Fuji-Hakone access guide. How to combine Lake Kawaguchi and Hakone in one trip.

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View of Mt Fuji from Lake Kawaguchi
View of Mt Fuji from Lake Kawaguchi

Mt. Fuji is the icon of Japan. Many tourists visit and see this magnificent mountain. Hakone and Lake Kawaguchi are most popular places to see this mountain and you may think to visit both. I have written two posts in regards to Hakone and Lake Kawaguchi.

In this post, I will focus on the route of these two places. You can find how to combine these two places.


First of all, please see the map below:

Click to enlarge. *The map shows you major stations and spots only.
Click to view large. *The map shows you major stations and spots only.

The map shows the whole part of Fuji and Hakone area. Lake Kawaguchi is located at the north of Mt. Fuji. Hakone is located at the south side. Lake Yamanaka is located at the east side.

As I mentioned at the beginning, I will not explain the access to Lake Kawaguchi and Hakone areas. Please see the posts below to find the detailed information about the access to each locations and the sample itineraries:

In the map above, you can find the access route between Lake Kawaguchi and Hakone which goes at the east side of Mt. Fuji. This is the route which connects Hakone and Fuji.

Fuji Hakone Pass is highly recommended to travel in both Kawaguchiko and Hakone.

This pass is the best deal to cover both places. You can choose either Shinjuku version or Odawara version. Shinjuku version includes unlimited travel of the most local transportation in Kawaguchiko and Hakone area, one way Shinjuku – Kawaguchiko and one way Shinjuku – Odawara. You have to use one way each. You cannot take same way to get the round trip, such as Shinjuku – Odawara and Odawara – Shinjuku. If you get Kawaguchiko from Shinjuku, you have to go back from Odawara.

Odawara version does not include the round trip from Shinjuku. It gives you the unlimited travel of Hakone and Fuji only. Both Odawara version and Shinjuku version covers Kawaguchiko – Gotemba route too. Please see the official site in the link below to find the information of Fuji Hakone Pass:

Fuji Hakone Pass official site

Lake Kawaguchi – Gotemba (Hakone) bus route

I showed you the map of the whole part of Hakone and Lake Kawaguchi above. I show you the map which focus on this route only below:

Click to view large

Fujikyuko bus between Kawaguchiko and Gotemba

There are two kinds buses running between these places. All buses are operated by FujiKyuko bus.

The local bus

  • Travel time – approximately 1 hour 30 to 40 minutes
  • Frequency of the operation – every 30 minutes
  • It is covered by Fuji Hakone Pass.

This bus runs between Lake Kawaguchi, FujiQ Highland, Fujisan station, Oshino-Hakkai, Lake Yamanaka, Gotemba station and Gotemba Premium Outlet. There are 70 to 80 more bus stops between these places. This local bus service stops all bus stops. This bus runs a few different routes between Fujisan station and Fujisan Yamanakako bus stop. And also some bus trips do not go to Gotemba Premium Outlet. As I mentioned before, most buses to Hakone depart from Gotemba Premium Outlet. You may have to the free shuttle bus which runs between Gotemba station and Gotemba Premium Outlet to get the bus to Hakone. It depends on the bus connection at Gotemba station.

The limited express bus

  • Travel time – approximately 1 hour
  • Frequency of the operation – 3 round trips a day
  • It is NOT covered by Fuji Hakone Pass.

This bus connects Gotemba and Kawaguchiko directly. This bus stops at Kawaguchiko, FujiQ Highland, Gotemba station and Gotemba Premium Outlet only. This bus does not stop at Oshino-Hakkai, Lake Yamanaka, even Fujisan station. And the bus stops at either Gotemba station or Gotemba Premium Outlet. There is no limited express bus stopping at both bus stops in Gotemba. Please be careful.

