Access to Takayama and Hida from Nagoya. Limited Express Wide View Hida

Wide View Hida runs between Osaka and Takayama by this 3 cars train set.

Wide View Hida is a limited express train which connects Nagoya, Takayama and Toyama. This train equips very huge windows. It offers very scenic view through this panoramic window along the route. That is why this train is called “Wide View”.

This train is a primary way to get Takayama. This has been very popular for the tourists from overseas in these days. This train is fully covered by JR Pass and Takayama Hokuriku Area Tourist Pass. I will explain about this train in this post.

Route, schedule and trip time

Wide View Hida runs once an hour between Nagoya and Takayama. A few trips are extended to operate to Hida-Furukawa and Toyama. It takes 2.5 hours to get Takayama from Nagoya and 4 hours to get Toyama from Nagoya.

And also one round trip runs between Osaka and Takayama. If you take this Osaka departure Wide View Hida, you can get Takayama directly from Osaka, Shin-Osaka and Kyoto.

As of October 2018, the timetable of Osaka-Takayama train is the following:

Osaka 07:58 -> 08:02 Shin-Osaka 08:03 -> 08:29 Kyoto 08:31 -> 09:56 Gifu 10:11 -> Takayama 12:23

Takayama 15:38 -> 17:36 Gifu 17:43 -> 19:17 Kyoto 19:18 -> 19:44 Shin-Osaka 19:45 -> Osaka 19:50

This train departing from Osaka is coupled with the train from Nagoya at Gifu.

Please find the train operation route in the map below:

Limited Express Wide View Hida operation route map (click to view large)


StationDepart from NagoyaDepart from Osaka
Osaka (大阪)x
Shin-Osaka (新大阪)x
Kyoto (京都)x
Kusatsu (草津)x
Maibara (米原)x
Ogaki (大垣)x
Nagoya (名古屋)x
Owari-Ichinomiya (尾張一宮)*
Gifu (岐阜)xx
Unuma (鵜沼)**
Mino-Ohta (美濃太田)xx
Shirakawaguchi (白川口)**
Hida-Kanayama (飛騨金山)**
Gero (下呂)xx
Hida-Hagiwara (飛騨萩原)*x
Hida-Osaka (飛騨小坂)**
Kuguno (久々野)**
Takayama (高山)xx
Hida-Furukawa (飛騨古川)x
Inotani (猪谷)x
Etchu-Yatsuo (越中八尾)x
Hayahoshi (速星)*
Toyama (富山)x

x:All train stop *:some train stop


2+1 seat configuration Green seat is at the front of the formation, car#10. (C) Sonic Rail Garden
2+1 seat configuration Green seat is at the front of the formation, car#10. (C) Sonic Rail Garden

Wide View Hida is serviced by KIHA-85 series. This train has huge glass windows which give you the spectacular scenery along Takayama line. “Wide View” is a worthy of the name.

This series has two types of Green car that are 2+2 seat configuration and 2+1 seat configuration. 2+1 seat configuration is wider and has a bigger leg space. The seat pitch is 1160mm on 2+2 seat configuration and 1250mm on 2+1 seat configuration. 1160mm is the standard. So 2+1 seat gives you a great deal! If you want to take this seat, try to reserved a seat on car#10. 2+2 Green car is always at the middle of the train. 2+1 is always at the front of the formation. And also Ordinary class is good too. The seat pitch is 1000mm. This is bigger than the standard.

When you take this train at Nagoya, the seat is set with the back toward. Because this train change the direction at Gifu. It takes only 20 minutes from Nagoya to Gifu. You can change to the front toward if you want by yourself.

*Sonic Rail Garden has copyright for all images of accommodations below.

Train formation


Car#1-4 operate from Nagoya to Takayama/Hida-furukawa, Car#8-10 operate from Nagoya to Toyama


Car#1-3 operate from Nagoya to Takayama/Hida-furukawa, Car#8-10 operate from Nagoya to Toyama


This formation is used for Osaka departure and Nagoya departure combination. It is connected at Gifu station.


