Tokyo Subway Ticket is most useful deal for sightseeing in downtown Tokyo.

Rail pass for visitors
Toei Subway Oedo line connects Shinjuku with Tsukiji Market.
Toei Subway Oedo line

There are some deals available in downtown Tokyo. But if you are not sure where you visit in downtown Tokyo, choose Tokyo Subway Ticket. Tokyo subway system covers most part of Tokyo 23 wards.

In this post, I will explain about Tokyo Subway Ticket and combo deal which include airport access and Tokyo Subway Ticket. And also I will compare Tokyo Subway Ticket and other deals.

What is Tokyo Subway Ticket?

There are two subway companies in Tokyo. These are Tokyo Metro and Tokyo Toei Subway. Tokyo Subway Ticket covers both subway.

Please click the map above to get PDF map. (C) Tokyo Metro

This deal offers unlimited ride in 24 hours, 48 hours and 72 hours.

24 hours800 yen400 yen
48 hours1,200 yen600 yen
72 hours1,500 yen750 yen

This is not a “Day Pass”. This deal is valid 24 hours, 48 hour and 72 hours after first usage.

e.g. First use of 24 hours ticket at 9:00 am on July 15. Valid until 9:00 am on July 16.

This is subway deal. This deal does not cover other than Tokyo Metro and Tokyo Toei Subway. You cannot use this to take JR trains, Tobu Railway, Seibu Railway, Odakyu Railway, Keio Railway, Keisei Railway, Keikyu Railway and other non JR railways.

Where to purchase

You can purchase at many locations.

  • Narita Airport
  • Haneda Airport
  • Tokyo Metro major station’s pass office
  • Tokyo Metro tourist information
  • Other tourist information
  • BIC Camera (retail store)
  • LAOX (retail store)
  • Major hotels
  • Major local travel agents

Please see the official site to get the details:

Tokyo Metro – Tokyo Subway Ticket

The place in Tokyo where you cannot go by Tokyo Subway Ticket

You can go almost anywhere by subway in downtown Tokyo. In major tourist spots, only Odaiba is connected by any subway lines. You have to take other railway which is called “Yurikamome” from the nearest subway station, such as Toyosu, Shiodome or Shimbashi.

Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea are very close to downtown Tokyo but these are not located in Tokyo actually. This is not accessed by subway either. Shin-Kiba is the nearest subway station. You have to take JR trains from there.

You may find more information in other post below:

Access to/from Narita or Haneda airport

Subway does not take you to these airports. But there are a few combo deals available which includes airport access ticket and Tokyo Subway Ticket, such as Keisei Railway Skyliner + Tokyo Subway Ticket, Limousine Bus + Tokyo Subway Ticket. Please find more information at the link below:

Tokyo Metro official site, Airport – Downtown Tokyo Routes and Tickets

How many ride require to get the worth

Please see the faretable for major stations:


The fare is varied by distance but the average fare is around 200 yen. If you use 24 days ticket, roughly 5 rides is an indication to get the worth of it. If you use 48 hours or 72 hours, it is getting easier to get the worth.

Compare Tokyo Subway Ticket and Tokyo Tokunai Pass

As I mentioned above, Tokyo Subway Ticket covers subway only. But JR train is better choice for some travelers. If you want to visit only places on JR lines, such as Shinjuku, Shibuya, Harajuku, Shinagawa, Ueno, Akihabara, Ikebukuro, you should ride on JR train. Tokyo Subway is very convenient and has a bigger coverage. However there are so many lines and it is hard to find the best route for a traveler. In downtown Tokyo, there are a few JR lines, like Yamanote line, Chuo line. It is much easier to travel. For this type of traveler, JR deal, “Tokyo Tokunai Pass” is better choice.

Please make sure where you visit before you choose the deal.

