Trip to Aizu, Nikko and Hakone in 2014 winter – Part 12, Takasaki to Hakone via Odawara

2014 winter Aizu, Nikko and Hakone trip
Nikko 180

This post is continued from the previous post, Trip to Aizu, Nikko and Hakone in 2014 winter – Part 11, Nikko to Ashio and Watarase Keikoku Railway.

I took Ryomo line from Kiryu station where was the transfer point from Watarase Railway. And I arrived at Takasaki station.

I transferred to Joetsu Shinkansen at Takasaki to get Tokyo.

Nikko 189

There were lots of snow on Shinkansen tracks.

Nikko 190

After I arrived at Tokyo station and I transferred to Tokaido line train. I paid a small extra to get Green car.

Nikko 191

I did not have enough time to eat dinner. So I grabbed some food at Daimaru department store in Tokyo station. My dinner was Katsudon (breaded pork on rice )and Super Dry!


If you go to food section in department store after 18:00, many items are sold at discounted price. They can’t keep foods overnight. They tried to sell everything out. My Katsudon was sold at 500 yen. Regular price tag was 780 yen.

I got off the train at Odawara and transferred to Odakyu Railway.

Hakone 001

Both JR and Odakyu Railway’s stations are located at same place. It was very easy to transfer.

Hakone 007
Hakone 011

The segment between Odawara and Hakone-Yumoto belong to Hakone Tozan Railway. But Odakyu trains run on this segment. Odakyu is a parent company of Hakone Tozan Railway.

Hakone 012

Odakyu train was a common commute train.

Hakone 013

It took 15 minutes to get Hakone-Yumoto station.

Hakone 015

I supposed to stay in Odawara. But I found very reasonable rate Ryokan near Hakone-Yumoto station. That Ryokan was Hakone Suimeiso. It was only 5 minutes away from the station. This hotel has main building and annex. Annex is not attached to main building. But it was only 5 meters away.

Annex had only single rooms and the room was like a common business hotel.

Hakone 023

But main building is one of high-end ryokans in Hakone-Yumoto. Onsen bath was very impressive.


*I took these photos in very early morning. I checked there were no other guests before I took the photos.

That day was quite long and I was very tired. I had very good time in this Onsen bath and made me sleepy.

This Ryoka, Hakone Suimeiso is very recommended for the solo traveler who is interested in staying in Ryokan.

Hakone Suimeisou

I was going to take Hakone Tozan Railway and Odakyu Romancecar. I will write about it on next post, Trip to Aizu, Nikko and Hakone in 2014 winter – Part 13, Hakone to Shinjuku.


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