Wide View Nanki at Kuwana station (C)800px-JRC_Kiha85_Series01 / User:Kansai explorer

Access to World Heritage Kii mountains from Nagoya. Limited Express Wide View Nanki

Wide View Nanki at Kuwana station (C)800px-JRC_Kiha85_Series01 / User:Kansai explorer
Wide View Nanki at Kuwana station (C)800px-JRC_Kiha85_Series01 / User:Kansai explorer

Wide View Nanki (ワイドビュー南紀) is a Limited Express train that connects Nagoya (名古屋) with Shingu (新宮) and Kii-Katsuura (紀伊勝浦). Nanki (南紀) is the name of the area in Kii peninsula (紀伊半島). When you go to UNESCO World Heritage site, “Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range” from Nagoya, you can use this train and access there from Shingu. This train is operated by KIHA 85 series that equips very huge windows. It can offer to passengers very panoramic view. That is why this train is called “Wide View”.

This train goes through Ise Railway betwen Kawarada and Tsu. So if you take this train by Japan Rail Pass, you need to pay the small amount of extra charge. I tell you about the extra fee below.

Route, schedule, time required and extra charge

We have 3 round trips between Nagoya and Kii-Katsuura, and 1 round trip between Nagoya and Shingu. This train go through some major cities, Yokkaichi, Suzuka (well known as most famous auto race track, Suzuka Circuit), Matsusaka (well known as Matsusaka Beef) in Mie Pref. on the east coast of Kii peninsula. It takes 3 hours and 20-30 minutes to get Shingu from Nagoya. Kii-Katsuura is only 15 minutes away from Shingu.

Extra charge for Japan Rail Pass user

This train is operated on Ise Railway between Kawarada (where is located between Yokkaichi and Suzuka) and Tsu. Ise Railway is not JR line. So you need to pay a basic fare and limited express charge for this section. The basic fare is 510 yen and limited express surcharge is 310 yen for adult and 150 yen for child.

View Wide View Nanki in a larger map


Nagoya (名古屋)x
Kuwana (桑名)x
Yokkaichi (四日市)x
Suzuka (鈴鹿)x
Suzuka Circuit Inou (鈴鹿サーキット稲生)*
Tsu (津)x
Matsusaka (松阪)x
Taki (多気)x
Misedani (三瀬谷)x
Kii-Nagashima (紀伊長島)x
Owase (尾鷲)x
Kumanoshi (熊野市)x
Shingu (新宮)x
Kii-Katsuura (紀伊勝浦)x

x:All train stop *:only FI Japan GP in Suzuka Circuit


Wide View Nanki is serviced by KIHA-85 series. It is completely same train as Wide View Hida. This train has a great reputation. The huge glass windows gives you the spectacular scenery in Kii peninsula. “Wide View” is a worthy of the name.

This series has two types of Green car that are 2+2 seat configuration and 2+1 seat configuration. 2+1 seat configuration is wider and has a bigger leg space. But this 2+1 Green car is not used for Wide View Nanki, but 2+2 seat configuration Green car. The seat pitch is 1160mm. Ordinary class is good too. The seat pitch is 1000mm. This is bigger than the standard.

*Sonic Rail Garden has copyright for all images of accommodations below.
*These following images were taken on Wide View Hida. But Wide View Nanki is operated by same car.

Train formation



Green seat (2+2 configuration)
Wide View Hida KIHA85 series Green seat Wide View Hida KIHA85 series Green seat Wide View Hida KIHA85 series Green seat Wide View Hida KIHA85 series Green seat

Ordinary seat
Wide View Hida KIHA85 series Ordinary seat Wide View Hida KIHA85 series Ordinary seat Wide View Hida KIHA85 series Ordinary seat Wide View Hida KIHA85 series Ordinary seat Wide View Hida KIHA85 series Ordinary seat

Sanitary space
Wide View Hida KIHA85 series sanitary space Wide View Hida KIHA85 series sanitary space Wide View Hida KIHA85 series sanitary space Wide View Hida KIHA85 series sanitary space Wide View Hida KIHA85 series sanitary space Wide View Hida KIHA85 series sanitary space Wide View Hida KIHA85 series sanitary space Wide View Hida KIHA85 series sanitary space

26 thoughts on “Access to World Heritage Kii mountains from Nagoya. Limited Express Wide View Nanki”

  1. Hello, I want to visit Kumano for the Fireworks festival on August 17. I heard that the train to Nagoya still runs after the fireworks festival ends. Do you have any information regarding this?

    1. Hi Nicholas,

      The info of the trains has not been updated since the last year. As you think, the extra train ran in the late night in 2018. I believe it will run again. But so far, I don’t have any info.

      In the last year, most of trains were the limited express trains and the reservation was required. The only one train ran as the ordinary train which reservation was not required.


      Takeshi / JPRail.com

        1. Hi Boris,

          Yes, you are right. But actually some of train set do not have the vending machine. When I took this train in the last summer, there is no vending machines in the train. I do not recommend you to rely on this.


          Takeshi / JPRail.com

  2. Hi,Takeshi
    I would like to know that this train between Kii-Katsuura and Shingu covered fully with JR Kansai-Hiroshima Area pass,since this train is operated by JR-Central,but in JR-West track. (I can’t wait to get the first Kuroshio.)Or I need to take local train instead.
    Thank you very much in advance for your assistance.

  3. Hi Don,

    I would like to ask whether is possible to take a bicycle onto the train (Wide View Nanki). Which part of train could accommodate large luggage like this (folded bicycle)?

