Sample itinerary of day trip to Hiroshima and Miyajima from Osaka/Kyoto

One of well known places in Japan, World Heritage Site, Miyajima Itsukushima shrine.  ©Hiroshima Prefecture / ©JNTO
One of well known places in Japan, World Heritage Site, Miyajima Itsukushima shrine. ©Hiroshima Prefecture / ©JNTO

Hiroshima and Miyajima are very popular and obviously these are “Big Name”s in Japan. Some of you want to visit these place but you may be hesitating to visit there because of tight schedule.

If you stay in Osaka or Kyoto, Hiroshima and Miyajima can be visited as day trip. If you can stay there for even one night, that is much better. But you may prefer to have “Baggage Free” day trip.

In this post, I show you sample itinerary to visit Hiroshima and Miyajima as day trip.

From Osaka / Kyoto to Hiroshima

Kyushu Shinkansen Sakura and Mizuho give you direct trainsfer to Shin-Osaka from Kyusyu.
N700 series Shinkansen fleet is used for Mizuho and Sakura.

If you stay in Osaka, get Shin-Osaka station to catch Shinkansen. If you stay in Kyoto, you can catch Shinkansen at Kyoto station.

If you use JR Pass, as probably you know, you cannot take Nozomi and Mizuho. Only Hikari, Sakura and Kodama are covered by JR Pass. But there are a few Hikari that take you to Hiroshima from Kyoto directly. Please check Shinkansen timetable at the link below:

Tokaido-Sanyo Shinkansen westbound timetable

As of Nov 2014, only these Shinkansen trains go directly Hiroshima from Kyoto.
Hikari 491
Kyoto 07:20 – Shin-Osaka 07:35 – Hiroshima 09:06
Hikari 493
Kyoto 08:02 – Shin-Osaka 08:17 – Hiroshima 10:01
Hikari 495
Kyoto 08:23 – Shin-Osaka 08:39 – Hiroshima 10:44

If you miss these trains, you have to transfer at Shin-Osaka or Okayama.

If you do not use JR Pass, Kansai Hiroshima Area Pass is recommended.

Kansai Hiroshima Area Pass. Perfect deal for the traveller who wants travel both Kansai and Hiroshima.

This pass is sold at 13,000 yen. This is cheaper than round trip fare to Hiroshima from Shin-Osaka. But this pass does not cover Shinkansen from Shin-Osaka to the east. You cannot take Shinknansen from Kyoto. If you stay in Kyoto and intend to use this pass, you have to take Rapid or local train to get Shin-Osaka from Kyoto. Special Rapid train runs every 15 minutes and connects Kyoto and Shin-Osaka in less than 30 minutes.

Most convenient and the fastest train among Osaka, Kyoto and Kobe. Special Rapid Service

Trip to Miyajima

You have to visit at low tide if you want to walk around Torii.  	©Hiroshima Prefecture / ©JNTO
You have to visit at low tide if you want to walk around Torii. (C) Hiroshima Prefecture / ©JNTO

If you go to Miyajima first, you need to transfer to local train at Hiroshima station. If you have 10 minutes, you can transfer. Local trains run every 10 to 15 minuted to Miyajimaguchi that is the nearest station to the ferry to Miyajima. And it takes about 30 minutes to get Miyajimaguchi. I have visited Miyajima and wrote about access there from Hiroshima before. Please find more information at the link below:

How to access to Miyajima from Hiroshima by local train. No extra charge for Japan Rail Pass user.

Most of you spend half day in Miyajima and half day in city of Hiroshima. You can visit either Miyajima or Hiroshima at first. But if you want to walk down floating Torii gate at Itsukushima shrine in Miyajima, you visit there at low tide. You can find updated tide table of Miyajima at this fishing site.

You will spend 45 minutes for each way from Hiroshima to Miyajima. I suggest you to have 4 hours, 2 hours transfer and 2 hours sightseeing, for Miyajima.

Sightseeing in Hiroshima

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park is one of Must-See in Hiroshima. ©Yasufumi Nishi/©JNTO
Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park is one of Must-See in Hiroshima. ©Yasufumi Nishi/©JNTO

Most of sites are very accessible from Hiroshima station by street car. But my reader told me loop bus is free for JR Pass user.

