Takikawa station guide. How to catch a local train to Furano.

Takikawa station building exterior. The traffic loop in front of the station was under construction when I visited there in February, 2017.

Takikawa is not well known as the tourist spot. And this station is not a mega terminal station. But this station is the junction of Sapporo, Asahiawa and Furano. If you travel to Furano from Sapporo, you may need to transfer train at this station, Takikawa. If you do so, you may want to know what this station looks.

In this post, I would like to explain about Takikawa station with some photos.

Takikawa station overview

Takikawa is located in the middle of Hokkaido between Sapporo and Asahikawa. Trains depart and arrive at Takikawa from the following destinations:

  • Hakodate line to/from Sapporo, Asahikawa
  • Nemuro line to/from Furano, Shintoku, Obihiro, Kushiro

*Nemuro line is closed between Higashi-Shikagoe and Shintoku since storm hit this area in 2016. There is no direct trains running from Takikawa to Shintoku, Obihiro and Kushiro at this point. If you go to Obihiro or Kushiro, you may go to Sapporo and catch Limited Express Ozora or Tokachi to Obihiro and Kushiro. It may be faster.
Substitute bus is available for this closed segment.

Station structure, tracks and platforms

The platforms from the bridge walkway

Before I start to explain about this station, I would like you to refer the station map in JR Hokkaido official site. It is in Japanese but you may find what Takikawa station looks like.

JR Hokkaido official site, Takikawa station map

The walkway on the bridge
Digital signage shown in both Japanese and English

Takikawa station is one level structure. All platforms and the station building are located on the ground floor. There is a walkway bridge over the platforms. This walkway connects all platforms and station building. There are elevators at all platforms for your convenience.

Stairs at the platform for track #4 and #5

Elevators are equipped at all platforms.


Track# Lines/Trains Destination
1 Local on Furano line Furano, Shintoku, Obihiro, Kushiro
4,5 Limited Express Lilic
Limited Express Kamui

Limited Express Soya

Limited Express Okhotsk
Local, Rapid on Hakodate line

Sapporo, Iwamizawa
6,7 Limited Express Lilic
Limited Express Kamui
Local, Rapid on Hakodate line
Fukagawa, Asahikawa
Limited Express Okhotsk Asahikawa, Kitami, Abashiri
Limited Express Soya Asahikawa, Nayoro, Wakkanai
7 Some local trains and freight trains All destination

Track #1 is attached with the station bulding.

The view from track #1

Track #2 and #3 are used for the freight trains and there is no platforms for these tracks.

Furano line train mostly depart from track #1. But some of them depart from track #4.

Platform at Track #4 (left) and #5 (right)

Track #4 and #5 are used for westbound, Iwamizawa and Sapporo. These tracks share same platform. Track #6 and #7 for eastbound, Fukagawa, Asahikawa, Abashiri and Wakkanai and these tracks share same platform too. If you come from Sapporo and need to change train to Furano, you need to move from track #6 or #7 to track #1.

Ticket gate/Exit

Ticket gate

Takikawa station has only one ticket gate. It is a small station and very simple layout.

The station building has the waiting space but this station does not have any stores and kiosks.

Waiting space

There is no convenience stores and shops around the station. You do not have any chances to buy nearby this station. I recommend you to prepare something to eat before coming to this station if you need.

I have taken a local train from Furano to Takikawa. You can find my trip report in the link below. I hope it will give you some idea.

[blogcard url=”https://jprail.com/travel-informations/trip-report/2017-hokkaido/trip-to-hokkaido-in-2017-winter-part-5-asahikawa-to-sapporo-via-biei.html”]

I am glad if this post assist you to build your plan.

8 thoughts on “Takikawa station guide. How to catch a local train to Furano.”

  1. Hi Takeshi san, I read somewhere it said I can catch a JR Hokkaido bus from this station to hokuryu himawari field, would you be able to tell me is the bus stop near to the station, do you have the bus timetables, and which bus should I take. I am planning to visit hokuryu and also take Norokko train in Furano in same day. Please advise how should I go . Thank you in advance.
    Regards Anne.

    1. Hi Anne san,

      Please see the links below. Those links show the departure time of Hokkaido Chuo Bus. It’s in Japanese but you can find it:
      Takikawa station to Hokuryu Chugakko (Himawari no sato) http://www.bustei.com/timetable/index/4518/5170
      Hokuryu Chugakko (Himawari no sato) to Takitaka station http://www.bustei.com/timetable/index/5170/4518

      Trip time is 40 minutes and the fare is 720 yen. I believe the bus depart from Takikawa station but I’m not 100% sure. Please ask station staff to make sure the bus stop.

      After visiting there, you can take train from Takikawa to Asahikawa to Bie to catch Norkko train. Please check the timetable at hyperdia and find the timetable of Norokko train in the links below:



      Takeshi / JPRail.com

  2. Hi. I have a plan for Canola festival in next week but I have a big baggage. Does station have large coin locker or baggage storage? (my baggage is 28”)

    Thank you

  3. Hi would you know if there is a timetable for the Takikawa-Furano line as I can’t seem to find it from the JR Hokkaido site. I want to get to Furano without having to go through Asahikawa or is that the only way to get to Furano?
    I arrive in Chitose in the evening (1940) and need to find the quickest way to get to Furano.
    Thanks very much.

      1. Hi Takeshi-san,

        Thanks for that link, it was really helpful in planning my trip. Because my flight arrival is quite late and the JR Info Desk is already closed by that time, is there any way I can buy my train tickets in advance or I will have to buy train tickets at each station? One of my connecting (Sapporo–>Takikawa) train line only allows me 8mins between arrival and departure and I am worried I may not have the time to exit the station, buy new tickets and then enter the station again to get to the next track for departure. Any suggestions?
        Thanks again.

        1. Hi Donna san,

          There are the ticket window (not information desk) and ticket vending machine. You can purchase one ticket from New Chitose to Furano. You don’t need to purchase a ticket one by one. It’s more expensive and inconvenient. You cannot purchase this ticket at the vending machine. You must go to the ticket window.

          By the way, I checked hyperdia and I found there is only one train connections available for you. You must take rapid train at 20:15. If you miss it, there is no ways to get Furano on arrival day. You mentioned your flight arrival time is 19:40. In my opinion, it’s very risky. You must get off the airplane, pick up the baggage, find the way to the station and purchase a ticket in 35 minutes. Even for me, it’s very very tight. If the flight is delayed even 10 minutes, it’s over. I don’t recommend you to get Furano on arrival day. Stay in the airport or Sapporo is recommended.


          Takeshi / JPRail.com

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