You can find the timetable of the bus between Kawaguchiko station and Gotemba in the FujiKyuko bus official website:

FujiKyuko Bus official site- Route bus timetables

The departure point in Lake Kawaguchi area

Fuji Kyuko Railway's Kawaguchiko station
Fuji Kyuko Railway’s Kawaguchiko station

You can get the local bus at all major places in this area, such as Kawaguchiko station (Lake Kawaguchi), FujiQ Highland station and Fujisan station (Mt. Fuji station).

*By the way, Fujisan station is not located on Mt. Fuji. The elevation is not much different from Kawaguchiko. You have to take the other bus to get 5th station of Mt. Fuji.

But the limited express bus does not stop at Fujisan station.

The departure point in Gotemba area

Gotemba Premium Outlet (C) myself [CC BY-SA 3.0]

The bus to Lake Kawaguchi area departs from Gotemba Premium Outlet and Gotemba station. Gotemba is only place in Hakone area to get Lake Kawaguchi area directly. You cannot get Lake Kawaguchi area from other places in Hakone, such as Hakone-Yumoto, Gora, Togendai, Hakonemachi. You have to get Gotemba first.

Hakone Tozan bus runs in all part of Hakone which includes Gotemba. But most buses depart and arrive at Gotemba Premium Outlet. The number of the bus to Gotemba station is limited.

On the other hand, some local buses and the limited express buses to/from Kawaguchiko depart and arrive at Gotemba station only.

You may be able to take Odakyu Hakone express bus. This bus takes you to Togendai. It is located at the shore or Lake Ashi. You can change the buses at Sengoku if you go to Gora or Hakone-Yumoto.

JR Gotemba station

Otherwise you can take the free shuttle bus between Gotemba station and Gotemba Premium Outlet. The outlet free shuttle bus runs every 15 minutes during the operation hours of Gotemba Premium Outlet.

You may find the timetables of Hakone Tozan Bus and Odakyu Hakone express bus in the link below:

Hakone Navi – Transportation guide and the timetable

Other places along the bus route between Lake Kawaguchi and Gotemba

As you saw the map, Lake Yamanaka (Yamanakako) and Oshino-Hakkai are located on the route. You may drop by or stay overnight at the shore of Lake Yamanaka. Lake Yamanaka is much quieter than Lake Kawaguchi. You can enjoy and relax at the mountain lake resort.

You can access to Lake Yamanaka directly by FujiKyuko express bus from Shinjuku. You also can access to Lake Yamanaka by the express bus between Kawaguchiko and Mishima which is called “Mishima/Kawaguchiko Liner”. Please see the link below to find these express bus timetable:

FujiKyuko Bus official site – Express bus timetable

Sample itineraries

I have a day trip plan and 2-day trip plan which cover Fuji and Hakone. Please find the posts below to get the detailed trip plan:


Lake Kawaguchi area and Hakone area are located at the base of Mt. Fuji. But these two places have the different atmosphere. As long as you have enough time, I recommend you to visit both. Fuji Hakone Pass helps you lots to travel in these places.

I hope this post will help you to build your plan.


  1. Sharmane says:

    Hi I’m heading to kawaguchi from hakone by Fuji Hakone pass- changing bus at gotemba. For luggage, is there a transfer from hakone to kawaguchi?

    I’m spending a night in hakone and a night in kawaguchi.
    Day 1- hakone
    Day 2 – hakone to kawaguchi

    • Hi Sharmane,

      Some hotels have contract with delivery company and they may take care of luggage. But it’s not same day delivery. It takes at least one night two days. Please ask your hotel to make sure that they do or not.


      Takeshi / JPRail.com

  2. Jorgina says:

    Dear Takeshi-San,

    May I trouble you to ask if JR Pass 7 days worth it to use for a family of 4 ( 2 Adults & 2Kids) ? Our itinerary only includes Tokyo ( Disneyland, Mt Fuji) and Kyoto.
    Can you suggest any pass that is more suitable and affordable?

    Many Thanks,

  3. Jas says:

    Hi Takeshi san

    Does the Fuji Hakone Pass (5650yen) covers kawaguchiko to Shinjuku?