Compare Tokyo Subway Ticket and IC card (Suica or Pasmo)

Suica or Pasmo gives you convenience but it does not give you unlimited ride. However if you visit a few places a day, you cannot get the worth of Tokyo Subway Ticket. And if you want to take both JR train and subway, you may not be able to get the worth of either Tokyo Subway Ticket or Tokyo Tokunai Pass. In these cases, IC card is better choice. If you purchase it in downtown Tokyo, Suica or Pasmo is your choice. But if you visit other place(s) before you come to Tokyo, you have other IC card, such as ICOCA. You can use it in Tokyo too. Please see the link below to find more information about IC card:


  1. Jinman Park says:

    Hello Takeshi!

    I have a trip coming up to Japan where I only have one day to explore Tokyo. Here is a list of the stations I’ll be visiting:
    -Maihama (this is where my hotel is located)
    -Tokyo Station

    I am wondering if it is best to buy the Tokyo Free Kippu ticket or the Tokunai Pass because I will mostly be travelling on the JR line. I also do not know if either pass would cover my trips from/to Mahiama or to Oshiage.

    Any advice would be very welcomed!


  2. Milana says:

    Hi Takeshi,

    Day 1 : arrive Tokyo
    Day 2 : Tokyo Sightseeing :
    – Tsukiji Fish Market
    – Ginza
    – Hamarikyu Garden
    – Shinjuku Gyoen
    – Meiji Shrine
    – Shibuya
    Day 3 : Disneyland
    Day 4 : Tokyo – Kanazawa
    Day 5 : Kanazawa – Shirakawago – Kanazawa – Tokyo
    Day 6 : Tokyo Sightseeing :
    – Sensoji Temple
    – Asakusa Shrine
    – Ueno Park
    – The Imperial palace
    – Harajuku
    – Shinjuku
    Day 7 : depart from Tokyo

  3. Ann says:

    Hi Takeshi,

    What pass should I get for this itinerary?

    Day 1: Arrive in Narita at 16.40pm. Stay near hatchobori stn
    Day 2 : Disneyland
    Day 3: Disneysea
    Day 4: Explore Tokyo
    Day 5 : Explore tokyo
    Day 6: Tokyo to Osaka
    Day 7: Explore Osaka
    Day 8: USJ
    Day 9: Osaka to Kyoto
    Day 10: Osaka to Hakone
    Day 11: Explore Hakone
    Day 12: Hakone to Tokyo
    Day 13: Explore Tokyo
    Day 14: flight at Narita at 6pm

    Thanks a lot

  4. Jastine Joyce says:

    Hi takeshi.
    I have 6 days travel to japan on 1st week Dec. Which pass is suitable for this.
    1st day – arrival @narita airport 10AM. then proceed to shinjuku
    visit tokyo disneyland
    2nd day- roam around tokyo, shibuya, asakusa, akihabara
    3rd day – visit Mt Fuji
    4th day – travel kyoto
    5th day – kyoto to osaka USS
    6th day – sightseeing @ osaka then depart to Manila.

  5. aizh says:

    Hi Takeshi,

    I plan to go in aug 13-19 from Osaka airport i wanted to visit Kyoto and my return flight is in Tokyo.
    if i wanted to arrive in tokyo on Aug.15 .
    Where is the best place to stay in osaka or kyoto before going to tokyo?also what rail pass and how much it costs nowadays?

  6. Anna Ho says:

    Hi Takeshi,

    I have found your posts extremely helpful.

    Just a question, are you able to suggest what passes I should get for the following itinerary?

    Day 1: Arrive in Osaka (KIX) from Shanghai
    Day 2 : Explore Osaka
    Day 3: Osaka – Kyoto
    Day 4: Explore Kyoto
    Day 5 : Kyoto to Nara
    Day 6: Kyoto to Hiroshima to Miyajima (visitng Itsukushima shrine. Not sure what else to do here??)
    Day 7: Kyoto to Tokyo
    Day 8: Tokyo to Hakone or Five Lakes
    Day 9 and 10: Explore Tokyo
    Day 11: Leave Tokyo to Singapore

    have been looking at various passes including Osaka Amazing Pass, Kansai Thru Pass, JR Pass and Kansai to Hiroshima Pass. Could you please advise which pass/passes will be best for above itinerary.

