Suica & N’ex ticket. Very flexible and good deal for tourist who stay in Tokyo.

Rail pass for visitors
Suica & N'ex ticket and brochure. (C) SUICA&N'EX套票_01, SUICA&N'EX套票_02 by Span X

Now round trip deal, only N’EX Tokyo Round Trip Ticket is available. There are no one way deal and Suica combo deal available any more.

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If you will arrive in Narita and stay in Tokyo for several days, Suica & N’ex may be suitable for your stay. This ticket includes Narita Express ticket and 1500 e-money in IC card “Suica”. Suica can be used for both JR train and subways in downtown Tokyo. You can use this ticket for almost any trains when you stay in Tokyo.

I will tell you what this deal is and how to use it.

What is N’ex (Narita Express)?

Narita Express is covered by both Japan Rail Pass and JR East Pass (C) Sonic Rail Garden
Narita Express is covered by both Japan Rail Pass and JR East Pass (C) Sonic Rail Garden

N’ex is abbreviation of Narita Express. It is a limited express train that gives you direct transfer from Narita International Airport (NRT) to Tokyo, Shinagawa, Shibuya, Shinjuku, Ikebukuro, Yokohama and many more stations. If you go to Ueno or Nippori, Keisei Railway is faster and more convenient because it has direct train service. But I am sure this train is the fastest and most convenient choice to most part of Tokyo and Yokohama. And also this ticket includes not only Narita Express route but also many more stations in Greater Tokyo area. You can still use this ticket after you get off Narita Express and transfer to local trains. Please see the map at JR East official Suica and N’ex site to get more information about designated area. And please see the post, Limited Express Narita Express to get more details about this train.

What is Suica

It is e-money IC card that is issued by JR East. This deals included 1500 yen e-money.

You can use this e-money not only JR trains but also both subway systems in Tokyo (Toei and Tokyo Metro), most of private train companies (Odakyu, Tobu, Seibu, Keikyu, Tokyo and many more). Please see Suica and Pasmo official map to get more information about area where you can use Suica.

Suica can be used for even coin operated locker. (C) Tennen-Gas / Creative Commons
Suica can be used for even coin operated locker. (C) Tennen-Gas / Creative Commons

You can use it for shopping in kiosk in the station, nation wide convenience store (Lawson, Family Mart, Seven Eleven) and even some of major electronics retail store. You can see the list of stores at page 9 of ICOCA and Haruka user manual (PDF).

If you go to other major cities, like Osaka, Kyoto, Nagoya, Sapporo, Hakata, Hiroshima after staying in Kansai area, you may still be able to use Suica. So you can take subway in Kyoto and Osaka, JR train in Sapporo and many more.


One way type3500 yen5000 yen
Round trip type5500 yen8000 yen
  • One way type ticket is only available Narita airport to Tokyo direction. One way type ticket cannot be used for opposite direction.
  • One way type ticket must be used on the day of purchase. Round trip ticket is valid for 14 days.
  • Suica can be used whenever you want. Suica will be expires in case that you will not use ICOCA in 10 years at all. If you will come back to Japan in next 10 years, you still will be able to use same Suica.
  • This deal can allow you to use non reserved seat of Haruka or other local and rapid train. You cannot use reserved seat or Green seat of Haruka and other limited express trains, such as Shinkansen.
  • Narita Express has only reserved seat on both Ordinary and Green. Reservation can be made when you purchase this ticket.
  • Child rate is not available. But child N’ex open ticket is available. I will tell you later.

I will tell you price comparison later.

How to use Suica

Find your hotels in 218 cities throughout Japan!!!

Hotels in Shinjku station
Hotels in Shinagawa station
Hotels in Ginza station
Hotels in Tokyo station

Most of you use Suica to take a train. The biggest advantage of this card is that you don’t need to purchase the ticket when you enter the station and take the trains. All you have to do is touch your Suica card at the ticket gate when you enter/exit station. It is automatically calculated and subtract the fare from your Suica card. You can save the time when you take a train. Please see page 14 of Suica & N’ex user manual (Page 8 of PDF) to get more information about using Suica at the ticket gate.

Even if you don’t have enough fund in your Suica, you can still enter the station and take the trains. (But you must have minimum fares plus 500 yen deposit in this card) You can charge some more fund before you exit the station when you arrive. You can get more information about charging atpage 16 of Suica & N’ex user manual (Page 9 of PDF). You can charge some more fund in your Suica at other major cities where other IC cards are available, such as Osaka, Kyoto, Yokohama, Sapporo, Sendai, Nagoya, Hiroshima and Hakata. These cites have own IC cards. But since March 2013, major 10 different IC cards were standardized.

Actually this deal says 2000 yen e-money included in this deal. But it also includes 500 yen deposit. Therefore your fund in your Suica is 1500 yen. If you empty this card and do not use it any more, you can get this 500 yen deposit refund at the station. But if you want to keep Suica card itself for your souvenir, you cannot get refund. Especially ICOCA card for this deal is designed for overseas tourist. It looks different from common ICOCA card. Please get more information about refund at page 17 of ICOCA and Haruka user manual (Page 9 of PDF). And you cannot get any refund in other areas. If you go to other than Tokyo and want to get refund, complete to use this Suica when you stay in Greater Tokyo area and get refund. You cannot get it in other cities, like Osaka.

