Chubu (Nagoya) airport transportation guide. Find info about airport station and access to Nagoya

Chubu airportChubu (NGO)
Chubu airport (C) Y Shimizu / JNTO
Chubu airport (C) Y Shimizu / JNTO

Chubu Airport is the gateway to Nagoya. The official name of this airport is Central Japan International Airport. But this airport is also known as “Centrair” (central + air). And also it is called Nagoya airport sometimes. In this post, I call “Chubu airport”.

This airport is located approximately 30 minutes away from Nagoya station by Meitetsu railway limited express train. Actually it is not very hard to get downtown Nagoya from this airport. But some of you may be nervous. You may be the first time traveler. You want to know exact location of station, bus stop, ticket office, etc.

In this post, I would like to tell you about overview of Chubu airport arrival level, Chubu airport station and bus stops.

I will also show you many photos. I believe this post will help you to understand what you need to do right after arrival at Chubu airport.

Overview of Chubu airport arrival level

Hallway at arrival floor. This photo was taken from the gate of international arrival. (C) Gryffindor - Chubu Chubu International Airport
Hallway at arrival floor. This photo was taken from the gate of international arrival. (C) Gryffindor – Chubu Chubu International Airport

Before reading my post, please refer the floor map of Chubu Airport terminal building. And click “2F Arrivals Lobby” above the map. You will find the map of arrival level.

Arrival level is located at the second floor of the terminal building. There are lockers, currency exchange and baggage delivery service. And there is “Central Japan Travel Center” in the middle of the floor. In the map, you can find “Subway”. This is not train station. This is fast food sandwich “Subway”. Central Japan Travel Center is located beside Subway. You can purchase train and bus ticket. If you intend to use Kintetsu Rail Pass, you can purchase it here at Central Japan Travel Center. You can purchase JR train’s single ticket but you cannot exchange JR Pass or any other JR train deals. You have to go to Nagoya station to exchange. Please see the details of Central Japan Travel Center at the link below:

Central Japan Travel Center (Chubu airport official site)

You cannot get on any public transportation at arrival level. You need to proceed to the walkway to “Access Plaza”.

The door of the walkway to Access Plaza
The door of the walkway to Access Plaza

The entrance of this walkway is located in the middle of the building beside Central Japan Travel Center.

Access Plaza

The walkway to Access Plaza
The walkway to Access Plaza

After you go through walkway, you get Access Plaza. This is the transportation hub of Chubu airport.

Overview of Access Plaza
Overview of Access Plaza
Tourist Information Desk in Access Plaza (C) Y Shimizu / JNTO
Tourist Information Desk in Access Plaza (C) Y Shimizu / JNTO

You can find information center in the middle of this place. Train station and bus stops are also in this place.

Meitetsu railway station
Meitetsu railway station

If you depart from Chubu airport, you will arrive at Access Plaza first. And then take walkway to get Departure floor. It is very simple and you just follow the signage.

The entrance of the walkway at Access Plaza
The entrance of the walkway at Access Plaza
After go through walkway, you will check in counters.
After go through walkway, you will check in counters.

Meitetsu Railway’s Central Japan International Airport station

Ticket gate of Meitetsu railway station
Ticket gate of Meitetsu railway station

The station is located on your left at Access Plaza if you come from arrival floor.

Meitetsu Railway is the biggest private train company in Nagoya area. The official name of this train company is actually Nagoya Railroad. But everybody call it Meitetsu and this name is more popular. I use this name in this post.

This is only train service between Chubu airport and Nagoya, Gifu. It takes about 30 minutes by the fastest train from airport to Meitetsu Nagoya. Meitetsu railway’s Nagoya station is Meitetsu Nagoya. It is same location as other trains’ Nagoya station. If you want to take another train from Nagoya, this is most convenient way to get Nagoya station.

There is another travel center that is Metetsu Travel Plaza. It is located at the right side of ticket gate.

Meitetsu Travel Plaza (C) bryan... / 名鉄トラベルプラザ イモトのWiFi 2014 (15830142246)
Meitetsu Travel Plaza
(C) bryan… / 名鉄トラベルプラザ イモトのWiFi 2014 (15830142246)

You can purchase Kintetsu Rail Pass there too. You cannot purchase or exchange any JR train deals, such as JR Pass, Takayama Hokuriku Area Pass either.

The station structure is very simple. There is one ticket gate at Access Plaza. It has three trucks. You may just check the signage and proceed the track.

Platform of Central Japan International Airport station
Platform of Central Japan International Airport station
Train departure information board
Train departure information board

Meitetsu Railway operates several kinds of train services to Nagoya and Gifu, μ Sky Limited Express, Limited Express, Express, Semi Express. You can find the timetable of Metetsu Railway at the link below:

Timetable and fare table between Chubu airport station and major station (Meitetsu railway official site)

μ Sky Limited Express is the fastest train to get Nagoya and Semi Express is the slowest. Trip time is different but accommodation is different too. I would like to explain about these Meitetsu trains.

