Mishima station guide. How to change the trains and the buses to Hakone, Fuji and Shuzenji.

Mishima station south ticket gate building

Mishima is the gateway of the west coast of Izu peninsula, such as Shuzenji. This station is also the departure point of a bus to Fuji and Hakone. You can catch the bus to Lake Kawaguchi and Lake Yamanaka in Fuji area, and Motohakone and Hakonemachi by Lake Ashi in Hakone.

In this post, I will show you many photos of inside and outside of Mishima station. And I will explain about this station structure and transfer among trains and buses.


Please see the map below:

Click to view large

At Mishima station, there are three railway lines, Tokaido Shinkansen, JR Tokaido line (JR conventional line) and Izu-Hakone Railway Sunzu line. The Tokaido Shinkansen connects Mishima and Tokyo, Nagoya, Shin-Yokohama, Shin-Osaka. All Nozomi on the Tokaido Shinkansen which is the fastest train skip Mishima. Some trops of Hikari on the Tokaido Shinkansen which is the second fastest train stop at Mishima. Kodama on the Tokaido Shinkansen which stops at all stations stop at Mishima, of course. If you can catch Hikari which stops at Mishima, that is the fastest way to get there from Tokyo, Nagoya and Shin-Osaka.

Station structure, tracks and platforms

You can watch whole part of Mishima station in the movie below:

Overview of Mishima station platforms. The photo was taken at the end of the platform of Track #3/#4.

On the ground floor, there are Tokaido line platforms. And Izu Hakone Railway Mishima station is located at the south side of Mishima station. The Shinkansen platforms are located at the second level. These platforms are connected by the underground walkway.

The underground walkway connects all platforms and ticket gates.
The Shinkansen platform
Izu Hakone Railway platform and JR/Izu Hakone Railway transfer ticket gate
Escalators and elevators are equipped at all platforms.

All platforms and tracks of Mishima station are the following:

1Limited Express OdorikoShuzenji, Atami, Yokohama, Tokyo
2JR Tokaido lineNumazu, Shizuoka
3JR Tokaido line
Atami, Tokyo, Yokohama
4JR Tokaido lineNumazu, Shizuoka
Atami, Tokyo, Yokohama
5The Tokaido ShinkansenNagoya, Kyoto, Shin-Osaka
6The Tokaido ShinkansenShin-Yokohama, Tokyo
7,8,9Izu Hakone RailwayShuzenji

Ticket gate / Exit

JR South ticket gate
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JR exits/ticket gates are located at both north side and south side. Izu Hakone Railway ticket gate is located beside JR north side ticket gate. There is the transfer gate between JR and Izu Hakone Railway. You can transfer these trains without exiting the station.

Izu Hakone Railway ticket gate

At north side, there are the Shinkansen ticket gate, JR Conventional line ticket gate and Shinkansen transfer gate.

Shinkansen ticket gate
The conventional line North ticket gate
The Shinkansen and the conventional line transfer gate

All exits/ticket gates are connected the underground walkway. This walkway is available for the passenger only. You cannot go through this walkway between north side and south side without a ticket.

The bus stops at Mishima station

Tokai Orange Shuttle bus (orange color bus in the photo) runs in Mishima and surrounding area.

You can get Fuji and Hakone area by the bus from Mishima station. The bus stops for these places depart from south side of the station. There are many bus stops at north side of the station. But all bus services for the tourist destinations depart from south side of the station. When you take a bus from Mishima station, please do not exit at north ticket gate.

The bus which runs between Mishima and Lake Kawaguchi, you can get off the bus at Mishima station north side if you travel from Lake Kawaguchi or other Fuji area.

The bus stops at north side of Mishima station

If you take the Shinkansen, it is easier than getting of the bus at south side.