Hisoshima Sightseeing Loop Bus, “Meipuru-pu”

As far as I know, Kansai Hiroshima Area Pass does not cover this bus service. Even if you pay, this bus covers most of popular sites in Hiroshima. One day pass is only 400 yen.

Street car is most popular transportation in city of Hiroshima. ©Hiroshima Convention & Visitors Bureau
Street car is most popular transportation in city of Hiroshima. ©Hiroshima Convention & Visitors Bureau
If you want to see more places that is not covered by loop bus, you can take Hiroshima Railway’s street car, a.k.a. “Hiro-den”. One day pass is 600 yen.

Hiroshima Electric Railway economical ticket

If you spend 4 hours for Miyajima, you still have 7 hours for Hiroshima until the last Shinkansen to Shin-Osaka. You may add some more time for Miyajima. It depends on how many places you want to see in Hiroshima.

From Hiroshima to Kyoto / Shin-Osaka

There is no direct Shinkansen train from Hiroshima to Kyoto. If you take the last Shinkansen to Shin-Osaka, there is no Shinkansen train to Kyoto. Even if you have JR Pass, you have to take local train to Kyoto. Please see Shinkansen timetable below:

Tokaido-Sanyo Shinkansen eastbound timetable

As of Nov 2014, these Shinkansen trains will be your last departure to Shin-Osaka.
Hikari 444
Hiroshima 21:58 – Shin-Osaka 23:32
Mizuho 610 (Sanyo Area Pass user only)
Hiroshima 22:13 – Shin-Osaka 23:37

If you need to take subway to get Namba or other subway stations, it is very tight if you take Hikari 444. The last subway departs from Shin-Osaka is 23:44. Usually you can transfer from Shinkansen to subway in 12 minutes. But if you want to avoid risk, take earlier Shinkansen.

If you need to go to Kyoto, the last train is Special Rapid 00:30 departure to Kyoto. But if you take this train, you can get Kyoto but you cannot get any other places in Kyoto by public transportation. If you do not stay around Kyoto station, take earlier Shinkansen.

Sample itinerary

My suggested itinerary is as follows:

From Shin-Osaka
08:07 Shin-Osaka
Sakura 547
09:39 Hiroshima

10:00 Hiroshima
Local train
10:27 Miyajimaguchi

10:40 Miyajimaguchi
10:50 Miyajima

From Kyoto
08:02 Kyoto
Hikari 493
10:01 Hiroshima

10:15 Hiroshima
Local train
10:41 Miyajimaguchi
10:50 Miyajimaguchi
11:00 Miyajima

Sightseeing and easy lunch at Miyajima.
Same itinerary for Osaka and Kyoto departure after visiting Miyajima.

13:30 Miyajima
13:40 Miyajimaguchi
13:58 Miyajimaguchi
Local train
14:25 Hiroshima

Hiroshima has one of the best Okonomiyaki in Japan!  ©Hiroshima Convention & Visitors Bureau
Hiroshima has one of the best Okonomiyaki in Japan! ©Hiroshima Convention & Visitors Bureau
Sightseeing and dinner at Hiroshima. Enjoy Hiroshima Okonomiyaki (savory pancake Hiroshima style) for your dinner!

20:48 Hiroshima
Sakura 570
22:21 Shin-Osaka

If you take Sakura 570, you can get back to any places in Osaka and Kyoto by public transportation.

At last, I recommend you to take Sakura (or Mizuho) than Hikari. Because reserved seat accommodation is much better. Sakura and Mizuho has 2+2 layout. Hikari has 2+3 layout. Sakura and Mizuho’s seat is much wider. You find many photo of seat and interior at the link below:

Tokaido Shinkansen image gallery. Check the interior and accommodations.

Kyushu Shinkansen N700 series for Mizuho, Sakura and Tsubame image gallery

240 thoughts on “Sample itinerary of day trip to Hiroshima and Miyajima from Osaka/Kyoto”

  1. Dear Takeshi,

    I have read your posts and found them useful. Please help me planning a good itiniary for Kyoto, Osaka, Hiroshima, Miyajima and Nara. I along with my friends, am in Yokohama from July 27 to 29 and than want to leave for these places on 30th. Our Flight for India is on 3rd August from Narita.

    How can we make most of these days in visiting Japan? Which pass should we prefer?