Green seat 2+2 configuration

Green seat 2+1 configuration

Ordinary seat

Sanitary space

540 thoughts on “Access to Takayama and Hida from Nagoya. Limited Express Wide View Hida”

  1. hello takeshi,

    can you give me schedule of wida wide limited express from takayama to Nagoya and from Nagoya to takayama as the earliest schedule?
    and also probably schedule for shinkansen from Nagoya to Tokyo


  2. Hi!
    We are traveling to Takayama on 21st of august from Kyoto. After reading your post (so interesting) we have some doubts about how we can do it. We have got the JR Pass, so we would want to make the trip as cheep as possible.
    Also we are going from takayama to kanazawa on 23rd and we have the same questions about the transport. Could you help us, please?

    1. Hi Iraitz,

      When you go to Takayama from Kyoto, it will be no problem. This segment will be open in mid August.
      From Takayama to Kanazawa, this segment (Sakakami-Inotani) will not be opened. You have to take a substitute bus. This is covered by JR pass.

      But the space is limited on the bus. You may not be able to take it. If you want to avoid the risk, I recommend you to pay extra to take Nohi bus.

      You have to pay but this is also the easiest way to get Kanazawa from Takayama. Reservation is required to take this bus. You can find the info in the link above.


      Takeshi /

  3. Hi there. We are taking the JR train from Osaka to Takayama and staying the night at Takayama. (In Oct) The next day we want to exit the train at Hikone,
    Does the train stop there or the closest station please?
    What are the details of the station and timetable at Osaka please.

    1. Hi Cheryl,

      Unfortunately Limited Express Wide View Hida is completely suspended now because Takayama line is closed due to serious damage by heavy rain storm. I think it will not be fixed by October. It might take more than one year to fix. Please see the link below to find the train operation status:

      The only way to get Takayama from Osaka is an express bus at this point.

      You have to visit Hikone from Osaka or Kyoto separately.


      Takeshi /

  4. Hi Takeshi,

    Can you help me regarding for my first ever winter trip in Japan. You been always a big help to me during my twice trip in Japan (Spring and Autumn last year). Now, wanted to experience the Winter season in Chubu region next year! 🙂

    Here is my plan:
    Feb 9 – Arrive at Nagoya Airport – stay at Ichinomiya, Ishibotoke station ( i think from Nagoya station its 2 hrs)
    Feb 10 – Just explore within the area Ichinomiya
    Feb 11 – Morning depart to Shirakawa (1 night – if there still Gassho style houses)
    Feb 12 – Morning depart to Takayama (2 nights stay)
    Feb 13 – From Takayama to Gokoyama and Hida Furukawa after back to Takayama
    Feb 14 – Morning depart to USJ – is this possible coming from Takayama? and also is possible to go back to Ichinomiya, Nagoya after USJ at night?

    Thinking to purchase the Takayama Hokuriku Japan Rail Pass – is it worth for this itinerary?

    Thank you so much again 🙂


    1. Hi Alen,

      Takayama Hokuriku area pass is your choice. But USJ is an issue. The fastest route to get USJ from Takayama is the following:

      Takayama (Limited Express Wide View Hida) Nagoya (Shinkansen) Shin-Osaka (JR local train) Osaka (JR local train) Universal City

      Takayama Hokuriku area pass does not cover Nagoya to Shin-Osaka by Shinkansen. It costs around 6,500 yen. You may use Platt Kodama to save some costs but you still need to pay 4,440 yen.

      And you need to pay on the way back to Nagoya as well.

      Takayama Hokuriku area pass covers fully the route to Osaka via Toyama and Kanazawa. But this route is much slower. Actually even if you take Nagoya route, the trip time is 4 hours. If you take the earliest connection, you will be USJ around 11:00. You can go back to Nagoya by Shinkansen. The last one to Nagoya leaves from Shin-Osaka at 22:30. But this is Nozomi which is not covered by Platt Kodama. 6,500 yen payment is required.

      Please consider that it’s worth visiting USJ.