    Thanks heaps,


  7. Rose says:

    Hi Takeshi.

    What pass should I get for this itinerary?

    Day 1: Arrive Narita Airport; go straight to Osaka
    Day 2: Universal Studios
    Day 3: sightseeing around Osaka; late afternoon go back to Tokyo
    Day 4: Disney Sea
    Day 5: Disneyland
    Day 6: sightseeing around Tokyo
    Day 7: free time; evening flight (depart Narita Airport)

  8. Janice says:

    Hi Takeshi,

    I would like to know which pass should I use for the following itinerary:-
    Day 1: arrive Haneda airport @10.30p.m.
    Day 2: booked a daily tour to MT.Fuji
    Day 3: Tokyo city
    Day 4: half day in Tokyo, left to Kanazawa in the evening
    Day 5: Kanazawa-Shiragawago-Kyoto
    Day 6: Kyoto
    Day 7: Kyoto-Osaka
    Day 8: Osaka
    Day 9: Osaka
    Day 10: Osaka-Kansai airport


  9. Ajay says:

    Hi Takeshi,
    We are a family of 4 ( 2 adults and 2 children below 12); we arrive 6:30 PM to Narita first week of april; our stay will be near Oku station, tokyo for 3 nights;
    day 1 ..we plan to go to Ueno park. Asakusa, Ginza and Tokyo Tower
    day 2..we plan to go to Harajuku, yoyogi park/meiji shrine, tokyo metropolitan and megurugawa for night hanami viewing
    day 3 – we will go to Kyoto for 2 nights
    day 6 – we will go to Osaka and after 3 nights there we fly out from Osaka;
    JR rail pass doesnt work out for this itinerary; Any railpass recommendations for within tokyo and as well for the next travels into Kyoto Osaka. many thanks, Ajay
    I understand

  10. Vanni says:

    Hi takeshi,

    I would like to ask which pass should I use for this plan

    Day 1: arrival in narita at 4.15 pm – tokyo skytree at night
    Day 2 : sightseeing around tokyo
    Day 3 : disneysea (full day)
    Day 4 : kyoto
    Day 5 : kyoto
    Day 6 : osaka
    Day 7 : yokohama
    Day 8 : kawaguchiko lake – shibazakura
    Day 9 : sightseeing around tokyo
    Day 10 : gala yuzawa – narita (depart at 6.15 pm)

    I was planning to buy JR pass for 7 days. But I confuse about the early 3 days in tokyo, which pass should I use? Thanks in advance

    • Hi Vanni,

      You can use Narita access + subway pass combo deal for the first 2 days.

      I don’t recommend you to visit Gala on departure day. Because you need to be airport 3 hours ahead of your departure time, so it’s 3:15. It takes at least 3 hours to get Narita from Gala. You have to leave there in the morning. If you are okay to stay there for a few hours, you can go for it. But if you want to have a bit more time, you should go there on day 9. And you can sightsee in Tokyo on day 9 and 10.


      Takeshi /

      • vanni says:

        Hi Takeshi,

        Sorry but I still confuse, so should I buy the Keisei Skyliner & Tokyo Subway Ticket ([Tokyo Subway 72-hour Ticket + Keisei Skyliner One-way Ticket (Limited Express)]) ??

        Is this pass already include Narita express?

        • Hi Vanni,

          You can use whichever you like, Skyliner + subway, Limousine + subway or Tokyo shuttle + subway. As you saw, there are three deals.
          If you stay in western part of Tokyo, limousine bus may takes you the place to stay directly.

          If you take Skyliner, you have to take other trains from Ueno or Nippori. Tokyo shuttle takes you Tokyo station, Ginza or other few places but this is the cheapest deal.

          I don’t think you need 72 hours. 48 hours is okay because you will start using JR pass on day 4.


          Takeshi /

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