How to access to Cape Erimo (Erimo Misaki) by Japan Rail Pass.

Cape Erimo (Erimo Misaki)
Cape Erimo (Erimo Misaki)

Cape Erimo (=Erimo Misaki=襟裳岬) is located at south end of Hokkaido. There is more than 60m height cliff around the cape and 7km long shore reef to offshore. It is facing the open water of Pacific Ocean. A lot of harbor seals can be seen there.

You can access Cape Erimo by JR local line and bus without any additional charge by JR Pass, but Hokkaido Rail Pass does not cover the bus to Cape Erimo.


It is not required to take this bus service. It is a sort of local commute bus service.

How to access there

You can take Limited Express train from Sapporo to Tomokomai. At Tomakomai, transfer to local train to Samani. Then you will exchange JR Hokkaido Bus to Hiroo at Samani station. It takes approximately 5 hours.  We have an express bus from Sapporo to town of Erimo (NOT Cape Erimo). It is much faster. It takes about 3 hours and 45 minutes. But you have to pay the full fare. it costs 3500 yen.

Hidaka line closure

Hidaka line between Mukawa and Samani are closed due to the landslide. Substitute bus is available.

JR Hidaka line and substitute bus service timetable (Japanese only)

View Erimo Misaki in a larger map

Timetable (as of April 1, 2018)

Unfortunately only Japanese timetable is available. Please refer this link.

4 thoughts on “How to access to Cape Erimo (Erimo Misaki) by Japan Rail Pass.”

  1. Hi Takeshi,

    Sorry to bother you again.

    As I will be traveling from Noboribetsu to Nemuro, and from Nemuro to Kawayu, is there any faster & cheaper way to travel apart from using the Hyperdia website?

    Thanks much.

    1. Hi Lee,

      There is no direct way to get Nemuro from Noboribetu. There is an overnight bus from Sapporo to Nemuro. However reservation is required and only booking by phone in Japanese. I put Japanese link just in case.

      I don’t think there is any direct public transportation from Nemuro to Kawayu. Most of travellers use rent-a-car actually.


      Takeshi / JP Rail

  2. Hi Takeshi-san,

    First thank you very much for creating this website!

    As I am planning to visit Hokkaido on 15~30 Dec 2013 and have the following questions.

    – From JR Bokoi Station at Muroran, is there any bus to reach Chikyu Lighthouse (地球岬)?

    – From your article on accessing Cape Erimo from Tomakomai, the JR Hokkaido bus will end at Hiroo. What are the operating days & hours for this bus service? Is there any bus that goes from Hiroo to JR Shinyoshino Station, where I will continue to Kushiro?

    – At the last JR Nemuro Station, is there any bus that goes to Nosappu Misaki (納沙布岬灯台)?

    – During winter, is there any buses that go to Shiretoko?

    Sorry for having so many questions. Your kind assistance will be most appreciated. Thanks much!

    1. Hi Lee san,

      I’m happy that my website helping you to plan your trip.

      1. There are bus to Chikyu Misaki residence area. But there are very few bus service.
      Upper two timetables are from Bokoi station. Left is weekday and right is weekend. But it’s 2.7 km from station. You can walk if weather is not bad.

      2. Please see the following site to get timetable.
      There are English text too. You can find both from Samani and from Obihiro. So you can take bus from Samani to Hiroo and Hiroo to Obihiro. And then you can catch the train at Obihiro to Kushiro.
      But winter schedule may be changed. It has not released it yet. It will be coming on October.

      3. Please see the following site:
      Left one to Nosappu and right one to the station. But winter schedule may change.

      4. Yes. But you can get only Utoro from Shiretoko-Shari.

      So it is too early to fix the schedule at this point. Most of the schedule will be in fall.


      Takeshi / JP Rail

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