    Thank you


  4. Hi, like to check if Wide View Nanki is usually packed on a weekend? I am traveling from Nagoya to Kiikatsura on a Sat (Nov). Would I need to make seat reservation a few days in advance or I would be able to get a seat on the same day as I travel?
    I am allowed to stand if I cannot get a reserved seat or any seats in ordinary cabin?

    Thank you.

    1. Hi HM See,

      It’s hard to say how busy it will be. So I recommend you to book a ticket in advance anyway.
      If you cannot make it, you can take an unoccupied seat in non reserved car. If it’s full, you can take a train as standing passenger. You can get on anyway.


      Takeshi / JPRail.com

  5. Hi Takeshi San,

    I planned my trip around using the JR pass but now I am in Tokyo but cannot get my pass due to certain reason. Anyway, I have two night booked in Nagoya and I will most likely buy a one way shinkansen ticket from Tokyo to Nagoya. But from nagoya, I have two nights booked in katsuura and I cannot find much information on how to get the wide view nanki ticket and it’s cost. After katsuura I have another two nights in Osaka, before flying out of Nagoya. I am scrambling for options and costs and hope it’s not much more than the 29,000 jpy rail pass for seven days which I was going to use.

    Thanks in advance, much appreciate your help.

    1. Hi Chun san,

      You may use one long trip single ticket from Tokyo to Osaka via Nagoya and Kii-Katsuura. You can make stopovers at both places. Please find more info at the link below:

      In my calculation, it’s more than 800 km trip and valid for 5 days. I believe the cost is cheaper than 7 days pass.

      You can purchase all tickets at once when you are in Tokyo in advance at any JR stations. When you purchase it, ask a base fare ticket for Tokyo to Osaka via Nagoya and Kiikatsuura.


      Takeshi / JPRail.com

  6. I’ll visit KIIKATSUURA on 12 March 2016. Then I’ ll go to SHIN-OSAKA on 13 March 2016. First I must use LTD. Exp. (wide view) NANKAI to Nagoya and change at this to SHIN-OSAKA. On your description must use JR PASS but can I use JR WIDE AREA PASS??

  7. Hello,

    I will visit Kii-Katsuura on November. I’d like to know timetable on November , LTD. EXP (WIDE VIEW) NANKI from Kii-Katuura to Nagoya .

    Thank you

    1. Hi Khan,

      The only way to get timetable is hyperdia:

      But JR will make an annual timetable revise in mid October. The updated timetable for November has not been released yet. I think it will not be much different from current timetable. It’s expected to be released in mid September.


      Takeshi / JPRail.com

  8. Hello,

    1. We have JR Rail Pass and we want to travel from Ise to Kii-Katsuura. We understand that we have to transfer to LTD EXP Wide View Nanki train. How much is the extra charge for taking this Nanki train?

    2. We have another question on how to go to Koyasan from Kii-katsuura. Again, we have JR Rail Pass. What is the best way to save money and time? We have used http://www.hyperdia.com to search for the route and it showed that the time required was for 5 hours.

    3. At last, does it make sense to travel from Koyasan to Kyoto via Wakayama by taking JR Wakayama Line? Then from Wakayama, we can take LTD EXP Kuroshio 18 and JR special rapid to Kyoto.

    Thank you in advance, Don

    1. Hi Don,

      I have received three inquiries from you. I gathered these in this inquiry.

      1. I think you can use Hyperdia and you can find it there. You have to transfer at Taki station. So input Taki and Kii-Katsuura. You can find how much it will be. If you use JR Pass, there is no extra charge. Because this train run on non JR line between Nagoya and Taki. If you use JR Pass to access to Ise, you have to pay extra for Ise Railway. You can find extra fare for this segment in this post above.

      2. You can get Koyasan from Shingu. But you have to transfer the bus at lease three times and takes more than 7 hours because it is local community bus. It is very technical and lots of stress for overseas travellers. I don’t recommend to take this route. But if you are interested in this, see the link below.
      If you take a train, Hyperdia is right. The shortest route by is Kii-Katsuura-(ltd exp Kuroshio)-Wakayama-(Wakayama line)-Hashimoto-(Nankai railway)-Gokurakubashi/Koyasan. However, Wakayama line is not very useful. There is no express train and trains do not run very often. Sometimes Kii-Katsuura-(ltd exp Kuroshio)-Tennoji-(Osaka Kanjo line)-Shinimamiya-(Nankai railway)-Gokurakubashi/Koyasan is faster.

      3. It is same as above. You can use Japan Rail Pass and minimize to pay extra. However Wakayama line is not very useful. I recommend you to use Nankai Limited Express between Shinimamiya and Koyasan. If you have round trip between Shinimamiya and Koyasan, you can use Koyasan World Heritage ticket.
      You will get free ride for bus in Koyasan and get some discount.


      Takeshi / JP Rail

  9. Hello Takeshi:

    In your description of the Wide View Nanki you describe that the extra fare (Kawarada to Tsu)for JR Passholders consists of the basic fare of 490 yen and limited express surcharge of 310 yen. Is there any Reserved Seat charge or additional cost for the Green Car? Also, when is the extra fare collected, at the station before boarding or by the conductor on the train?

    Many thanks again, GARY

    1. Hi Gary,

      There is no Green seat fee or reserved seat charge for this segment.
      You can pay the extra fare in the train or station. As you guess, you can purchase the ticket for this section when you book your seat.


      Takeshi / JP Rail

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