Bus stop #Destination
1Local bus
2Fujikyu Bus “Mishima/Kawaguchiko Liner
to Lake Kawaguchi, Fuji-Q Highland, Lake Yamanaka
Fujikyu Bus local bus to Gotemba station
Fujikyu Bus “Gotemba Premium Outlet Direct Shuttle
3Local bus
4Local bus
5Tokai Bus to Hakonemachi and Motohakone (Lake Ashi)
6Local bus

If you go to Mt. Fuji and/or Gotemba area, you can catch the bus at the bus stop #2. If you go to Hakone, you can take the bus at the bus stop #5.

Bus stop #2
Bus stop #5 is located in front of Izu Hakone Railway ticket gate

Hakone Free Pass can be purchased at Tokai Orange Shuttle Bus Mishima branch. It is located near the bus stop #5 or #6. Fuji Hakone Pass is not available in Mishima station.

How to transfer the train between the Shinkansen, the conventional line (JR Tokaido line), Izu Hakone Railway, and the bus to Fuji or Hakone

Mishima station is not a mega terminal station. It is easy to change trains.

When you arrive in Mishima by the Shinkansen and change the train on JR Tokaido line or Izu Hakone Railway, just go through the Shinkansen transfer gate and proceed the platform of JR Tokaido line by the underground walkway.

When you want to take the bus to Fuji or Hakone, just go through the underground walkway and exit from the south ticket gate. The bus stops are located just in front of the station.

Connection time

If you just transfer the trains and buses, you can make it in 10 minutes. However if you need to purchase a ticket or pass, you have to add 5 to 10 more minutes at least.

66 thoughts on “Mishima station guide. How to change the trains and the buses to Hakone, Fuji and Shuzenji.”

  1. Dear Takeshi-San,

    I am planning to arrive into Mishima from Numazu on the JR Tokaido line and then transfer onto the Shinkansen to Kyoto, will 9 minutes be enough time to transfer between platforms?

    Many thanks,


  2. Hi Takeshi-San
    I think I am organised.
    Can you advise if this seems to work with a 7 day JR green Pass and luggage?
    Arrive Haneda airport early on a Sunday morning where we will exchange voucher for pass then take Monorial to Hamamatsucho and JR Yamanote Line (Outer Loop) for Osaki and Shinagawa (is it necessary to change this train?) then catch the Shinkansen Hikari to Kyoto.
    We will then spend a couple of days in Kyoto.
    Now on a Tuesday morning catch Shinkansen Hikari to Mishima then the Fujikyuko Bus to Kawaguchiko and following day catch bus back to Mishima then Shinkansen Hikari to Shinagawa and change to JR Yamanote Line (Outer Loop) for Osaki and onto Shinjuku. Yet again do we need to change that train? The bus seems to be more direct than changing several trains on this route.
    Our hotels in Kyoto and Shinjuku are both near the station so we will be right to walk to them.
    The last day is Thursday and we need to get from Shinjuku station to Yokohama Cruise Terminal so am wondering if that is easiest to catch trains or taxi?
    My main worry is will we manage luggage on those trains as we don’t really have time to get it sent between hotels.
    Also I have read that to see Mt Fuji to sit on the right hand side from Tokyo to Kyoto. We are going to get green pass so when we book seats could you advise what numbered seats to ask for please?
    Thank you so much and we are really looking forward to our first trip to Japan and I am sure once we are there it won’t be as confusing as it is mapping the trips out on the computer.

    1. Hi Elizabeth san,

      You may use JR pass 7-day for your trip.

      When you go to Kyoto from Haneda, you have to change the trains/monorails at Hamamatsucho and Shinagawa.

      For the trip to Fuji, I recommend you to take the bus to Shinjuku from Kawaguchiko. If you go back to Mishima, you spend lots of time and do not save the cost.

      Express bus Mishima to Kawaguchiko and return 4,200 yen
      Express bus Mishima to Kawaguchiko and Kawaguchiko to Shinjuku 2,300 yen + 1,900 yen = 4,200 yen

      The cost is exactly same. But if you take the bus to Shinjuku from Kawaguchiko, it’s faster and direct to Shinjuku. There are many lockers at Kawaguchiko station. You can store the luggage there.

