The limited express Hamakaze for access to Tottori, Hamasaka, Kasumi from Osaka, Kobe and Himeji with no extra charge by JR Pass

Kinosaki Onsen, Aanohashidate, Toyooka, Fukuchiyama, Maizuru
Limited Express Hamakaze crossing one of famous bridge, Amarube Bridge. (C) RSA - JR West KiHa 189 series DMU on a Hamakaze limited express service crossing the Amarube Viaduct on the Sanin Main Line
The limited express Hamakaze by 189 series at Osaka station

The Limited Express Hamakaze (はまかぜ) connects Osaka (大阪) and Tottori (鳥取) Kasumi (香住) and Hamasaka (浜坂). Even though there is only one round trip, Hakamaze is only train that connects Osaka and Tottori directly by JR Pass without any extra charge. Actually the primary train goes to Tottori from Osaka is the limited express Super Hakuto. This train is much more frequent and much faster than Hamakaze. But this train goes through Non JR line, Chizu Kyuko Railway. Therefore you have to pay extra charge if you take this train by JR Pass.

In this post, I will show you the route, schedule and accommodations.

Route, timetable and travel time

Tottori-sakyu Sand Dunes is most popular spot in Tottori. ©Tottori Prefecture/©JNTO

There are 3 round trips and one of each trip to Tottori, Hamasaka and Kasumi. You may find the timetable in the link below:

Due to COVID-19, it may be operated on a schedule different from the normal timetable. Check the train schedule on Hyperdia.
Hyperdia perfect guide, train timetable and route search engine

As you saw the timetable above, Hamakaze is operated between Osaka and Tottori in early morning and late night only. If you need to go to Tottori, you have two choices. The first choice is getting on Super Hakuto. The other choice is getting on local train at Kasumi or Hamasaka. If you get on local train, the extra fare is not required on top of JR Pass. However local train is not operated very frequently. Please use hyperdia to find the local train connection:

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Accommodation and train formations

Hamakaze is operated by the newest fleet KIHA 189 serie. There is only ordinary class. No Green seat is available on this train. The seat configuration is common type, 2+2. The seat pitch is 970 mm. All trains do not have any on board sales. Please prepare food and drinks before you ride. It is very common interior. The power outlet is available only at the front row and the last row seats.

Train formation


*R=Reserved ordinary seat NR=Non reserved ordinary seat
Smoking is not allowed on this train.
Car#2 is sometimes assigned as Non Reserved car.

Ordinary seat interior (C) W0746203-1


  1. Julie says:

    Hi Takeshi,

    I’m planning on taking the Hamakaze Limited Express to go from Osaka Station to Iwami Station using my JR Pass; however from the timetable, it looks like only train 5 departing at 18:04 stops at Iwami station… If I want to leave in the morning, is my only option to take the Super Hakuto Limited Express to Tottori Station then transfer lines to Iwami Station?

    Thanks so much!

    P.S. I will be arriving in April 2020, and since the Hamakaze timetable expires March 2020, should I expect a drastic change in the train schedule by April?

  2. Dylan says:

    Can I use the Kansai Wide Pass going to Tottori if I’m coming from Kyoto? I’m only going on a day trip. Is it possible with the travel time? Are there any additional fees that I need to pay for non-JR lines on the way? Thank you.
    – Dylan

  3. Karina Palma says:

    I have a 14 days jr pass, what is the fastest way to get to Tottori sand Dunes from shin Osaka.

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