Kamigori Tottori) at Osaka Station first?
    3) All this extra charges pay for reserved seat and ticketing is it go to ticket counter or just need buy at ticket machine?

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Fela,

      1. It’s varied by the distance. But you need to pay full fare of reserved seat fee. It’s not the difference between non reserved and reserved. Please use hyperdia to find the fare:

      2. The route of Super Hakuto is not covered by Kansai wide area pass. If you use this train, you have to pay full fare for Kamigori to Totori. This segment is outside coverage area. Even base fare is not covered.

      3. I recommend you to buy and book when you exchange the pass.


      Takeshi /

      1. HI Takeshi,
        the extra fare for Kamigori to Tottori seems quite expensive ..if round trip also have to extra pay for yen6000+ .



        1. Hi Fela,

          Exactly. So if you want to save your cost, you need to take Limited Express Hamakaze. This route is covered fully but there is only one round trip. Otherwise you can take other limited express trains to Kinosaki onsen and catch a local train.


          Takeshi /

          1. Hi Takeshi,

            Thanks for your suggestion. Will try to plan on it.
            if worse and that worse, the only save cost way is take bus. 🙁


  8. Hi Takeshi

    I have a JR Kansai Wide Area Pass and want to go to Tottori from Osaka. What is the extra fare that I have to pay for the round trip on Super Hakuto? Can I pay on the train or must I do it at the Osaka station?


  9. Dear Takeshi,

    If I have a Japan Rail Pass and plan to travel from Kyoto to Yura on the Sanyin Main Line, as I want to visit the Conan Museum there, how can I pay the extra charge for the Super Hakuto Limited Express? Do I approach the ticketing office to make a reservation or on the train? May I also check if I make a reservation for Super Hakuto from Kyoto to Kurayoshi at Kyoto Station, may I also make a reservation for the return trip at the same time?

    Thank you very much for your help!

    1. Hi Olivia,

      You can pay extra fare when you book your seat. You can book a seat for round trip at same time in Kyoto station. You can book at any other major JR stations too.
      Whenever I use JR Pass, I complete all seat bookings when I exchange the pass.


      Takeshi /

  10. hi , I see the news from jrwest.
    jr wide area pass can go from kyoto or osaka to tottori , after 10 apr it’s free right?

    1. Hi Jeans,

      Yes. You can get Tottori. But this train, “Super Hakuto” is not covered. You have to get Tottori from Hamasaka. If you want to avoid extra payment, you should take Limited Express Hamakaze. Please see the link below:

      But as I mentioned, it runs only one round trip a day to Tottori. You may use other limited express trains to Kinosaki Onsen and change local train to get there.


      Takeshi /

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