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Learn more about train to Takayama. Passenger’s review of "Wide View Hida"

Wide View Hida at Toyama station
Wide View Hida by KIHA85 series at Toyama station (C) JP Rail

I took “Wide View Hida 6” from Toyama to Nagoya on Apr 27, 2010. This express train is operated mostly between Takayama and Nagoya. Only 4 of 20 round trips are operated between Toyama and Nagoya. Hida 6 is the first departure from Toyama to Nagoya.

I had an ordinary reserved seat at a third raw on the 8th car. This train will combined some more cars at Takayama station. My car number is eight but this was the first car between Toyama and Takayama.

This limited express train is called “Wide View Hida” because the huge windows are equipped. You will enjoy the scenery of mountains, stream and gorge. Continue reading

Access to Takayama and Hida from Nagoya. Limited Express Wide View Hida

Wide View Hida (Nagoya-Takayama-Toyama) is connected with Shinakansen at Nagoya.
Wide View Hida (Nagoya-Takayama-Toyama) is connected with Shinakansen at Nagoya.

Wide View Hida is a Limited Express train that is operated from Nagoya (名古屋) to Toyama (富山) via Gifu (岐阜), Gero (下呂) and one of the most popular destination, Takayama (高山). Hida is the name of the old prefecture in Samurai period. This train equip very huge windows. It can offer to passengers very panoramic view. That is why this train is called “Wide View”.

This train is very popular for the tourists from overseas. Of course this train is fully covered by Japan Rail Pass. So let’s see the details. Continue reading