      In the Shinkansen green car, there are four seats, A, B (isle) C and D. C and D are Fuji side.

      Regarding the luggage, please see the link below:

      If you use JR pass to get Yokohama cruise terminal, you have to take the local train to Kannai. But it’s about 2km away from the terminal. You should take the taxi.


      Takeshi / JPRail.com

  3. Hi Takeshi-san, thank you for this post/guide. I’m so reliefed finding this guide.

    I really need your advice for my next week trip to Japan. I will be flying to Haneda Airport next week and from Haneda i will take a bus to Fujikawaguchiko for Mt Fuji. After 2 days, i’m going to leave for Osaka and I plan to take a shinkansen from Mishima Station. From Shin Mishima, can i buy a train straight to Shin Osaka without having to hop from one shinkansen to another to get to Osaka?

    I’m kind of nervous because this is my first time travel to Japan on my own and my first time (too) using a shinkansen.

    1. Hi Nani san,

      The bus from Kawaguchiko will stop at north and south side of Mishima station. You may get off at north side because it’s closer to the Shinkansen ticket gate.

      You can buy a ticket at Mishima station. You can find the ticket window easily.

      There are some direct Shinkansen trains from Mishima to Shin-Osaka. But the number of the trains are limited. It comes every 2 hours, at 9:46, 11:46, 13:46, 15:46, 17:46 and 18:46. There are many more trains but you have to change the trains at either Nagoya or Shizuoka.

      You can find the timetable in the link below:


      Takeshi / JPRail.com

    2. Hi takeshi
      Just wanna ask regarding Mishima station

      I will take a bud from osaka and it will be arrived at mishima station NORTH side 0624 approximately.
      I want to take a bus 0730am depart for FujiQ highland but the bus stop is at the SOUTH SIDE of the station
      Can i know mishima Station does have a flyover for me to walk to the otherside of the station?

      1. Hi Aimran,

        Unfortunately you can’t. You cannot go through the station so you have to take the road to east of west side of the station to get other side of the station. Otherwise you can purchase the station entry ticket at 140 yen to go through the station. You can buy this ticket at the vending machine.


        Takeshi / JPRail.com

  4. Hi Takeshi-San,

    We were hoping you could help us check our itinerary and pass selections for our trip to Japan in August, and also if you would be so kind to make suggestions for improvements or changes especially in terms of our transportation plans.

    03.08.19 – 08.08.19: TOKYO
    On the 3rd of August, Saturday, we arrive at Haneda Airport at 22.30pm.
    We are hoping to catch the Keikyu direct train to Asakusa from the International Terminal at 11.20pm (620 Yen), if we miss the train we plan to take a limousine bus at 1.15am to Asakusa (1800 Yen)
    *Do you have any other suggestions on how to get to Asakusa from Haneda at night, or is our plan okay?
    Accommodation: Staying at Hotel Hokke Club Asakusa
    Main Sight-seeing Plans: Asakusa, Shibuya, Shinjuku, Ueno, Ginza, Akihabara, Roppongi, etc
    Passes for Tokyo: Tokyo Subway Pass 2/3 Days (1200/1500 Yen)
    IC Card: Suica (for convenience stores and transport not covered under the Tokyo Subway Pass)
    *Would you recommend any other Tokyo Passes?

    08.09.19 – 09.08.19: FUJIKAWAGUCHIKO
    We plan to purchase a highway bus ticket from Shinjuku to Kawaguchiko Station.
    Accommodation: Toyoko Inn Fuji Kawaguchiko Ohashi
    Main Sight-Seeing Plans: Lake Kawaguchiko, onsens, etc
    Passes: Fuji Hakone Pass without round trip (6740 Yen)
    *Would you recommend getting the Fuji Hakone Pass with a round trip since we begin our journey from Shinjuku? But we won’t be returning to Tokyo though, we will be heading to Motohakone after Fujikawaguchiko.

