Most of Rapid trains have double decker Green car. (C) Sonic Rail Garden

Train to Shonan, Odawara and Atami with no surcharge from Tokyo. Rapid train on Ueno-Tokyo line

Rapid trains on Shonan-Shinjuku line have green and orange colors.
Rapid trains on Tokaido line have Shonan (green and orange) colors.

***This rapid line will be connected with Takasaki and Utsunomiya rapid lines in March 14, 2015. Now Tokyo is departure station and it makes us be easy to get a seat. But after March 14, 2015, all trains will come from Takasaki, Utsunomiya via Omiya and Ueno. Tokyo station is in the middle of this train network. That means it may be harder to get a seat. You may have to stand up on board.***

Tokaido line is the name of major line that connects Tokyo (=東京) with Kobe (=神戸) via Nagoya (=名古屋), Kyoto (=京都) and Osaka (=大阪). But this name is used as Rapid train route for operating between Tokyo and Atami (=熱海) via Yokohama (=横浜), Odawara (=小田原). This train is traditionally called Shonan Densha (=湘南電車=Shonan train). Because this train goes throuth Shonan area where Kamakura and Enoshima are located in. If you go to Yokohama from Tokyo station, this train is fastest and even faster than Shinkansen, because Shinkansen does not have any station in downtown Yokohama. This train is a sort of commute train. But all trains have two double decker Green cars in the formation. This train is fully covered by Japan Rail Pass. Especially you use Japan Rail Pass Green, you may take Green car of this train. Let’s see the details.


Please refer the post of Rapid service network in Greater Tokyo. You can see some images of Green car and intrerior.

Route, schedule and required time

View Tokaido line in a larger map

This train is operated every 10 minutes between Tokyo and Atami in daytime and weekend, and every 5 minutes in the peak hours. And some trains are extended to operate to Ito (=伊東). Some of the trains are called “Rapid Acty”. This train skips several stations and is a bit faster than Rapid train.


The trains stop at these following stations on basic route:

Tokyo-Shinbashi-Shinagawa-Kawasaki-Yokohama-Totsuka-Ofuna-Fujisawa-Tujido (Rapid Acty skip this station)-Chigasaki-Hiratsuka-Oiso (Rapid Acty skip this station)-Ninomiya (Rapid Acty skip this station)-Kozu-Kamonomiya (Rapid Acty skip this station)-Odawara-Hayakawa-Nebugawa-Manazuru-Yugawara-Atami

Travel time

Travel time among the major stations are as follows:


If you go to Yokohama, please don’t think about using Shikansen. It takes 19 minutes to Shin-Yokohama from Tokyo. This is the fastest among all trains. But Shin-Yokohama is a few stations away from Yokohama. You need to transfer to local train to get Yokohama. This Rapid train is faster than Shinkansen and is the fastest to get Yokohama among all trains.

If you go to Kamakura, Yokosuka-Sobu Rapid train is more convenient. Tokaido Rapid line do not take you to Kamakura. You need to change the train somewhere, such as Yokohama or Ofuna.

24 thoughts on “Train to Shonan, Odawara and Atami with no surcharge from Tokyo. Rapid train on Ueno-Tokyo line”

  1. Hi Takeshi,

    We are a small family with 2 kids are planning to travel from ueno to odawara, any suggestion route which is cheaper and faster? We do not have JR pass.

    Option1: I used google search for ueno station to odawara station (direct train, no need transfer)
    Ueno Station (Platform 7)
    Utsunomiya Line Rapid towards Atami
    Odawara Station

    Option 2: I used hyperdia search from ueno to odawara:
    ueno (JR Utsunomiya Line For Atami)->Tokyo (JR Tokaido Line for Atami)->Odawara

    Why need travel to Tokyo first for second option? Is the first option workable? Can’t get the related info in hyperdia for first option.

    Thank you.
    Sing Ei

    1. Hi Sing Ei,

      Actually both are same. Hyperdia shows you that you have to go to Tokyo station. But all trains go to Tokyo station but you don’t need to change the trains. It is just a database thing. Once you get on the train to Atami at Ueno, you can stay in the train until Odawara.


      Takeshi /

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