Hamamatsucho station guide. How to transfer JR, Tokyo Monorail and Subway lines

Station information
JR Hamamatsucho stations platforms
JR Hamamatsucho stations platforms

Hamamatsucho is one of the stations on Yamanote line in downtown Tokyo. This station is not a mega station, such as Tokyo, Shinjuku. But this station is the hub of local transportation in downtown Tokyo. JR Yamanote line and JR Keihin Tohoku line connects many places in downtown Tokyo. Tokyo Monorail connects Haneda airport and Hamamatsucho.

And there is subway Daimon station. This stations is different name from Hamamatsucho station. But actually these stations are located in same place. You can catch Toei subway Asakusa line and Oedo line at Daimon station.

I believe many of travelers who visit Tokyo may use this station. I would like to tell you about these stations in this post.

JR and Monorail Hamamatsucho station overview

Stairs to South and Central gates
Stairs to South and Central gates

Hamamatsucho station is located on Yamanote line between Tokyo and Shinagawa. Only trains of Yamanote line and Keihin Tohoku line depart and arrive at Hamamatsucho station. Yamanote line is loop line. You can access to most part of Tokyo, such as Shinjuku, Ikebukuro, Shibuya, Tokyo, Ueno, Akihabara and Shinagawa. Keihin Tohoku line runs between Omiya and Yokohama. It runs through eastern part of Tokyo, such as Ueno, Akihabara, Tokyo, Shinagawa.

Hamamatsucho station is the terminal station of Tokyo Monorail too. It connects Hamamatsucho and Haneda airport. If you arrive and/or depart at Haneda airport, you may take this monorail train and need to change train and monorail here at Hamamatsucho station.

Station structure, tracks and platforms

Signage of tracks and platforms of JR lines
Signage of tracks and platforms of JR lines

Before I start to explain about this station, I would like you to refer the station map in JR East official site. It is shown in English.
JR East official site, Hamamatsucho station English map

Hamamatsucho station is four levels structure on the ground. JR trains, Keihin Tohoku line and Yamanote line platforms are located on the second floor. Tokyo Monorail platforms are located on fourth floor. These platforms are connected walkway on third floor.

JR and Monorail stations are connected by the walkway directly. You can change trains easily.

Platforms (JR)

1Keihin Tohoku lineTokyo, Ueno, Omiya
2Yamanote lineTokyo, Ueno, Ikebukuro
3Yamanote lineShinagawa, Shibuya, Shinjuku
4Keihin Tohoku lineShinagawa, Yokohama, Kannai, Ofuna

JR Hamamatsucho station has only two platforms and very simple layout. You cannot miss the direction.

Platforms (Tokyo Monorail)

Arrivalalighting only
DepartureTennozu Isle, Haneda Airport
Monorail departure platform
Monorail departure platform
Stairs and escalators to transfer gate from Tokyo Monorail platform

Tokyo Monorail Hamamatsucho station has only one track. The platforms are both side of track. One platform is for arrival and the other is for departure. This is very simple too.

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Ticket gate/Exit

South gate
South gate

JR and Monorail Hamamatsucho stations have three ticket gate, north, central and south.

This map shows location of gates
This map shows location of gates

Central and south gates are located on the bridge at third floor. Central gate is the transfer gate to Tokyo Monorail. If you transfer between JR trains and Monorail, you can go through Central gate to change the trains. You do not need to go up and down. You can move at same level.

Inside of Tokyo Monorail Central/Transfer gate
Walkway between Monoral transfer gate and JR platforms

If you use JR Pass, JR East Pass, Tokyo Wide Pass, Hokuriku Arch Pass, just show your pass to go through ticket gate. All these passes cover Tokyo Monorail too.

South gate is also connected with the walkway to World Trade Center building.

North gate is located at the north end of Hamamatsucho station and it is on the ground floor. If you change Toei subway lines, you can find the entrance to subway Daimon station near this gate.

Stairs to North gate
Stairs to North gate
North gate
North gate
Outside of North gate
Outside of North gate

Toei Subway Daimon station

Asakusa line ticket gate (C) Nyao148 [GFDL or CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons
Asakusa line ticket gate (C) Nyao148 [GFDL or CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

As I mentioned above, subway Daimon station is same location as Hamamatsucho station. You can find the entrance to Daimon station near north gate of Hamamatsucho.

You can catch two subway line trains at Daimon station.