    The full Fuji Hakone pass (8000yen) cover from shinjuku> hakone > fuji > shinjuku. Can it be the other way round?
    For example: from shinjuku > fuji then hakone

    Thank you!

  4. Amy says:

    Hi Takeshi,
    I m already in Tokyo n we plan to go on a day trip to Mt Fuji, Hakone & Gotemba.
    Pls advise is this feasible and which kinda of transport is better? Train or express bus?
    We plan to take the boat ride n shop at Gotemba.
    Appreciate yr prompt reply.
    Thank you.

  5. Sean says:

    Dear Takeshi-San,

    I’m planning a trip to Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, Mount Fuji, Tokyo with my wife and a 4 years old kid. We plan to take train to move around different cities. The high level itinerary is listed below.

    Day 1: Land Kansai on 2130, I’m prepared to take Rapid Service train to Shin-Osaka or late night bus to Umeda then taxi to Shin-Osaka. I booked the hotel 4 nights within 5 mins walking to the Shin-Osaka station.
    Day 2: Bring my kid to Universal Studio and move around in Osaka.
    Day 3: Day trip to Kyoto, with kid around maybe to cover the 3 out of 4 areas in Kyoto only
    Day 4: Day trip to Nara and spend the rest of half day in Osaka.
    Day 5: Take train to Mount Fuji area in the morning and spend the afternoon in Hakone area. Store the luggage in train station locker and check into hotel in the evening.
    Day 6: Check out the hotel in the morning and store the luggage in the train station locker, then visit to Lake Kawaguchi area in the morning. Take a train to Tokyo and check into hotel in the late afternoon.
    Day 7: Moving around in Tokyo
    Day 8: Moving around in Tokyo
    Day 9: Moving around in Tokyo
    Day 10: Moving around in Tokyo in the morning and take 1710 flight back from Haneda airport.

    I have a few questions need your advice:

    1. How easy it is to take train from Shin-Osaka to Mount Fuji with a 4 years old kid and my wife along? This is my first time to Japan.
    2. Should I stay one more night in Mount Fuji while reduce 1 day in Tokyo?
    3. Should I stay one more night in Osaka while reduce 1 day in Tokyo?

    Thanks in advanced for your kind assistance.


    • Hi Sean san,

      >1. How easy it is to take train from Shin-Osaka to Mount Fuji with a 4 years old kid and my wife along? This is my first time to Japan.
      It depends on which past of Hakone you will stay. If you will stay in Hakone-Yumoto, you need to change the trains once at Odawara. But if you go to the different place in Hakone, you need to change the trains more. It’s not hard to change it at Odawara and other stations. The following link shows how to change the trains at Odawara:

      Other stations, like Hakone-Yumoto is much smaller than Hakone-Yumoto and easy to transfer. By the way, you can go to the hotel to store your luggage. They can take it before check in. And hotel may be able to prepare the room earlier. I recommend you to go to hotel first anyway.

      >2. Should I stay one more night in Mount Fuji while reduce 1 day in Tokyo?
      I think you can make Tokyo without staying in Lake Kawaguchi. But it depends on how much you want to stay in Lake Kawaguchi.

      >3. Should I stay one more night in Osaka while reduce 1 day in Tokyo?
      Hard to say actually. Which one you want to see more, Osaka or Tokyo? At this point, your plan in Tokyo has not been fixed yet. I recommend you to make sure where you go in Tokyo. And then you can compare Osaka and Tokyo.


      Takeshi / JPRail.com

  6. Liew says:

    Hi Takeshi,
    My first to Japan this coming December. My trip will be mostly in downtown Tokyo & to Kamakura, Hakone & Lake Kawaguchi as well.

    I know that the Suica card can be used in most the subways / trains in downtown Tokyo but can it be used when travelling to Kamakura, Hakone & Lake Kawaguchi? Because I’m planning not to buy the JR Rail Pass since the Suica can be used for the JR.

    Am I correct in this?

