Mishima station guide. How to change the trains and the buses to Hakone, Fuji and Shuzenji.

Station information
Mishima station north side
Mishima station south ticket gate building

Mishima is the gateway of the west coast of Izu peninsula, such as Shuzenji. This station is also the departure point of a bus to Fuji and Hakone. You can catch the bus to Lake Kawaguchi and Lake Yamanaka in Fuji area, and Motohakone and Hakonemachi by Lake Ashi in Hakone.

In this post, I will show you many photos of inside and outside of Mishima station. And I will explain about this station structure and transfer among trains and buses.


Please see the map below:

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At Mishima station, there are three railway lines, Tokaido Shinkansen, JR Tokaido line (JR conventional line) and Izu-Hakone Railway Sunzu line. The Tokaido Shinkansen connects Mishima and Tokyo, Nagoya, Shin-Yokohama, Shin-Osaka. All Nozomi on the Tokaido Shinkansen which is the fastest train skip Mishima. Some trops of Hikari on the Tokaido Shinkansen which is the second fastest train stop at Mishima. Kodama on the Tokaido Shinkansen which stops at all stations stop at Mishima, of course. If you can catch Hikari which stops at Mishima, that is the fastest way to get there from Tokyo, Nagoya and Shin-Osaka.

Station structure, tracks and platforms

You can watch whole part of Mishima station in the movie below:

Overview of Mishima station platforms. The photo was taken at the end of the platform of Track #3/#4.

On the ground floor, there are Tokaido line platforms. And Izu Hakone Railway Mishima station is located at the south side of Mishima station. The Shinkansen platforms are located at the second level. These platforms are connected by the underground walkway.

The underground walkway connects all platforms and ticket gates.
The Shinkansen platform
Izu Hakone Railway platform and JR/Izu Hakone Railway transfer ticket gate
Escalators and elevators are equipped at all platforms.

All platforms and tracks of Mishima station are the following:

1Limited Express OdorikoShuzenji, Atami, Yokohama, Tokyo
2JR Tokaido lineNumazu, Shizuoka
3JR Tokaido line
Atami, Tokyo, Yokohama
4JR Tokaido lineNumazu, Shizuoka
Atami, Tokyo, Yokohama
5The Tokaido ShinkansenNagoya, Kyoto, Shin-Osaka
6The Tokaido ShinkansenShin-Yokohama, Tokyo
7,8,9Izu Hakone RailwayShuzenji

Ticket gate / Exit

JR South ticket gate
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JR exits/ticket gates are located at both north side and south side. Izu Hakone Railway ticket gate is located beside JR north side ticket gate. There is the transfer gate between JR and Izu Hakone Railway. You can transfer these trains without exiting the station.

Izu Hakone Railway ticket gate

At north side, there are the Shinkansen ticket gate, JR Conventional line ticket gate and Shinkansen transfer gate.

Shinkansen ticket gate
The conventional line North ticket gate
The Shinkansen and the conventional line transfer gate

All exits/ticket gates are connected the underground walkway. This walkway is available for the passenger only. You cannot go through this walkway between north side and south side without a ticket.

The bus stops at Mishima station

Tokai Orange Shuttle bus (orange color bus in the photo) runs in Mishima and surrounding area.

You can get Fuji and Hakone area by the bus from Mishima station. The bus stops for these places depart from south side of the station. There are many bus stops at north side of the station. But all bus services for the tourist destinations depart from south side of the station. When you take a bus from Mishima station, please do not exit at north ticket gate.

The bus which runs between Mishima and Lake Kawaguchi, you can get off the bus at Mishima station north side if you travel from Lake Kawaguchi or other Fuji area.

The bus stops at north side of Mishima station

If you take the Shinkansen, it is easier than getting of the bus at south side.

Bus stop #Destination
1Local bus
2Fujikyu Bus “Mishima/Kawaguchiko Liner
to Lake Kawaguchi, Fuji-Q Highland, Lake Yamanaka
Fujikyu Bus local bus to Gotemba station
Fujikyu Bus “Gotemba Premium Outlet Direct Shuttle
3Local bus
4Local bus
5Tokai Bus to Hakonemachi and Motohakone (Lake Ashi)
6Local bus

If you go to Mt. Fuji and/or Gotemba area, you can catch the bus at the bus stop #2. If you go to Hakone, you can take the bus at the bus stop #5.

Bus stop #2
Bus stop #5 is located in front of Izu Hakone Railway ticket gate

Hakone Free Pass can be purchased at Tokai Orange Shuttle Bus Mishima branch. It is located near the bus stop #5 or #6. Fuji Hakone Pass is not available in Mishima station.

How to transfer the train between the Shinkansen, the conventional line (JR Tokaido line), Izu Hakone Railway, and the bus to Fuji or Hakone

Mishima station is not a mega terminal station. It is easy to change trains.

When you arrive in Mishima by the Shinkansen and change the train on JR Tokaido line or Izu Hakone Railway, just go through the Shinkansen transfer gate and proceed the platform of JR Tokaido line by the underground walkway.

When you want to take the bus to Fuji or Hakone, just go through the underground walkway and exit from the south ticket gate. The bus stops are located just in front of the station.

Connection time

If you just transfer the trains and buses, you can make it in 10 minutes. However if you need to purchase a ticket or pass, you have to add 5 to 10 more minutes at least.