How to use this deal

Suica & N'ex ticket and brochure. (C) SUICA&N'EX套票_01, SUICA&N'EX套票_02 by Span X
Suica & N’ex ticket and brochure. (C) SUICA&N’EX套票_01, SUICA&N’EX套票_02
by Span X

This deal includes 1,500 yen ICOCA e-money and one way/round trip to Greater Tokyo area. You can use N’ex ticket if you don’t take Narita Express, such as Sobu Rapid train. And even though Narita Express does not go to Shin-Yokohama, Ueno, Maihama (TDL), Kawasaki and many stations in Greater Tokyo area, you can use N’ex ticket as long as you don’t exit station. Please see the map at a href=”” target=”_blank”>page 5 of Suica & N’ex user manual (Page 3 of PDF).

For example, if you go to Maihama station (the nearest station to Tokyo Disney Resort), take Narita Express to Tokyo and transfer Keiyo line local train at Tokyo station. Of course this ticket covers all part of this trip. But don’t exit a station. Once you exit a station, N’ex ticket is not valid any more.

Price comparison to basic fare

Upper rate is basic fare and lower rate is reserved seat limited express surcharge.

 Adult(12 yrs and upChild (6-11 yrs)
Narita – Tokyo1280 yen
1660 yen
640 yen
830 yen
Narita – Shinagawa1450 yen
1660 yen
720 yen
830 yen
Narita – Shinjuku1450 yen
1660 yen
720 yen
830 yen
Narita – Yokohama1890 yen
2290 yen
640 yen
1140 yen

Even if you travel to the closest point, Tokyo by Narita Express, total fare 2940 yen plus 2000 yen is cheaper than one way ticket at 3500 yen. If you get 500 yen refund, actual price of Suica & N’ex will be 2500 yen. So it is no doubt this deal gives you a huge value. Especially if you go to Yokohama, this ticket is unbeatable.

Child rate

Apart from that, how about child? Some of you will travel with your family. Suica & N’ex is not available for child but there are N’ex Open ticket for child.

One way type1200 yen2200 yen
Round trip type2400 yen4400 yen

This ticket is available for child with adult who travel by Suica & N’ex. This ticket does not include Suica. But as you see above single fare rate table, total fares to Tokyo is 1470 yen. This open ticket is cheaper than single fare. You can purchase “My Suica” (common Suica for child) at 2000 yen (1500 yen + 500 yen deposit) beside this open ticket. But you may not need to purchase My Suica.

Because remember that child fare is half price of adult fare. If you have 1500 yen worth trip, child fare is only 750 yen. You might not be able to empty child Suica before you will leave if you use same trip as you. You cannot use your Suica for your child. You cannot use child Suica for you either. In worst case, you can use child ICOCA to shop in convenience store. So please make sure you can make it empty before you buy.

Sample fares in Greater Tokyo

When you travel in Tokyo, single fare is not costly.

  • Tokyo – Yokohama : 450 yen (JR)
  • Shinjuku – Yokohama : 540 yen (JR)
  • Shinagawa – Yokohama : 290 yen (KeiKyu)
  • Shibuya – Yokohama : 260 yen (Tokyu) / 380 yen (JR)
  • Shibuya – Minatomirai (Yokohama bay side) : 440 yen (Tokyu-Minatomirai line)
  • Tokyo – Shijuku : 190 yen (JR / Subway Marunouchi line)
  • Tokyo – Ueno : 150 yen (JR)
  • Tokyo – Akihabara 130 yen (JR)
  • Shijuku – Akihabara : 160 yen (JR)
  • Shinjku – Asakusa : 290 yen (Toei and Metro subway)
  • Tokyo – Asakusa : 310 yen (JR and Metro subway)
  • Shinjuku – Shibuya : 150 yen (JR)
  • Shinagawa – Shinjuku : 190 yen (JR)
  • Tokyo – Maihama : 210 yen (JR)
  • Shinjuku – Maihama : 380 yen (JR)

If you stay in Tokyo for several days, 1500 yen e-money can be used very easily. Especially if you go to Yokohama, 1500 yen e-money will be spent quickly. If you want to use Suica more efficiently, consider to combine to use other passes and deals, like subway pass.

And if you go to somewhere outside of Tokyo, like Mt. Fuji, Nikko or Atami, don’t use Suica. There are other deals, like Kanto Area Pass.


  1. Robert G says:

    Hi. We will arrive NARITA from LAX in May 2020. We will stay in Tokyo 1 week and will bring PASMO cards with us purchased before arrival. Can we use PASMO card at the train entry gate, or do we need to pay a seat fee by visiting the ticket office. We are trying to avoid the ticket office and lines, if possible. Thank you

  2. Deepak says:

    Hi There,

    we are a family of 4 ( includes 2 kids aged 4 and 8), we are landing at Narita at 9 pm on Dec 25th and will be in Tokyo ( staying at Hundred Stay Shijuku ). Want to show kids some snow ( a friend said got to NIiigata ), and we are not planing to go Disney or any otehr parks. I wanted to check whether is it worth to take the JR Pass ( since we land at 9 pm , wont be able to exchange it on the same day and take Narita Express as the centre for exchange closes before), or should we take the JR East Pass ( 3-5 days which covers Niigata region), or not take any JR pass at all….

    a bit confused.

    A small itenary covering asakusa temple, tokyo tower, a bit of shopping would be appreciated


  3. Tania says:

    Enquiring about best options for our trip please.

    Arrive 8th Nov, hotel in Shinjuku
    Leave 12th Nov for Kyoto
    Leave Kyoto 15th Nov for overnight stay at Narita before getting the plane next day

    I believe the single ticket Suica & N’ex ticket is not available now to purchase as I thought it best to activate our 7 day Japan Rail Pass when we go to Kyoto.

    Thank you for your help, it’s much appreciated

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