      Takeshi /

      1. Hi Takeshi,
        Thank you so much for your response. Anyway, what if i will change my itinerary to this:

        Feb 9 – Arrive at Nagoya Airport – stay at Ichinomiya, Ishibotoke station ( i think from Nagoya station its 2 hrs)
        Feb 10 – Just explore within the area Ichinomiya
        Feb 11 – From Ichinomiya, Nagoya
        AM depart to USJ – after back to Ichinomiya, Nagoya
        Feb 12 – From Ichinomiya, Nagoya
        AM depart to Shirakawa (1night – if there still Gassho)
        Feb 13 – From Shirakawa
        AM depart to Takayama (2nights)
        Feb 14 – From Takayama
        AM depart to Gokoyama and Hida Furukawa – at night
        go back to Ichinomiya, Nagoya
        Feb 15 – Explore Nagoya
        Feb 16 – Flight back home (Nagoya Airport)

        Do you think any pass will do best for this itinerary? Or still better just buy every single ticket. 🙂
        Thank you so much for your help.


        1. Hi Alen,

          You can spend more time in USJ. So the schedule is better than previous one. But the cost is almost same. You have to pay regular fare to get USJ. And you can use Takayama Hokuriku area pass.


          Takeshi /

  5. Hello Takeshi,

    Family of 4, travelling from Nagoya to Takayama on Tuesday 9th October 2018. From F1 to Takayama Festival . We will hold JPR pass, and arrive in Tokyo on 30 September. Would you expect the the route to be very busy on that day? Assuming it will be given the Takayama Festival . My plan is to book seats for a morning train on the 9th immediately when we land. Do you think we will have any issues obtaining these ? Any ideas if we do?

    1. Hi Ann,

      I’ve heard that Wide View Hida on Takayama festival day is super busy. I think it will be very difficult to book upon arrival. But there is no ways to book in advance. Just try to book it and if you cannot make it, show up Nagoya station 1 hour before departure time. You will be able to get a seat in non reserved car.


      Takeshi /

  6. Hi Takeshi,

    We bought the Takayama-Hokuriku Area Tourist Pass. We plan to go shirakawago and alpen route.
    We are coming from Nagoya. How do we resreve seats for the Wide View Hida Train? Do we take the train from nagoya station? How do we get back from there?
    For the alpen route
    What train should we take and can we use this pass?
    If not, where should we buy the tickets?
    How do we go back from Tateyama to Nagoya?
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Rowena,

      You may book a seat for Wide View Hida at the window in major JR stations, such as Nagoya. You will exchange this pass at Nagoya station, so you can book a seat at the time of exchange the pass. You can take this train to get Takayama from Nagoya.

      You can use this pass to get Toyama from Takayama. After arrival at Toyama, you can proceed Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route. But Takayama Hokuriku area pass does not cover Alpine route at all. If you go through Alpine route to Ogizawa, you may add Tateyama Kurobe option ticket.

      After Ogizawa, you can take train and bus on the following route:
      Ogizawa >(Bus)> Shinano-Omachi >(local train)> Matsumoto >(Limited Express Shinano)> Nagoya

      Tateyama Kurobe option ticket does not cover after Shinano-Omachi

      Actually the following pass is most suitable for your trip.

      This pass cover all other than bus to Shirakawago. If you can change the pass, you may use this one.


      Takeshi /

  7. Hi Takeshi,

    I intend to take the Limited Express Wide View Hida from Takayama to Gero on 28 Oct, 2018 (Sunday), arriving Gero between 1300-1400.

    May I know where I can locate the latest train schedule pls?

    Thanks and regards,

  8. Hi Takeshi

    We are taking the alpine route on 31st October, starting in Omachi Onsenkyo (staying in a hotel the night before). We don’t wan to stay overnight in Toyama at the other end. Would we be able to get to Takayama within the day?

    Thank you

    1. Hi Verity,

      Yes, you can. The last Wide View Hida from Toyama is 17:13 departure. Don’t miss this. You still can get Takayama after this train but you need to take a local train and need to change trains on the way to Takayama. Trip time is much longer. As long as you start your trip in the morning, like 9:00 am, you can get Toyama by 17:13 easily.


      Takeshi /

  9. Hi Takeshi, I will be arriving at Narita on 12th May at 8am and will head to Tokyo Station as soon as I clear immigration and customs. I have a JR pass and plan to head to Takayama. I think I can get to Tokyo Station by about 10:30-11am. Can you please advise what’s the fastest connection (Shinkansen, Hida limited express from Nagoya, etc) I can make to arrive at Takayama at the earliest possible. Thank you.