    09.08.19 – 10.08.19: MOTO-HAKONE
    We plan to use the Fuji Hakone Pass to travel by bus from Fujikawaguchiko to Motohakone
    Main Sight-Seeing Plans: Onsens, Lake Ashi, Hakone Shrine, Owakudani, Hakone Ropeway etc
    Accommodation: Hakone Ashinoko Toranoyu
    Passes: Fuji Hakone Pass without round trip

    10.08.19-13.08.19: KYOTO
    *We are not sure how to travel from Moto-Hakone to Kyoto, was hoping you could suggest something for us that is affordable
    Accommodation: Hotel Gimmond Kyoto
    Passes: Kyoto Sight-Seeing Subway + Bus Pass 1/2 Days
    *I also read on a forum that there is a Kyoto Sight-Seeing Subway + Bus Pass that costs a little more, but also covers entrance fees to many Tourist Attractions, I was wondering is this true? Because I can’t find much information online about this special pass

    13.08.19 Kansai, Osaka
    We plan to leave Kyoto around noon to go to Osaka because we will be leaving Japan from KIX Kansai Airport back to our home country. Our flight is at 22.00pm at night.
    Passes: Kansai Area Pass Day (2200 Yen)
    We planned to use the Kansai Area 1 Day Pass because I read that it allows use of the Haruka limited express train from Kyoto directly to Kansai, Airport. Was hoping you could confirm this, and let me know if this is a good idea.

    Thank you so much in advance Takeshi-San, your help is much appreciated, and needed! 🙂

    1. Hi Janice san,

      I think that you picked the right deals. I have only several things to tell you.

      There is no good deals for Hakone to Kyoto. Just take a bus to Mishima from Motohakone. And purchase a regular fare ticket from Mishima to Kyoto by the Shinkansen which costs around 12,000 yen.

      I recommend you to use just bus pass in Kyoto. Because you will take the train other than subway in Kyoto more.

      I think the bus pass and Suica is okay. You can use Suica in Kyoto as well:

      Kansai area pass is a good choice. You can take Haruka from Kyoto. You can stop by Osaka if you like. It gives you the unlimited ride of JR trains. This is the right deal.


      Takeshi / JPRail.com

      1. Hi Takeshi-San,

        Thank you so much for your feedback and quick response! 🙂 I appreciate very much you taking the time to respond to my inquiry. I have a question more to ask Takeshi-San, if I add a day trip to Kanazawa to my itinerary, maybe departing from Kyoto or Tokyo. Would I benefit from the Japan Rail Pass?

          1. Hi Takeshi-San,

            Thank you so much for the links. So if I do include Kanazawa in my trip, and buy the 7 Day Japan Rail Pass, I no longer need to purchase:
            – Tokyo Subway Pass
            – Separate Bus ticket from Shinjuku to Kawaguchiko
            – Separate Shinkansen from Moto-Hakone to Kyoto
            – Kyoto Sight-seeing Subway + Bus Pass ½ Days
            – Kansai Area 1 Day Pass

            Is this right?

            But I will still need to purchase
            – Suica for subways
            – Fuji Hakone Pass for travelling in Fujikawaguchiko and Motohakone

            Is this correct? Would the Japan Rail Pass be worth it for me?

            Thanks once again in advance Takeshi-San

            1. Hi Janice san,

              I think you still need Tokyo subway pass because you will use 7-day JR pass for the last 7 days. You need some deal for the first few days.
              And I still recommend you to use Kyoto bus pass because it is only 600 yen. You can get the worth of it by only 3 rides. JR Pass does not cover city bus in Kyoto and you have to take it to access many spots in Kyoto. But subway is not necessary.


              Takeshi / JPRail.com

              1. Dear Takeshi-San,

                I am so grateful I found your page, you have been a tremendous help in planning our trip, thank you so much for your kind help! Cheers! 🙂

          2. i just wanna ask regarding mishima station to fuji Q highland bus tickets. can i buy it at the counter, or it only can be purchased online to board the bus?