    1. Hi Tsuhar,

      The following link shows you one of my sample itineraries. It may give you some idea.

      In this itinerary, it includes Fuji and finish in Osaka. But remove Fuji and make some more days for your trip. And take Shinkansen from Osaka to Tokyo on the last day. I think you can put all places in 5 days period.


      Takeshi /

  2. Hello Takeshi,
    Can you please tell which is the best Jr pass to get for our trip.We will arrive at Kansai July 2, then we go to Hiroshima & Miyajima for one night. Return to Osaka do some sightseeing and maybe do a day trip to Nara and the rest we stay in Osaka till Saturday .
    Thank you

  3. Hi Takeshi san,
    I have a question on the on JR passes. My husband and I will visit Kyoto in November. We will be flying in Osaka on 12th and leave 20th. We like to visit Nara, Hiroshima/Miyashima, Himeji, Osaka and of course Kyoto. I think getting JR Kansai Wide area passes would be making most sense for our itineraries but it only covers 5 days. Can we buy multiple JR regional pass or we are not allowed buy more than one pass per person?
    Your help is much appreciated.

    1. Hi Janet san,

      You can use Kansai Hiroshima Area Pass. Kansai Wide Area Pass does not cover Hiroshima.

      You can purchase different kinds of JR deals. But Kansai thru pass is better than any other passes to travel to Kyoto, Nara and Kobe.


      Takeshi /

      1. Hello Takeshi,
        Me and my husband will be in Tokyo from July 4th, then thinking of going to Kyoto July 7th for couple of nights and then visit Hiroshima. Do you think we can use JR pass inside Tokyo, then to travel to Kyoto, Hiroshima, back to Kyoto and back to Tokyo?
        If so, what type of JR pass we have to purchase and where from (online).
        And will a 7 day pass work if we use it from 5th to 11th July when we going back to Tokyo.
        Thank you so much for your help,

        1. Hi Golnoosh,

          You can use JR pass in Tokyo too. Please see the link below:

          But as you read the post above, subway pass is more convenient and cover more than JR pass. 7 days pass is a good choice for your trip. It will cover Tokyo-Kyoto-Hiroshima-Kyoto-Tokyo. Subway pass will cover the rest of your trip.


          Takeshi /

  4. On July 10th to 13th July I will be Oasaka,I have already purchased the JR Pass.My question

    How many trains a day from Osaka to Hiroshima?

    How far is Hiroshima from Osaka?

    Is day trip will cover Hiroshima & Miyajima?

    What time is the last train from Hiroshima to Osaka?

    Hiroshima sightseeing is near to main train station?

  5. Hello Takeshi,
    I need your help with the best economical travel pass for my very first trip to Japan. Below is my itinerary. I thank you in advance for your help.

    Day 1 Monday 11 Jul 2016: 4pm Arrival, Haneda Airport, Tokyo
    I’m thinking of travelling to Kyoto via night bus, and arrive in the morning.

    Day 2 Tuesday 12 July 2016: Kyoto
    Arriving in the morning via night bus
    Visit Fushimi Inari-Taisha shrine

    Day 3 Wednesday 13 July 2016: Nara

    Day 4 Thursday 14 July 2016: Osaka

    Day 5 Friday 15 July 2016: Hiroshima
    The Hiroshima Peace Memorial
    Itsukushima Shrine

    Day 6 Saturday 16 July 2016: Kobe, Himeji

    Day 7 Sunday 17 July 2016: Kyoto

    Day 8 Monday 18 July 2016: Kyoto
    Imperial palace.

    Day 9 Tuesday 19 July 2016: Tokyo
    I intent to check out early and get on a train from Kyoto & arrive by noon.
    Possibly staying at Niporri area or Ueno area
    Visit Asakusa area in the afternoon.

    Day 10 Wednesday 20 July 2016: Tokyo
    Tsukiji Market
    Meiji Shrine
    Yogogi Park

    Day 11 Thursday 21 July 2016: Toyko
    Imperial Palace

    Day 12 Friday 22 July 2016: 11am Flight out, Narita Airport

    1. Hi Dayana,

      I recommend you to use JR pass 7 days for the last 7 days in your trip. (from day 6 to day 12).

