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Chubu (Nagoya) airport transportation guide. Find info about airport station and access to Nagoya

Chubu airport (C) Y Shimizu / JNTO
Chubu airport (C) Y Shimizu / JNTO

Chubu Airport is the gateway to Nagoya. The official name of this airport is Central Japan International Airport. But this airport is also known as “Centrair” (central + air). And also it is called Nagoya airport sometimes. In this post, I call “Chubu airport”.

This airport is located approximately 30 minutes away from Nagoya station by Meitetsu railway limited express train. Actually it is not very hard to get downtown Nagoya from this airport. But some of you may be nervous. You may be the first time traveler. You want to know exact location of station, bus stop, ticket office, etc.

In this post, I would like to tell you about overview of Chubu airport arrival level, Chubu airport station and bus stops.

I will also show you many photos. I believe this post will help you to understand what you need to do right after arrival at Chubu airport.

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