  • Asakusa line – Oshiage, Asakusa, Sengakuji, Gotanda, Nishimagome
  • Oedo line – Shinjuku, Yoyogi, Tsukijishijo, Hikarigaoka

Please refer the map of Tokyo subway system in the link below:

Route map of Tokyo subway lines

Tip for traveler who wants to go to Asakusa from Haneda

When you go to Asakusa from Haneda (or reverse), you can catch Tokyo Monorail from Haneda to Hamamatsucho and take subway Asakusa line from Hamaatsucho to Asakusa. Especially if you will use JR Pass, JR East Pass or Tokyo Wide Pass, you can take Tokyo Monorail by these passes. You can save your cost for Haneda to Hamaamtsucho.

However if you want to take more convenient and easier way, you can catch Keihin Kyuko railway train from Haneda. Many Keihin Kyuko trains run through subway Asakusa line. You can get Asakusa from Haneda directly. Even though this route is not covered by JR Pass, JR East Pass or Tokyo Wide Pass at all, Keihin Kyuko and subway route is the easiest way for getting Asakusa from Haneda.

Station structure, tracks and platforms

Unfortunately only Japanese station map is available. I put the link below.

Toei Subway Daimon station map (Japanese)

It looks very complicated. But each lines have two tracks. Asakusa line depart and arrive at track #1 and #2 on basement first floor. Oedo line depart at track #3 and #4 on basement 5th floor. Oedo line is much newer line and runs in very deep underground. There was no space in shallow underground.


1Asakusa lineSengakuji, Gotanda, Nishimagome
Shinagawa, Haneda airport via Keihin Kyuko Railway
2Asakusa, Oshiage
Narita airport via Keisei Railway
3Oedo lineRoppongi, Shinjuku, Hikarigaoka
4Shiodome, Tsukijishijo, Ryogoku, Tochomae

Ticket gate and exit

B2 entrance is located just in front of JR Hamamtsucho station North gate.
B2 entrance is located just in front of JR Hamamtsucho station North gate.

There are many exits in this station. All exits have number, such as A1, B1. B2 is the nearest exit to Hamamatsucho station.

Both Asakusa line and Oedo line have ticket gates. But both platforms are connected inside ticket gate. If you enter at the wrong line, you still can proceed to the platform where you want to take subway train. There are many signage in the station. Just follow the signage and you can find the location.

I am glad if this post assist you to build your plan.


  1. HI
    I will be arriving at Hanaeda Airport about 2030 on a Thursday in April . Can I purchase a Suica card there ( if yes where ?? ) at that time and how do I use it to travel from International Terminal by Monorail, with a transfer at Hamamatsuchi to Platform 2 for Uneo Okachimachi. Can I tap on/off or do I need to purchase a ticket.
    Or is it easier to get 2 seperate tickets.


  2. Cecilia says:

    Hi! I want to go to Osaka from Haneda Airport. Do I use the monorail from Haneda airport then to Hamamastuco station? Afterward, transfer using the JR Yamanote in Hamamtsucho station to Shinagawa, and from Shinagawa, I could pick up the shinkansen to shin-Osaka. Can I confirm from you if this is all correct? And is this all 100% covered by JR pass?

  3. Marie Cruz says:

    Hello,I have purchased 3 day Subway pass and plan to use it upon arrival on November 19 from Haneda International airport Terminal 1. My hotel is in Ikebukuro area Tokyo Japan is it correct to use Metro rail from Haneda International airport Terminal 1 to Hamamatsucho Daimon substation and take Oedo line (E20) up to (E08) Hongo-sanchome then transfer to ground level to train ( M21) Marunouchi line up to Ikebukuro (M25)? Hope you could help me confirm if this is correct. Thank you

    • Hi Marie,

      You cannot start using subway pass at Haneda. You will take Tokyo Monorail from Haneda to Hamamatsucho. But this is not covered by subway pass. There is another train from Haneda which is Keikyu railway but this is not covered either. You can start using subway pass from Hamamatsucho/Daimon.

      Actually one way fare from Haneda to Hamamatsucho by monorail is 500 yen. But Tokyo Monorail offers Monorail and Yamanote line deal at 500 yen. You can take JR Yamanote line from Hamamatsucho which is direct access. The cost is same and get easy access. I recommend you to use this deal to take monorail and Yamanote line to Ikebukuro:


      Takeshi / JPRail.com

  4. Siti says:

    Hi, i wanna go to tokyo station from hamamatsuchi, may i know, which the easier enterance to carry the luggages? I have tried the north exit before, and it only provide stairs. Thank you.

  5. Jia Min says:

    Hi Takeshi-san,
    I am thinking about my return from hotel near Shinjuku station to Haneda International airport. My flight is at 10.50pm on a Saturday so probably have to leave for the airport at 8pm latest.
    I am worried about the crowd at the time especially with our luggage.. do you think it would be wiser to get a limo bus instead of train (JR and Keikyu line)?
    Please advise. Thanks!

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