Ouchijuku Winter Fetival, Trip to Aizu, Nikko and Hakone in 2014 winter – Part 8

Yunokami onsen 121

This post is continued from the previous post, Trip to Aizu, Nikko and Hakone in 2014 winter – Part 7, staying in Yunokami Onsen.

Ouchi-juku is one of many post-town throughout Japan. This town is not very well known for overseas travellers. But it is the National heritage site. There are lots of heritage building and traditional atmosphere. When I visited Yunokami Onsen, fortunately this town held winter festival. Even though I had only 1 hour there, I was very impressed.

Yunokami Onsen station is the nearest station. But you cannot walk there from the station. In summer time, you may be able to take loop bus. But mostly taxi is the most common transportation. The fare is around 2000 yen for one way and takes about 15 minutes.

When you get there, you have to access the post town from the parking.

Yunokami onsen 104

But it is not very far from the parking to the town. It takes about 5 minutes to get the entrance of the town.

Yunokami onsen 127
Yunokami onsen 109
Yunokami onsen 106

Most of housing opened as souvenir shops and restaurants.

Yunokami onsen 126
Yunokami onsen 125

When you go to the end of the street, you will find the small path to go up the hill. You can see whole part of the town from the view point.

Yunokami onsen 123
Yunokami onsen 116

The last part of the event, Goshintai (the spirit of worship in a Shinto) carried by the gentlemen who had a fire torch.

Yunokami onsen 131

Fireworks is the finale.

Yunokami onsen 142

This event is usually held in second weekend of February. If you go there in daytime, you can enjoy it too.

In next post, I will write the post, Trip to Aizu, Nikko and Hakone in 2014 winter – Part 9, Yunokami Onsen to Nikko.

2 thoughts on “Ouchijuku Winter Fetival, Trip to Aizu, Nikko and Hakone in 2014 winter – Part 8”

  1. Hi!..can i have your itenerary on this using JR pass im goin to japan on may 2 to 15 my first trip will be from kansai to sapporo to see the cherry blossom. Also how do you go to tohoku from sapporo? Thank you for sharing i would like to experience your visits to Aizu Nikko and Hakone. Take care 🙂

    1. Hi Cherry,

      Thank you for reading my articles. 🙂

      If you do this itinerary, JR Pass does not cover Aizu Railway, Nishiwakamatsu (two stations away from Aizu Wakamatsu)- Yunokami Onsen – Kinugawa Onsen – Shimoimaichi. This segment is non JR railways and you can’t use JR Pass.

      For trip to Tohoku from Sapporo, there are several routes. And it depends on which part of Tohoku you want to go. These following posts may help you to think about planning.


      Takeshi / JP Rail

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