  7. fadhil says:

    Hi Takeshi,
    We are staying at Hakone for 2 night. in between we planning to go to Mt Fuji-subaru 5th station and Gotemba. What pass should we get?
    We will be from Tokyo (Narita airport) to Hakone.
    Pls advise.

  8. Di says:

    Hi Takeshi,

    I plan to visit Lake Kawaguchi (primarily for the Shibazakura Festival)and Hakone/Gotemba on 2 separate day trips (without staying overnight):-

    (i) Shinjuku – Lake Kawaguchi
    (ii) Tokyo – Hakone

    Would it be cost effective to get the Fuji Hakone Pass or are there better options / combination of other passes?



  9. sarah gan says:


    can you help me, iam planning to go to mt.fuji and gotemba outlet. can you teach me where can i ride bus or train from shinjuku.
    or if i will join a tour. but from gotemba to shinju i want to go home by myself.

    • Hi Sarah,

      Please check “Access to Gotemba” in the post above. You will find the link to Gotemba Premium Outlet. It shows the bus schedule to Shinjuku.


      Takeshi / JPRail.com

  10. Jess says:

    Hi Takeshi,
    I plan to buy tokyo wide pass for 3 days.
    here is my itinerary (day trip from asakubashi)
    Day 1 hitachi seaside park
    Day 2 kawaguchi ; hakone & gotemba (add Hakone free pass)
    Day 3 yokohama then to haneda airport (flight 23.00)

    Q1. Is tokyo wide pass cover this all?
    Q2. Is it possible to go to lake kawaguchi then hakone on day 2 ?
    Q3. How to back to tokyo from gotemba po? Is that covered by hakone free pass?

    Thank youu

    • Hi Jess,

      1. Most part of Fuji and Hakone are not covered.

      2. It’s very very tight to see both Lake Kawaguchi and Hakone in one day. If you really want to do it, Fuji Hakone pass is better chocie. It covers all and you don’t need Tokyo wide pass. Hakone Free Pass does not cover Lake Kawaguchi. If you just visit Hakone, Hakone Free Pass is recommended. But if you go to Lake kawaguchi, Hakone Free Pass is not enough.

      3. If you are okay with paying another 870 yen on top of Hakone Free pass, you can take direct highway bus to Shinjuku. Otherwise you have to go back to Odawara.


      Takeshi / JPRail.com

      • Jess says:

        So if only go to hitachi seaside park, hakone, and yokohama, should i use go with tokyo wide pass?
        Then for the odaiba, is the pass cover all from asakusabashi to odaiba sight seeing?


        • Hi Jess,

          It depends on your plan of Fuji/Hakone.
          If you go to only Lake Kawaguchi, Tokyo wide pass covers fully but it does not cover Hakone very much.
          If you use Hakone Free Pass or Fuji Hakone Pass, Tokyo Wide pass is too much. Just using single ticket to seaside park and Tokyo.

          Tokyo Wide Pass coves Odaiba by JR line and Rinkai line.


          Takeshi / JPRail.com

          • Jess says:

            round trip trip to hitachi seaside park is around 8000 yen already, and tokyo wide pass is 10.000/ 3 days.
            isn’t it pay off if im going to the park, then shinjuku to odawara, then yokohama?


            • Hi Jess,

              If you use Hakone Free Pass, it’s 5140 yen from Shinjuku and 4000 yen from Odawara. Odakyu from Shinjuku is much easier. Especially if you add some fare to take Romancecar, you can get Hakone-Yumoto from Shinjuku directly.

              If you use Tokyo Wide Pass, you have to change the trains at least once at Odawara. Most trains to Odawara depart from Tokyo. So you may need to change the trains at Tokyo or Shinagawa.

              Yokohama-Shinjuku is 1100 yen for round trip.

              So you can go for Tokyo Wide Pass. But if you think about access and convenience, Single ticket and Hakone Free pass is better choice than Tokyo Wide Pass in my opinion. But the choice is yours.


              Takeshi / JPRail.com

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