  1. Nits says:

    Hi, I’m bringing a big luggage and will transfer from Shinkansen line to Tokaido line. are the connection walkway equipped with elevator?

  2. Carolyne says:

    Hi, we plan to catch a Hikari Shinkansen from Kyoto arriving at Mishima station at 11.55, then catching a bus Mishima Station South Exit Busstop No.2 at 12.10pm to . This allows only 15 minutes, but the next bus is another hour away. We are a family of 4 with 2 teenagers. Do you think 15 minutes is enough time to get from the Shinkansen to the bus stop? Thanks so much for advice! Carolyne

    • Hi Carolyne,

      You can make it in 15 minutes easily. But don’t forget to book a seat in advance. Reservation is highly recommended. Please find the online reservation info in the link below:


      Takeshi / JPRail.com

      • Yenni says:

        Hi Takeshi,

        Can we buy the bus ticket now if we are going there on 1 April 2020?
        I tried the link, but it said the tickets are not available.
        Is it too early to buy it now?


        • Hi Yenni,

          Are you going to take Mishima-Lake Kawaguchi bus and tried to book at Japan Bus Online? If so, you cannot do it. It says “Bookable Days of Operation
          01/14 ~ 03/14”.

          Please try to do it next month.


          Takeshi / JPRail.com

          • Yenni says:

            Hi Takeshi,
            Sorry I was being unclear.
            We are going to catch the bus from Mishima – Yamanakako. OK, will try again next month.
            We are also thinking about catching bus from Gotemba – Yamanakako, cheaper but a lot more work from Osaka – Gotemba (have to change around 5 times trains)
            We are 4 adults + 1 toddler, travelling from Osaka – Yamanakako, staying for 1 night only before going to Tokyo.
            Thinking about doing Mishima Skywalk and go to Lake Kawaguchiko as well. Do you think it’s achievable? What do you think it’s the best & cost effective plan? We’ll buy JR Pass but still not sure about other passes.
            Thanking you in advance


            • Hi Yenni,

              You can visit all places. But you have to save your time. So you should take a bus from Mishima. You will spend many extra minutes to get Gotemba. And also Mishima Skywalk can be accessed from Mishima. You have to go to Mishima anyway.


              Takeshi / JPRail.com

              • Yenni says:

                Thanks Takeshi
                I do think the same as you but at this point, we are still torn between places to visit as we only have a day there.
                Might ditch Skywalk altogether
                I’m looking at your itinerary for a day visit and thinking to follow it.
                If we arrive at Yamanakako around 1pm, do you think we can do Oshino-Hakkai – Kawaguchiko – Chureito Pagoda – Yamanakako (is there any place we can visit here before going back to our accommodation or our time is really limited?)
                Thanks so much for your help


  3. Ottilia says:

    What is the best way to Hakonemachiko from Mishima sky walk?

  4. Loan nguyen says:

    Hi Takeshi
    I am Loan Nguyen again. Thank you for your help. Could you help me one more time for my plan:
    My travel days from Nov 5 to Nov 13: We bought 7 days jp Japan pass:
    We will use jp pass from Nov 7 to 13.
    1. Tokyo from Nov 5 to 6 we buy tokyo metro pass.
    2.Nov 7 we travel Nikko : Use jp pass and buy Chuzenjl onsen free pass.
    3.Nov 8 tokyo with suica.
    4.Nov 9 from Tokyo to shin-osaka: Use jp pass. Stay at Shin-Osaka
    5. Nov 10 to Kyoto one day: with kyoto metro pass
    6.Nov 11 shin osaka use jp pass and Suica.
    7. Nov 12 from Shin osaka to Hotel mystays fuji onsen resort : use jp pass from
    shin-osaka to Gotemba then use bus to hotel.
    8. Nov 13 to Narita airport: from Hotel mystays to Otsuki by bus then use jp pass on jc Chuo Line or chuo line-limited express to Shinjuku station and Narita express.
    Thanks in advance

  5. Loan nguyen says:

    Hi sir
    My name is Loan Nguyen. We will stay at Fuji q highland. So which pass we will buy to save money. From Mishima station to Fuji Pass will cover express bus? Thank you

  6. Chelsea says:

    Hi Takeshi,

    So lucky to find this website as I am facing difficulty Finding my ways back to Tokyo, Ginza from Mishima. Hope you can help.

    My plan are as followed:
    I will be taking Shinkansen from Kyoto station to Mishima, follow by car rental at Mishima station to explore the area. Staying at lake Yamanaka area.

    I will like to know the options available for travelling back to Tokyo, Ginza after I return the car at Mishima station. I am unable to book the fujikyu buses as the company only have morning buses that depart to Tokyo which might be too early. I am also facing difficulty booking Tokai bus as I can’t find the reservation link. I am only able to see their schedule and charges.

    Appreciate your help.

  7. SARUY says:

    Is there any locker or storage at Mashima station? We are planning to go to the sky walk and prefer to leave our baggages here.


  8. Ted Lin says:

    hi Takeshi,
    we (4 adults with luggage) will travel from Shin Yokohama to Kyoto on 09/23. We would like to visit Hakone/Lake Ashi for boat ride and Komagatake ropeway Also Mishma sky walk. We will take Shinkansen to Mishima and store the luggage in lockers. You have mentioned the options of getting to Hakone. Can y/?ou suggest how we can go to Mishima Skywalk and back to Mishima to catch 17:46 train to Kyoto.

    Thanks in advance,

    Ted LIn

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