      But you need to visit Hiroshima after day 6 because trip time to Hiroshima is much longer than other places, like Osaka, Nara, Kobe. Trip to Himeji is longer than these cities too. So try to include Hiroshima and Himeji in this 7 days period. And if you can, visit all places in Kyoto in the first 5 days before using JR pass. You don’t need JR pass when you stay in Kyoto. Subway or/and Bus pass is okay for Kyoto.

      You also can use JR pass to get Nara. And JR pass will cover Hiroshima, Himeji, Kobe, Nara, Tokyo and trip to Narita.
      However you need to add single fares for trip to Osaka even if you change your plan as my direction. You can use subway pass or other pass after you get Osaka.

      You still need to add single fare or local deal for one more day in Tokyo even if you use JR pass because JR pass does not cover local bus and subway.

      At last, if you stay in Ueno or Nippori, actually Keisei railway takes you to Narita directly.

      But this train service is not covered by JR pass. If you use JR pass, you need to take local train to get Tokyo station and change Narita Express. This trip is fully covered by JR pass. But it’s slower than Keisei railway. So if you will take Keisei, you can start using JR pass on day 5 and you may use JR pass for trip to Osaka too. You may choose whichever you like.


      Takeshi /

      1. Hi Takeshi,
        Thank you so much for your suggestions. It has been very helpful. I’ve made several changes to my itinerary. I hope you can help me with a few more questions.

        Do you think it is a good idea to get the Kansai Thru Pass or the Kyoto Sightseeing Pass for the 3 days sightseeing in Kyoto?

        Do you think it better to just use the JR Pass together with Suica card or should I get another Toyko city pass for the 3-day stay in Tokyo.

        Below is my updated itinerary. I appreciate you opinion. Thank you once again.

        Day 1 Monday 11 Jul 2016: Toyko – Use Suica card
        Arrive at Haneda Airport at 4pm
        Day 2 Tuesday 12 July 2016: Kyoto – Kansai Pass D1
        Arriving in the morning via night bus.
        Staying near Kyoto Station.
        Day 3 Wednesday 13 July 2016: Kyoto – Kansai Pass D2
        Day 4 Thursday 14 July 2016: Kyoto – Kainsai Pass D3
        Day 5 Friday 15 July 2016: Hiroshima – JR Pass D1
        Day 6 Saturday 16 July 2016: Kobe, Hijemi – JR Pass D2
        Day 7 Sunday 17 July 2016: Nara – JR Pass D3
        Day 8 Monday 18 July 2016: Osaka – JR Pass D4 & Suica card
        Day 9 Tuesday 19 July 2016: Tokyo – JR Pass D5 & Suica card
        Day 10 Wednesday 20 July 2016: Tokyo – JR Pass D6 & Suica card
        Day 11 Thursday 21 July 2016: Toyko – JR Pass D7 & Suica card
        Day 12 Friday 22 July 2016: Tokyo – Suica card
        Travel from Ueno via Keisei Rail to Narita Airport

        1. Hi Dayana,

          Your itinerary is okay and it works by JR Pass 7 days. Suica is good choice for arrival and departure day.
          In Kyoto, Kansai thru pass is too much. Kyoto sightseeing card is okay and much cheaper.
          In Tokyo, I cannot say which one is better Suica or subway pass. If you need to take subway 4 times or more a day, subway pass is usually worth. JR pass will cover many places. We cannot find it without detailed plan.


          Takeshi /

  6. Hi Takeshi,

    Hope you can help me as seems you have a wonderful insight to the train transport workings in Japan. My wife and myself will be in Osaka for around 4 days second half of July. I would really love to try out the bullet train, and on viewing your sight also realise that Hiroshima is within reach. Could you please give advice as to the best way to do a day trip to Hiroshima via bullet train from Osaka and approximate costs for the bullet train. Kind Regards Kevin

    1. Hi Kevin,

      I use Shinkansen (Bullet train) in the sample itinerary above. And also Kansai Hiroshima Area pass is recommended as I mentioned above too.

      If you pay single fare, it costs around 10000 yen for one way. It’s much more expensive than this deal.


      Takeshi /

      1. Hi Takeshi,

        Thank You very much for the information, I look forward to visiting your wonderful country and hopefully finding time for the bullet train.


