Sample itineraries

How to create your trip to Hokkaido. Easy DIY trip planner

You can find how to create your future trip to Hokkaido. There are so many sample itineraries for 3 days to 8 days. You will be able to find the best one for you.
1 to 3 days

Hakodate, Noboribetsu, Lake Toya 3 days sample trip plan. Southern Hokkaido 3-day highlights

This sample itinerary covers Hakodate, Lake Toya, Noboribetsu and Onuma Park in 3 days. You can make this trip from either Sapporo or Tokyo in 3 days.
10 to 13 days

Sample itinerary Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka and Hokkaido 10 days by JR Pass 7-day

Please find 10 days itinerary which covers Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Sapporo, Otaru, Noboribetsu, Lake Toya and Hakodate.
Hokkaido Area

Hokkaido train operation status in fall 2016. Guide for substitute train and bus service.

Tomamu - Obihiro segment will open on 22nd December. Hokkaido was hit by very severe typhoon in late August. Many...
1 to 3 days

Day trip to Hakodate from Tokyo sample itinerary

Hakodate is quite far from Tokyo. But you can visit Hakodate as day trip from Tokyo. It seems to be very crazy but it is possible. Please check it out in this post.
Hokkaido Area

JR East-South Hokkaido Rail Pass user guide. Perfect deal for the travelers who visit Tokyo and Sapporo by train.

JR East-South Hokkaido Rail Pass covers southern Hokkaido, Tohoku region and Kanto area. If you travel Sapporo, Otaru, Noboribetsu, Hakodate from Tokyo by a train, this deal is perfect. Please read this post to learn more.
Aomori, Shin-Aomori, Hirosaki

Direct access to Hokkaido from Tokyo, Hokkaido Shinkansen (bullet train)

Hokkaido Shinkansen will be opened on March 26, 2016 between Shin-Aomori and Shin-Hakodate-Hokuto. This will be the ...
Seasonal trains schedule

Schedule of 2014 summer seasonal trains of Japan Railways

Summer is not the best season to visit Japan except Hokkaido because of climate. It is very hot and humid. But local...
Seasonal trains schedule

Schedule of 2014 spring seasonal trains of Japan Railways

Spring is the best season to visit Japan because of the cherry blossom. And also between late April and the beginnin...
Rail pass for residents

Hokkaido Unlimitd Train Ticket and Southern Hokkaido Unlimited Train Ticket for resident in Japan

JR East and JR Hokkaido have just announced that they will two types of unlimited ride ticket for trip to Hokkaido f...
Hokkaido Area

Hokkaido Rail Pass. The best deal for rail trip in Hokkaido for oversea visitors.

If you travel Hokkaido only, Hokkaido Rail Pass is a good choice to travel there. This post will explain you the type of Hokkaido Rail Pass and how to use it.

My trip to Kyushu, Tohoku and Hokkaido in 5 days.

Dear readers, I will leave Japan today and head back to Vancouver, Canada. I stayed in Japan for 9 nights and spend...
Overnight Trains

Overnight express train Cassiopeia, very popular overnight train between Tokyo and Sapporo

*This train was discontinued in March 2016. Cassiopeia is operated between Ueno and Sapporo. This train is like J...
Overnight Trains

Overnight Express Train Hokutosei, most popular overnight train between Tokyo and Sapporo

This train was discontinued on March 13, 2015. Hokutosei is operated between Ueno and Sapporo. This train is like...
Aomori, Shin-Aomori, Hirosaki

Overnight train to/from Sapporo and Aomori. Express Hamanasu

Hamanasu was discontinued in mid March, 2016. There is no overnight train service options available to Hokkaido. ...
Aomori, Shin-Aomori, Hirosaki

Connect Mainland (Aomori) with Hokkaido (Hakodate). Limited Express Hakucho / Super Hakucho

Super Hakucho and Hakucho is no longer running after Hokkaido Shinkansen opened in March, 2016. Now Hokkaido Shinkan...
Hokkaido Area

How to get to Hakodate and Sapporo in Hokkaido by train

This post shows you how many hours you spend to get Hokkaido from Tokyo, Nagoya, Kyoto and Osaka by the train. You can get some sample train connections which are covered by JR Pass fully.
Hokkaido Area

How to access to Cape Erimo (Erimo Misaki) by Japan Rail Pass.

Cape Erimo (=Erimo Misaki=襟裳岬) is located at south end of Hokkaido. There is more than 60m height cliff around the c...
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