    1. Hi Daniel,

      You can take Narita-Shinagawa-Nagoya-Takayama route. This route is the fastest. You can change trains at Tokyo but Shinagawa is better station to transfer from Narita Express to Shinkansen because both platforms are much closer than Tokyo.

      Try to take Narita Express 10 at 09:45 departure. If you miss this, next one is 10:45. You will spend extra 1 hour. You can find the detailed trip schedule at Hyperdia:


      Takeshi /

      1. Hi Takeshi,

        Thank you for your prompt and excellent advice. I will make the Shinkansen connection at Shinagawa as per your advice. I have a few more questions if you don’t mind.

        1. Do all NEX trains stop at both Tokyo and Shinagawa? Would it be worth the trouble to try and catch the NEX8 at 9:15 instead of the NEX10?

        2. Since I’m not sure which NEX I can get on, should I still reserve seats ahead for the Shinkansen and the Hida to Takayama or should I wait until I get into Shinagawa? I would like to try and get to Takayama at the earliest possible without risking missing the Shunkansen connection.

        3. I understand that for the JR Rail pass I would need to change the exchange order for the rail pass only when I get into Japan. May I ask where is the JR ticket office located at Narita and what time does it open?

        Thank you once again.

        1. Hi Daniel,

          1. Train to Ofuna/Yokohama stops at Shinagawa. Please see the link below:

          Most of Narita Express are combined of two train sets, one goes for Shinjuku and other one goes for Yokohama/Ofuna. You have to book a seat to take Narita Express and you will be assigned on the train to Yokohama/Ofuna anyway.

          2. You have to book all trains when you exchange the pass. Don’t spend an extra time at Shinagawa and Nagoya. That may be caused to miss the train. If you miss the trains, you can rebook a seat for next one. You can change the seat and train anytime by JR pass. Whenever I use JR Pass, I complete to book all trains in the trip.

          3. Please see the link below:

          If your flight arrives very early and you reach the exchange office before open, you can exchange the pass at the ticket window too. You can find it beside the ticket gate.


          Takeshi /

  10. Hi Takeshi

    Please advise whether the Wide View Hida is included in the 5-day Alpine-Takayama-Matsumoto pass? Is this pass a good buy if I’ll use it only for (a) Nagoya to Shinano-Omachi, then bus to Omachi Onsenkyo for overnight stay on the first day, then (b) Alpine route to Toyama the second day day, and (c) Toyama to Takayama on the Wide View Hida on the third?

    Also, I’ll be travelling from Kansai Airport to Nagoya, then immediately onto Shinano-Omachi. Is buying a single ticket from Kansai Airport and then use the Alpine pass from Nagoya the best way?

    1. Hi Erina,

      Yes. It’s covered and you can get the worth of this pass by your trip.
      You can use Kansai area pass one day or ICOCA and Haruka for Kansai airport to Kyoto. And use a regular ticket for Kyoto to Nagoya. Both Kansai area pass (or ICOCA and Haruka) and ticket for Kyoto to Nagoya can be purchased at Kansai airport station at same time.

      Actually you can exchange Alpine Takayama Matsumoto pass at Kansai airport station too. You don’t need to spend extra time in Nagoya:


      Takeshi /

      1. Many thanks, Takeshi, for your prompt reply and excellent advice!
        One further question – if I buy the Kansai Area Pass, regular ticket from Kyoto to Nagoya and change my Alpine Pass at KIX at the same time, can I travel through all the way to Shinan-Omachi by just changing platforms? That is, I do not need to exit the gate (e.g. at Kyoto station) and come back in using a second ticket/pass for the next destination? Are there food to buy on the Shinano train from Nagoya to Matsumoto?

        Thanks again!

        1. Hi Erina,

          Yes, you can. But when you go through Shinkansen gate at Kyoto and Nagoya, do not go through the machine gate. You have to go through the man’s gate and show your both ticket, Kansai area pass + Shinkansen ticket at Kyoto, Shinkansen ticket + Alpine Takayama Matsumoto pass at Nagoya.

          You cannot purchase any foods and drinks on Shinano. You have to buy something before on board. There are lots of stores in the station.


          Takeshi /

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