            1. Hi Aimran,

              You can buy a ticket at the counter in Mishima station if the seat is available. All seats may be booked out when you get Mishima without reservation. If you want to secure your seat, online is recommended.


              Takeshi / JPRail.com

              1. hi and thank you takeshi for the fast response,
                another question that i had in mind is that the JR pass whole japan only covers the JR line only

                does this places covered by the JR pass Whole japan?
                universal studio osaka
                disneysea tokyo
                from fuji Q highland to tokyo

                thanks in advance

  5. Hi there, thanks so much for your useful information. We get into Mishima station at 1:56pm from Kyoto and are aiming to catch the 2:10pm bus up to Kawaguchko. Where do we buy tickets from before getting on the bus? Thank you

  6. hi Takeshi,
    Sorry, I asked the wrong station previously. Is there a luggage/storage at Kawaguchiko Station? I couldn’t find any jprail post specifically on Kawaguchiko station.

    1. Hi Liyana,

      Yes. There are lockers at Kawaguchiko station too. Exit the ticket gate and go outside. And then proceed to the left. You will find it. If it’s full, you can ask the station. They store the luggage too.


      Takeshi / JPRail.com

  7. Hi,
    I am planning a day trip from Shinjuku to Mishima, and then taking the evening Shinkansen Hikari to Nagoya. Is there a luggage storage/locker available in the Mishima Station?

    1. Hi Liyana,

      Yes. There are lockers at both south and north exits. If you use north which is closer to the Shinkansen ticket gate, exit north ticket gate and proceed to the left after go through the ticket gate. You will find it in front of the coffee shop.
      If you use south, exit south ticket gate and proceed to right. You will find the lockers beside the tourist information center.


      Takeshi / JPRail.com

      1. Hi, May I know if there are a lot of lockers? We are likely to need 3 big lockers (luggage is 26″ -30″). Also, are there time limits? Can we store them for 2 days?

        1. Hi Annie,

          You need a large size locker. But these are very limited. There are six large size lockers at North exit and two large size lockers at South exit. There are many more small and medium. But that’s all for large size. Those may be occupied.

          You can store a luggage up to 3 days. You have to pay 600 yen per day. It’s not 24 hours. Additional fee is charge at midnight. Even if you store the luggage at 23:00 and pick it up 6:00 am in next day, you still need to pay for 2 days. When you store the luggage, you will pay 600 yen. If you pick it up next day, you will pay another 600 yen to open the door.


          Takeshi / JPRail.com

  8. Hi Takeshi,

    I am planning to take the SHINKANSEN HIKARI 462 from Osaka which arrives at Mishima at 11:55am. The bus to Kawaguchiko departs at 12:10pm. Do you think I will be able to get to the bus in time? Thank you, your website is very helpful

    1. Hi Paul,

      It may be a bit tight but usually the transfer time is around 10 minutes. Please make sure that you have to go through the Shinkansen transfer gate and go to south exit. The bus does not stop at north gate which is closer to the Shinkansen platform.


      Takeshi / JPRail.com

  9. Hi,
    We will travel from Kawaguchiko to Kyoto with 2 kids (stroller)
    We will take bus from Kawaguchiko to Mishima :
    Then,we will take the Hikari from Mishima to Kyoto
    Which bus stop Mishima North or South ?
    Is it Stroller friendly (lift) ?
    How and Where to activate the JR pass ?
    Thank you so much for your help

    1. Hi Morliere,

      You will get off the bus at north side which is much closer to the Shinkansen platform than south side. There are elevators.
      At Mishima station, you cannot exchange the pass at south side ticket office. You have to go to north side. So you should exchange the pass at other major stations in advance. You can exchange the pass at any stations on the list in the link below.

      You can choose the date when you want to start using the pass at the time of exchange.


      Takeshi / JPRail.com

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