Mt. Fuji Round Trip Ticket is back in 2015. Perfect choice for just trip to Fuji san!

kawaguchiko fujiMt. Fuji and Hakone
Mt. Fuji from Lake Motosu ©Akira Okada/©JNTO
Mt. Fuji from Lake Motosu  	©Akira Okada/©JNTO

Mt. Fuji from Lake Motosu ©Akira Okada/©JNTO

This deal, Mt. Fuji Round Trip Ticket was on sale in 2013 and 2014 during summer season only. Now this deal has just been back in 2015 season. If you have a plan to Mt. Fuji and other place, like Nikko or Kusatsu, Kanto Area Pass is better choice. But if you need a deal for trip to Mt. Fuji only, this pass is most suitable.

I show you the the detail about this pass and compare with other deals.

Price, sales period and validity

The price is same as 2014, 5600 yen and child rate is half, 2800 yen for 6 to 11 years old. Kid under 5 years old is free if you are okay to share the seat.

The ticket must be used in two consecutive days. And this ticket will be on sale from July 1 to November 29, 2015 and can be used until November 30.

This deal includes Tokyo – Otsuki round trip fare and limited express reserved seat surcharge. And unlimited travel is included in Otsuki – Kawaguchiko by Fuji Kyuko line and Mt. Fuji climbing bus to Mt. Fuji 5th station. Kanto Area Pass covers Fuji Kyuko line between Otsuki and Kawaguchiko. But any other JR deals do not include Mt. Fuji climbing bus. This is one of the biggest asset of this deal.

You will get other details of this deal at JR East official site.

Compare with regular fare

Limited Express Fujisan Tokkyu

Limited Express Fujisan Tokkyu of Fuji Kyuko line

If you have round trip between Shinjuku and Otsuki by JR limited express reserved seat during peak season (most of July and August), total cost is 5940 yen. So the deal is already cheaper than regular round trip fare to Otsuki. And you can take unlimited ride of Fuji Kyuko line and bus to 5th station. This gives you a great deal.

But if you intend to visit Lake Kawaguchi area only and do not visit 5th station, highway bus is better. One way fare to Kawaguchiko from Shinjuku is 1700 yen.

You can get some more information about trip to Fuji at the link below:

Fuji Hakone access guide by train and bus from both Tokyo and Osaka / Kyoto / Nagoya.

Compare with Kanto Area Pass

Kanto Area Pass covers not only Mt. Fuji but also Nikko, Kusatsu, Izu and many other spots surrounding Tokyo and valid 3 days. So if you intend to visit Fuji and other areas, like Nikko, Kanto Area Pass is obviously better deal. But some of you are not sure where you will go at this point. So I show you the difference between Mt. Fuji Round Trip Ticket and Kanto Area Pass for your planning.

PassMt. Fuji Round
Trip Ticket
Kanto Area Pass
Price5600 yen8300 yen
Validity2 days3 days
JR limited express
surcharge reserved seat
Fuji Kyuko line
local train
Fuji Kyuko
Fujisan Limited Express
non reserved seat
not included
Fuji Kyuko
Fuji Tozan Densha
add 200 yenadd 200 yen
Bus to 5th stationincludednot included

By the way, the regular round trip fare of Fuji climbing bus to 5th station is 2100 yen. If you use Kanto Area Pass and want to go to 5th station, you have to add 2100 yen on top of the pass. So total cast will be more than 10000 yen.

If you will hang around Lake Kawaguchi only, Kanto Area Pass may be better because you can go other place by this pass. And if you complete trip to Fuji in one day, you have two more day trip by Kanto Area Pass.

So look at your trip plan and make sure where you want to go.

Narita Express direct service from Narita airport to Lake Kawaguchi

Narita Express, the newest car E259 series

Narita Express, the newest car E259 series

In this summer season, one round trip of Narita Express run to Lake Kawaguchi station directly in weekend and holidays.

Narita Express #8 from Narita to Kawaguchiko
Narita Airport 9:15 – Kuko Daini (terminal 2) 9:19 – Tokyo 10:21 – Shinjuku 10:47 – Otsuki 11:55 – Fujisan 12:35 – Kawaguchiko 12:41

Narita Express #41 from Kawaguchiko to Narita

Kawaguchiko 14:14 – Fujisan 14:22 – Otsuki 15:08 – Shinjuku 16:10 – Tokyo 16:33 – Kuko Daini (terminal 2) 17:25 – Narita Airport 17:29

Mt. Fuji Round Trip Ticket does not include the trip from Narita airport to Tokyo. You need to add single fare or N’ex Tokyo Round Trip Ticket. It is only direct train service from Narita airport to Kawaguchiko.