  7. Hi Takeshi san,

    I’d be really grateful if u would help me with my itinerary.
    Day 0- tokyo to osaka on group tour and kyoto/nara included
    Day 1- Mount koya(world Heritage ticket)
    Day 2- return to osaka and shopping at shinshaibasi
    Day 3 – kyoto( kyoto 1 day bus pass)
    Day 4 – kyoto and osaka sightseeing ( osaka castle and umeda deck)
    Day 5-hiroshima
    Day 6 – kansai airport

    I was thinking of buying kansai hiroshima pass from day 2 to day 6 and kyoto 1 day bus passes and mount koya world heritage ticket?

    is this the most economical way or do i need to buy a kansai thru pass?If so what would be the best way to reaarange my itinerary?

    About kansai hiroshima pass does it cover,

    1) intercity osaka loop line and other Jr lines in osaka?
    2) hiroshima Jr train to miyajima and hiroshima sightseeing loop bus?
    3)kyoto station to arashiyama bamboo grove JR Station?
    4) kyoto station to fushimi inari station?

    Kansai thru pass does it cover?
    1) kyoto city bus
    2)mount koya cable car and whole of mount koya ride and buses in mount koya?

    Thank you so much

    1. Hi Buddhi san,

      Kasnai Hiroshima Pass is the best way. And as you think, you may add Kyoto bus pass and World Heritage ticket.
      All trains are covered as you mention except Hiroshima Sightseeing Loop Bus. This bus is covered by JR Pass only. Kansai Hiroshima Pass does not cover it.


      Takeshi /

  8. Dear Takeshi,
    I have few queries.
    1. Can I reserve a seat on shinkansen using Kansai Hiroshima Area Pass? If yes, any extra cost to paid and where?
    2. Can I use this pass to travel from KIX to Namba station using Nankai railway?


  9. Hi arriving Kansai KIX 5pm 2 May and seek to travel to Hiroshima the next day. Which is the closest train station to catch the bullet train?
    Departing Osaka on 8 May and during this period which is the best rail pass to purchase. Partner and I would like to do some further train travel up to Kanazawa and back to Osaka.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Andrew,

      Shin-Osaka is the closet Shinkansen station.
      You should have two rail passes, Kansai Hiroshima Pass and Takayama Hokuriku Area Pass.

      But Takayama Hokuriku Area Pass cannot be purchased at either online or Japan. Please check the dealer list.

      If you cannot purchase Takayama Hokuriku Area Pass, JR pass 7 days is the best deal to travel both Hiroshima and Kanazawa. You don’t need Kansai Hiroshima Area pass. But JR pass is not sold in Japan either.

      If you cannot JR pass either, single ticket is only choice to get Kanazawa. You can use Kansai Hiroshima area pass.


      Takeshi /

  10. Hi

    I plan to visit Japan this Oct for the Japanese GP, will fly to and leave from Osaka.

    My plan is to travel to Nagoya by train and stay there for the race weekend (taking the train to Suzuka daily), and return to and staying in Osaka (including a day trip to Hiroshima) before returning home.

    Would the JR Pass cover all train travels required above?

    Many thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Joe,

      JR pass covers most of your trip. When you access to Suzuka Circuit, the nearest station is Suzukasakitto-Ino sation. This is located on Ise Railway and this railway is not covered. You can take a train from Nagoya to this station directly. But you need to pay extra for Kawrada – Suzukasakitto-Ino. This extra fare is 300 yen. You can pay when you exit this station. You can show your JR pass and station staff will tell you how much the extra fare is. You can purchase 300 yen ticket when you go back to Nagoya.

      You can take Rapid Mie to get Suzuka from Nagoya. The following link shows you how to get Ise. Suzuka is located on the way to Ise.


      Takeshi /

      1. Thanks Takeshi

        A change of plan, I will now fly to Osaka and leave from Nagoya. So the main train trips will be as follows:

        KIX to hotel
        Day trip to Hiroshima from Osaka
        Osaka to Nagoya
        Nagoya to Suzuka (2 or 3 return trips)
        Hotel to NGO

        With the above in mind, is the JR Pass a good value option?

        Thanks again.

          1. Thanks Takeshi

            Just one more question… I hope 🙂

            Does the Kintetsu rail pass cover the train rides between Nagoya and Suzuka Circuit?


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