Express train service between Aomori and Akita, Limited Express Tsugaru

Limited Express Tsugaru operated by E751 series
Limited Express Tsugaru operated by E751 series

Tsugaru is an inter-city train that connects Aomori with several cities in Akita Pre. (秋田県) and Aomori Pref. (青森県), such as Hirosaki (弘前) and Oodate (大館). You can transfer from Tohoku Shinkansen at Shin-Aomori, and Akita Shinkansen at Akita. If you go to Hirosaki or Oodate, using Tohoku Shinkanse is the faster than Akita Shinansen connection. Of course this train and Tohoku or Akita Shinkansen are fully covered by Japan Rail Pass.

Route and Schedule

Tugaru is operated 4 round trips between Aomori (青森) and Akita (秋田). In peak season, usually a few more trips are operated. This limited express train connects Aomori with Hirosaki in 40 minutes, Aomori with Akita in 2 hours and 45 minutes. Shin-Aomori is only 6 minutes away from Aomori. So time required when you transfer at Shin-Aomori is almost same.

View Limited Express Tsugaru in a larger map

Aomori (青森)x
Shin-Aomori (新青森)x
Hirosaki (弘前)x
Oowani-Onsen (大鰐温泉)x
Oodate (大館)x
Takanosu (鷹ノ巣)x
Futatsui (二ツ井)x
Higashi-Noshiro (東能代)x
Moritake (森岳)x
Hachirogata (八郎潟)x
Akita (秋田)x

x=all trains stop


Tsugaru is operated by JR East E751 series. The seat configuration in Green seat is 2+2. The seat pitch is 1160mm. In Ordinary seat has same seat configuration. The seat pitch is 910mm.

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Train formation


G=Green seat R=Reserved ordinary seat NR=Non-Reserved ordinary seat


Green seat
Ltd Exp Tsugaru Ltd Exp Tsugaru Ltd Exp Tsugaru Ltd Exp Tsugaru Ltd Exp Tsugaru

Ordinary seat (no difference between reserved and non-reserved)
Ltd Exp Tsugaru Ltd Exp Tsugaru Ltd Exp Tsugaru Ltd Exp Tsugaru

Sanitary space
Ltd Exp Tsugaru Ltd Exp Tsugaru Ltd Exp Tsugaru Ltd Exp Tsugaru

10 thoughts on “Express train service between Aomori and Akita, Limited Express Tsugaru”

  1. For the train ride from Shin-Aomori to Hirosaki, is there any chance that i am able to take the Tsugaru Railway’s “stove train” in winter (i.e. December)? Or does the “stove train” only travel between Goshogawara Station and Tsugaru-Nakasato Station?

  2. I want to know if I can make seat reservation for Tsugaru travelling from Akita to Hirosaki after I purchase the JR East Pass online overseas. Also, I understand during holiday seasons there would be more tsugaru train services. Can I have the timetable say for April as I would like to plan ahead for my trip.

    1. Hi Timothy,

      You can book it in Japan only. There is no way to book before you arrive. The following link shows you how to book by JR pass. But basically if you use JR east pass, it’s same.

      Timetable is available until this coming October because JR revise it in mid October. And also JR usually revise timetable in mid March too. So most updated timetable will come up sometimes in January or February. You may check it at hyperdia.


      Takeshi /

      1. Many thanks for your information. In other words, I can only make seat reservation online overseas for Akita Shinkansen but cannot do it for Limited Express Tsugaru which I must do it in Japan. Right ?

    1. Hello David,
      You are right. JR East use 485 series for Tsugaru so far. They supposed to change to E751 series in March when they made a big schedule change. But we have a big eatrhquake just before schedule change. It is not official, but JR East change to use E751 series in sometimes April.
      Takeshi / JP Rail

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