  1. Patty says:

    Hi takeshi-san!

    How long will it take us to get to Mt Fuji from Takenotsuka station? Whats the best ticket/package to get? Is the area near Takenotsuka station very far from attractions/sightseeings?

    Thank you! 🙂

  2. Khan says:


    My family will be travelling to Japan in July. Would be going for a 7 day trip to the following.
    Mt Fuji
    Osaka (Universal Studios)
    Hiroshima (Miyajima)
    Will 7 days be too tight for all the above? We will be purchasing the 7 days JR pass for travelling around the above places. Also do you suggest purchasing first class or the normal class for when travelling in July or August. Thank you very much.

  3. Karen cheong says:

    Hi Takeshi San,
    I’m planning 8days 7night in Japan.
    I wanted to visit the following:
    1) Nagano for snow monkey
    2)Nagoya for shiragawago and around
    3)Mount Fuji
    4) Osaka if can with Hiroshima

    Travel with 7days JR rail pass.
    Pls kindly advise

    Thank you

    • Hi Karen san,

      You can do these places in 8 days. But you have to decide which airport you will arrive and depart from. Tokyo is recommended for arrival and Osaka is the best for departure.


      Takeshi /

      • Hi, Takeshi San , thanks for your fast responded.
        I’ll reach Narita at 4.30pm on 22nd January and leaving at Haneda on 30th January at 12am. So which place should I start and end at which place.
        Please advise.

        • Hi Karen san,

          Tokyo – Nagano – Kanazawa (Shirakawago) – Osaka – Hiroshima – Osaka – Nagoya – (Fuji) – Tokyo

          You can access to Kanazawa from Nagano by Shinkansen. You can visit Shirakawago from Kanazawa. If you don’t want, you don’t need to stay in Kanazawa. You can do Nagano – Kanazawa (Shirakawago) – Osaka in one day.

          You can visit Nagoya on the way back to Tokyo if you want. You can visit Fuji on the way back to Tokyo but you can do day trip from Tokyo too.


          Takeshi /

  4. Wee Siau Ling says:

    Dear Takeshi-san,
    This will be our 3rd trip to Japan after Tokyo in 2014 and Kyoto-Osaka in 2015. This round is 15 day Sapporo-Tokyo.
    Day 1 – Arrive at Sapporo
    Day 2 – Sapporo to Niseko (Kuchan)
    Day 3 – Niseko
    Day 4 – Niseko to Otaru
    Day 5 – Otaru to Asahikawa
    Day 6 – Asahikawa
    Day 7 – Asahikawa to Noboribetsu
    Day 8 – Noboribetsu to Sapporo
    Day 9 – Sapporo
    Day 10 – Sapporo to Tokyo (by air)
    Day 11 – Tokyo
    Day 12 – Tokyo to Kawaguchiko
    Day 13 – Kawaguchiko to Tokyo
    Day 14 – Day trip to Yokohama
    Day 15 – Tokyo to Singapore
    We will be getting economical pass from JR Hokkaido railway company to travel from Sapporo to Asahikawa, and using the hotel shuttle service from Sapporo to Noboribetsu. I would like to we ask your advise on the following:-
    1. If we follow the hotel shuttle service, we will reach Noboribetsu only around 3.30pm, and the next day we will have to leave at 10am if we were to follow the shuttle service. Do you think we should travel on our own to Noboribetsu, as we will then get to see more? What is your advise. (we have a family of 5)
    2. What kind of transportation pass would you advise for our trip in both Hokkaido and Tokyo.
    Thank you,
    Siau Ling

  5. Ang Yeok Kuan says:

    For year 2016, is this fuji area pass sales still on. We are going to travel to fuji area in end of Oct. Please advice

  6. Jas says:

    Dear Takeshi-san,
    The following is our 6-day plan in June.
    Not sure is it advisable to go direct from airport to Kawaguchiko or should stay in tokyo first.

    Day 1 – Arrive at Haneda in the early morning and travel to lake kawaguchiko and Mt Fuji area. (Is there luggage storage area at the train station?)
    Day 2 – 4: Explore different parts of Tokyo (Stay in Shinjuku area)
    Day 5 -6: Travel to Nikko and stay 1 night in some onsen place there.
    Day 6: Travel back from Nikko to Haneda airport. Depart airport at 4.55am the next morning.

    Hope you can advise on any passes worth buying for such a plan? Currently, I have ICOCA card which can be use for normal travel in Tokyo?


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