μ Sky Limited Express, Limited Express

Limited Express train
Limited Express train

All cars of μ Sky Limited Express and some cars of Limited Express have first class seat. You have to pay seat fee 360 yen extra on top of base fare to get a first class seat. The seat is much more comfortable than ordinary trains. There are baggage space and much quieter than ordinary car. I think 360 yen is worth paying to get a seat.

Baggage space
Baggage space
Interior of first class seat car
Interior of first class seat car
2016 winter Japan trip 298
2016 winter Japan trip 300
2016 winter Japan trip 302

Please remember that μ Sky Limited Express has only first class seat. But Limited Express train has ordinary seat too. If you do not pay extra for the first class seat and take limited express, your seat is exactly same as Express and Semi Express below. Please do not forget to purchase first class seat ticket if you want to get a seat in first class car.

Express, Semi Express

Common fleet for express and semi express
Common fleet for express and semi express

These trains are common commute trains. It does not have any first class cabin. It has long bench seat and there is no luggage space. If you take this train in peak hours, you may not get a seat. You may have to stand up with local commuters.

Commute train interior. Nothing special.
Commute train interior. Nothing special.

Airport bus stop and ticket counter

The signage of bus stops
The signage of bus stops

If you go to other than Nagoya station, such as Sakae area, or other places in surrounding Nagoya, Airport bus gives you direct transfer. Please see Chubu Airport official site to find the destination and other information.

Access (by Bus), Chubu Airport official site

Bus stops are located on the ground floor. You can take stairs and escalators to get the bus stops.

The stairs and escalators to bus stops. It is located on the ground floor.
The stairs and escalators to bus stops
You can purchase bus ticket at the booth beside bus stops.
You can purchase bus ticket at the booth beside bus stops.
Bus bays
Bus bays

Other services

As I mentioned above, at arrival floor, there is luggage delivery service. In Japan, luggage delivery service is very popular. When you take a train from airport, train may not have any luggage space. Luggage might be issue for your trip.

You can get rental WI-FI mobile router or SIM card in the airport. There are some companies at arrival floor and Access Plaza. You may find the information at the official site too.

Computer, Internet and Cell Phone Rentals, Chubu Airport official site

I hope this airport guide makes you be more comfortable before you leave.


  1. Carol says:

    Is their a direct bus from NAGOYA AIRPORT to FUKUI AWARA ONSEN STATION?.

  2. Suracha says:

    Hi takeshi
    can i ask you some questions?
    I will go for a trip in and out
    Centrair airport by 11-16 oct 2017
    and will stay 5 nights
    day 1 Nagoya
    day 2 nara
    day3-5 Nagoya(Have a day trip to Toba iga ueno )

    with my family 5 people the old one and baby one

    so is that good to use

    Kintetsu rail pass

    or could you please recommend

    nice beautiful place or natural scenic route for us and theme park for kids
    she love disneyland but there is no disney in nagoya

    thankyou so much

  3. Rae Khor says:

    Hi Takeshi,

    I will be starting my Japan Trip by arriving in Nagoya Chubu Airport, and after around 4 days I will be heading to Kyoto and lastly from Kyoto to Osaka. Would you recommend purchasing the Kintetsu Rail Pass Plus (5days) (For traveling between Nagoya to Kyoto, Kyoto to Osaka, and Osaka to Nara)?

    Itinerary as below:

    Day 1 – 4 Nagoya
    Day 5 Nagoya to Kyoto (Kyoto Station)
    Day 6 – 7 Kyoto
    Day 8 Kyoto Station to Osaka (Namba Station)
    Day 9 Nara day trip, staying in Osaka
    Day 10 – 12 Osaka

    Thank you! 🙂

  4. Anna Cruz says:

    Hi Takeshi,

    I’ll be arriving in Chubu go and will proceed directly in central Kyoto, what is the cheapest way to go there using train? Hope you can help me with my itinerary below;

    Day 1 at 5:30am arrival in Kyoto
    Proceed directly in Kyoto
    Day 2 Kyoto
    Day 3- Osaka
    Day 6-7 Nagoya
    Do you reccomend to use Kintetsu railpass plus or other pass?
    How to hear from you!



    • Hi Anna,

      There is no deals available actually. Kintetsu rail pass is not recommended because you will use it for Nagoya-Kyoto and Kyoto-Osaka only. You cannot get the worth of the pass by these two trips only. But if you go back to Nagoya on day 5, Kintetsu rail pass is a good choice. It’s the most affordable way. You don’t need “Plus”. Just regular kintetsu rail pass is okay.


      Takeshi /

      • Hi Takeshi, correction on my itinerary, I’ll be arriving in Nagoya Chubu airport at 5:30am, is the Kintetsu railpass office alr3ady open by that time? Will be back in Nagoya after 5 days. Will just visiting kyoto and osaka from day 1 to 5.

