Trip to Hokkaido in 2017 winter – Part 5, Asahikawa to Takikawa via Biei

2017 Hokkaido
Furano line local train at Asahikawa station

This post is continued from Trip to Hokkaido in 2017 winter – Part 4, Sapporo Snow Festival and stay in Asahikawa.

On day 3, I started my trip from Asahikawa and my destination was Hakodate. On the way to Hakodate, I dropped by Bibaushi (Biei area), Noboribetsu and Lake Toya. In this post, I would like to show you the first part of day 3 trip which is walking in Biei.

Train trip on Furano line from Asahikawa to Bibaushi

Asahikawa 06:42 (Furano line local train) 07:27 Bibaushi

Hakodate was quite far. So I had to leave Asahikawa very early morning. I got on Furano line local train at 06:42 from Asahikawa station.

Train was almost empty.

The train ran in the suburb of Asahikawa for the first 15 minutes. And then, I saw very typical scenery of Hokkaido. It was wide and big country. There were many hills and ever green forest. It did not look very amazing but the scenery was very memorable.

Biei is very well known. But I skipped Biei and got off the train at Bibaushi station which is one station away from Biei.

Biei station

There was no station staff and I did not see any other passengers there. It was very very quiet.

Arrived in Bibaushi station

I watched that the train left from Bibaushi station and started to walk.

1 hour walking from Bibaushi to Christmas Tree

Bibaushi station platfom

I had one hour at Bibaushi. There are many spots to see around Bibaushi. But I had very limited time and I decided to visit “Christmas Tree” and Bibaushi elementary school if I had extra time.

There is no station staffs at Bibaushi station. But the station is maintained by residents. There was stove and very warm in the waiting room. The washroom is there. Once you left the station, there is no washrooms.

Bibaushi station waiting room

When I got out the station, I saw the store at the end of the street. There was a vending machine. You can get warm or cold drinks there. There is no vending machine and stores on the way to Christmas Tree.

Store was closed when I was there. But vending machine was running.

Turn right at the store and go down the street less than 5 minutes.

I saw the road signage in the photo below.

Turn left at this signage and go down the road. I continued to walk another 5 to 10 minutes.

And I got the small intersection.

Turn right at the intersection and go down the road. The road curves gently left and right. Just keep walking on the road.

And I finally found the tree in the distance.

I spent 20 minutes to get there but I walked very fast. It usually takes 30 minutes.

I took some photos.

Around the tree, it is private land. Please do not go in the ground and stay on the road when you take a photo.

I took same route to go back to Bibaushi station.

When I got Bibaushi station. I had only 10 minutes. I gave up to see Bibaushi elementary school. But I found small path at the other side of the station building. I decided to explore for only 5 minutes. And I could see Bibaushi elementary school in the distance.

It is the school but it has very unique tower. This school is sometimes seen in the photo of Biei. But this is an actual school. If you get there, please do not go in the school.

Some of you may be interested in this walking. I show you how to get there by walk. It takes about one hour for round trip from Bibaushi station to Christmas Tree.

Train trip from Bibaushi to Takikawa via Furano

Bibaushi 08:29 (Furano line local train) 08:53 Furano 09:03 (Nemuro line local train) 10:10 Takikawa

Train to Furano just came to Bibaushi station.

I got on Furano line local train again to Furano from Bibaushi.

One of two cars was Kiha 40 that is one of the oldest fleets in Japan.

The scenery was very typical Hokkaido.

I had only 10 minutes to transfer at Furano. I had no time to see around Furano station.

Furano station platform

I took another local train to Takikawa.

Train to Takikawa was another Kiha 40.

Nemuro line went along Sorachi river. The river was right side to Takikawa. If you travel on Nemuro line from Furano to Takikawa, I recommend you to get a seat at the right side.

After 1 hour local train trip, I arrived at Takikawa station.

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  1. Anne says:

    Hi Takeshi
    I’m thinking of doing a quick loop from Asahikawa-Furano – Sapporo (change at Takikawa) after visiting the zoo in March 2018. Hence I’m aware of sunlight hours.

    What is the view like along this route? Is it interesting? I’d like to see a bit of this part of the country from the train.
    I’m not really interested in stopping at Furano but will probably have to due to the train schedule.


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