Shin-Kobe station guide. How to change the Shinkansen and Kobe city subway.

shin kobeStation information
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Shin-Kobe is the Sanyo Shinkansen station in Kobe. It is a step away from downtown Kobe. There is subway station in Shin-Kobe too. This subway line connects Shin-Kobe and Sannomiya which is the downtown core of Kobe.

In this post, I would like to show you the structure of Shin-Kobe station. I also explain how to change the Shinkansen and Kobe city subway too.

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Shinkansen Shin-Kobe station overview

Ikuta river flows just under Shin-Kobe station. Nunobiki falls is just 5 minutes away from this station.

Shin-Kobe station is Sanyo-Shinkansen line’s station. All trains on this Shinkansen line stop at this station. It is located in northern part of downtown Kobe. It is one station away from Kobe-Sannomiya by subway.

Station structure, tracks and platforms

Exterior of Shinkansen Shin-Kobe station

Shin-Kobe station is three levels structure. On the ground level, there is entrance and the entrance to Kobe Subway Shin-Kobe station. Ticket gate and stores are on second floor. The platforms are located on third floor.


1The Sanyo and the Kyushu ShinkansenOkayama, Hiroshima, Hakata, Kagoshima-Chuo
2The Sanyo and the Tokaido ShinkansenShin-Osaka, Kyoto, Nagoya, Tokyo
At track #1. Two platforms face each other.

Shin-Kobe station has only two platforms, one platform each for eastbound and westbound. It is very simple layout. if you intend to change trains at Shin-Osaka, you may be able to change trains at Shin-Kobe too. Especially if you intend to use JR pass, you may need to change trains at Shin-Osaka when you go to west part of Japan from east side.

Tokyo/Nagoya/Kyoto (Hikari) Shin-Osaka (Sakura) Hiroshima/Hakata

Of course, you can change trains at Shin-Osaka. But Shin-Osaka is much bigger than Shin-Kobe. You need to move platforms. You need to go up and down with luggage. There are elevators and escalators. These may help you but it is not fun. But if you do it in Shin-Kobe, just get off the train and wait for next one at same platform.

Tokyo/Nagoya/Kyoto (Hikari) Shin-Kobe (Sakura) Hiroshima/Hakata

If you can find the train to Shin-Kobe, change trains at Shin-Kobe. It is much easier and it does not make you feel nervous.

Ticket gate/Exit

There is only one ticket gate on the second floor.

You can exit the station on the second floor and the first floor. If you catch city loop bus, the bus stop is located on the second floor. If you catch subway, proceed to the first floor. And also other bus service depart from the first floor.

After ticket gate, you will see two stairs, to westbound (Hiroshima, Hakata) and to eastbound (Shin-Osaka, Kyoto, Tokyo).

Kobe Subway/Hokushin Kyuko Railway Shin-Kobe station overview

Shin-Kobe Oriental City is located just above subway station. It is connected underground. It also connects to the Shinkansen station on third floor.

This Shin-Kobe station belong to two train companies, Kobe Subway Seishin-Yamanote line and Hokushin Kyuko Railway. But Kobe Subway train goes through Hokushin Kyuko Railway. These are technically two different train companies but you cannot see any difference. In this post, I explain this station as Kobe Subway station.

Kobe Subway Shin-Kobe station is located underground the Shinkansen Shin-Kobe station. You can get Kobe-Sannomiya and Tanigami by this subway line. Tanigami is located on the way to Arima Onsen. You can change other train to get Arima Onsen. However the bus to Arima Onsen departs from Shin-Kobe station as well. The bus is much easier to get Arima Onsen than trains because the bus takes you to Arima Onsen directly.

If you want get Kobe harbor area, you have to change trains at Kobe-Sannomiya. Please refer the post in the link below:

Please refer the map of Kobe Subway system in the link below:

Route map of Kobe Subway lines

Station structure, tracks and platforms

Subway Shin-Kobe station platform

There are two platforms and three tracks on underground 4th floor.


1Hokushin Kyuko
2,3Kobe Subway
Seishin-Yamanote line
Sannomiya, Myodani

Ticket gate/Exit

North gate from outside gate

This subway station is located just under Shin-Kobe Oriental City. There are hotel, shops and theater. You can access to this complex from any gates of subway Shin-Kobe station.

There are two ticket gates, north gate and south gate. If you catch Shinkansen, you can exit north gate. This gate connects to Shinkansen station via underground path.

If you go to Nunobiki herb garden, you can exit from south gate.

How to change the Shinkansen and subway at Shin-Kobe station

It is quite easy. But I would like to show you some photos from Kobe city subway station to the Shinkansen station.

Go upstair from the platform.
Proceed on the walkway to north gate
You will find the signage which say “Shinkansen” lots. Just follow the signage.
Proceed on the underground walkway
Go up to underground first floor
At underground first floor. Just keep following the signage of Shinkansen.
Go up again.
You will find the signage of Shinkansen even when you are on escalators.
You will reach the entrance of Shinkansen Shin-Kobe station.
Ticket gate is on second floor. You need to go up again.
On second floor
You will find the ticket gate to the Shinkansen.

It takes 5 minutes from ticket gate to ticket gate.

I am glad if this post makes you feel more comfortable to stop at Shin-Kobe station.


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