        • Hi Anna,

          No, it’s too early to purchase/exchange in Chubu airport. But the pass does not cover airport to Nagoya anyway. You can take train to get Nagoya by regular ticket first. Train starts to run around 5:30. And you can get the pass at Kintetsu Nagoya station. You can purchase it there in early morning too.


          Takeshi /

  5. Mindy Liew says:

    Hi Takeshi-san,

    Good afternoon. I would like to check with you transport from centrair to takayama, I will be arriving Centrair 2017.5.28 around 7am, how should i make the reservation ?

  6. Meggy says:

    I have an icoca card can i use the card to take the train from chubu airport to nagoya?

  7. Marty says:

    Hi Takeshi-san,

    I would like to clarify if I can use the Meitetsu 1-day or 2-day pass on the Mu-Sky Limited Express train after buying in at Chubu Centrair Station. Thanks.


  8. JR Custodio says:

    Hello Takeshi,

    I already have an ICOCA card from my past travel in Osaka 2 years ago. Can I still use that IC card to use the Meitetsu Line from Chubu Airport? If it is possible, where in Chubu airport can I reload my IC card?

    Thank you very much!

    • Hi JR Custodio,

      You can use ICOCA. It’s valid for 10 years since you load the money at last time.
      You can use Meitetsu line。But I don’t think you can reload the fund into ICOCA at Chubu airport station. I’m sure you can do in JR Nagoya station.


      Takeshi /

  9. Jini says:


    Thank you for posting this and giving us the overview of where to go once we arrived at Centrair.

    Here I am again. I will be arriving Centrair 2016.11.18 which is Friday night around 19:00. Centrair advertises that it will only take 15-30 minutes arrival clearance procedure from going down to plane. I was checking some online reviews and many stated that Centrair has lesser crowd compared to like Narita, Haneda or KIX. I really hope that I can get through in less than 30 minutes.

    On that day, I will also be going directly to Takayama. From hereon, I will be referring to the times stated by Hyperdia and/or Meitetsu Nagoya Railroad website. What I am planning is to catch the JR Takayama Line in Unuma Station at 22:05 with no change in train at Minoota then arriving Takayama at 00:24. That same train will be coming from Gifu at 21:40. The reason of catching the JR train at Unuma station is because the price of going to Shin-Unuma Station is the same price as going to Meitetsu Station. The distance of transfer as well between Shin-Unuma and Unuma is 270 meters while Meitetsu Gifu and Gifu is 550 meters.

    There is a Mu-Sky going directly from Centrair to Shin-Unuma Station at 19:36-20:43 and 20:37-21:42 for JPY 1,700. However, what appeals to me the most is the JPY 1,340 ticket price with 1 transfer as shown. As far as what I am seeing at Meitetsu website, Meitetsu Nagoya, Kanayama and Jingu-mae are friendliest in my opinion seeing that there is clearly separate island or platform coming in and going out. I was also looking at these schedules:

    1. 19:44 Centrair
    [35 Min] through Meitetsu Ltd. Exp. (NR)
    20:24 transfer KANAYAMA(AICHI)
    [42 Min] through Meitetsu Inuyama Line Exp. for SHINUNUMA
    21:06 end SHINUNUMA

    2. 19:52 Centrair
    [41 Min] through Meitetsu Tokoname/Airport Line Semi-Exp. for SHINKANI
    20:33 through JINGUMAE
    [43 Min] through Meitetsu Inuyama Line Semi-Exp. for SHINKANI
    21:22 transfer INUYAMA
    [4 Min] through Meitetsu Kakamigahara Line Local for MEITETSUGIFU
    21:26 end SHINUNUMA

    3. 19:59 Centrair
    [32 Min] through Meitetsu Tokoname/Airport Line Local for OTAGAWA
    20:40 transfer OTAGAWA
    [11 Min] through Meitetsu Tokoname/Kowa Line Exp. for SHINUNUMA
    20:51 through JINGUMAE
    [45 Min] through Meitetsu Inuyama Line Exp. for SHINUNUMA
    21:36 end SHINUNUMA

    Honestly, I am not really sure how far is the transfers in Inuyama or Otagawa. Inuyama is not clear whether which platform is for the change of train line. Otagawa I think though unsure as well will let me transfer from 2nd to 3rd floor. I hope there is an inquiry portion in the Meitetsu website. If you have information where I can send an email to Meitetsu regarding this please let me know.

    Moreover, since I will be transferring between Shin-Unuma and Unuma stations, is the walkway between 2 stations on street level or an underpass? Will it be an easy transfer?

    You also mentioned that we can purchase JR train’s single ticket. Can I purchase JR train ticket at Central Japan Travel Center from Unuma to Takayama? If not, then I can purchase it at Unuma Station. However, will Unuma Station be manned at 22:05? If not, will there be a ticket machine that I can purchase once I get there? Shooting for the moon, does the JR Takayama Line from Unuma Station has a conductor/ticket master that I can purchase ticket inside the train for Takayama? Would you also have information on platform and/or car number to ride from Unuma to Takayama in JR Takayama Line?

    I do appreciate your feedback/comment/suggestion.

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