Cruising train Izu Creile offers you very comfortable train experience to Izu peninsula from Odawara.

Atami, Ito, Shimoda, Mishima, Shuzenji
Renovated exterior looks very lovely.
Izu Creile runs along very scenic shoreline in Izu peninsula.

This train is no longer available. The service was ended in March, 2020.

Izu Creile was introduced in summer 2016. It runs between Odawara and Izukyu-Shimoda via Atami, Ito, other major spots in Izu peninsula as seasonal cruising train. It has very nice interior and you can enjoy very scenic view of shoreline from the large panoramic window.

I have received many photos of this train from my reader, James. Now I can write about this train with many beautiful pictures from James. Thank you very much for your support, James!

Route, schedule and trip time

Izu Creile offers one round trips between Odawara and Izukyu-Shimoda on weekend, holiday and peak period. It does not run on weekdays. Please see the seasonal train information in the link below. You will find the operation dates of this train.

Seasonal train information

This train will make stops at major stations and trip time is 2.5 hours to Izukyu-Shimoda and 2 hours to Odawara. The train stops or run slowly at some points with nice scenery.


Izu Creile stops at Izukyu-Shimoda station.

Izu Creile stops at these stations

Odawara (小田原)
Atami (熱海)
Ito (伊東)
Izu-Kogen (伊豆高原)
Izu-Atagawa (伊豆熱川)
Izu-Inatori (伊豆稲取)
Kawazu (河津)
Izukyu-Shimoda (伊豆急下田)

Fares and coverage by rail pass

This train is rapid train and all seats are Green reserved seat. You cannot ride this train without reservation. Even if you use rail pass, such as JR Pass, JR East Pass, you may need to pay extra and much book. Please see the following to check the fare that you need to pay.

Single fare

You need to pay base fare and reserved Green seat fee. Green seat fee is the following:

Odawara / Ito780 yen
Ito / Izukyu-Shimoda520 yen

The segment between Odawara and Ito is JR. And the segment between Ito and Izyukyu-Shimoda is Izu Kyuko railway. Green seat fee is flat rate on each compnay.

The base fare varies with the distance. Please use Hyperdia to find the fare:

Hyperdia perfect guide

Japan Rail Pass (JR Pass) Ordinary type

It covers base fare between Odawara and Ito. Green seat fee on all segments and base fare between Ito and Izuykyu-Shimoda are not covered.

Japan Rail Pass (JR Pass) Green type

It covers base fare and Green seat fee between Odawara and Ito. Green seat fee and base fare between Ito and Izuykyu-Shimoda are not covered.

JR East Pass Nagano/Niigata area, JR East Pass Tohoku area, Tokyo Wide Pass, JR East-South Hokkaido Rail Pass

These passes cover all base fare between Odawara and Izukyu-Shimoda. Green fare is not covered at all.

Package tour

Many of seats are sold as package tour product. It includes base fare, Green seat fee and meal on board. This package product is sold at View Travel in major JR stations in JR East area, such as Kanto, Tohoku, Nagnao, Niigata areas.


Renovated exterior looks very lovely.

This train will be operated by renovated E651 series. Izu Creile runs as rapid train but this fleet, E651 was used for limited express train. This is fully renovated and all seats are Green class. This fleet offers you very comfortable train trip experience.

Train formation

This train is four cars formation.


GT=Green seat for package tour passengers PB=Public space GR=Green seat for regular ticket and pass user
*All seats are non smoking and Green seat.

As I mentioned above, many seats are sold for package tour passengers only. In this train, all seats on car 1 and 3 are sold as package tour. You cannot book a seat on these cars. You can book a seat of car 4 only if you take this train by single fare or rail pass.

Interior images

All photos are given by my reader, James. I appreciate your support, James!

Car #1. All seat are sold for package tour.
Live entertainment at car#2. Anyone can access this car.
Car#2 public space. Anyone can access this car.
Car#2 public space. Anyone can access this car. Light meal and drink are sold in this card.
All sears are compartment on car #3. All seat are sold for package tour.
Interior on car#4. Only seats on this car is available for single fare passengers and rail pass users.


  1. Aira Abalos says:

    Hi Takeshi,

    Thank you for this informative article, I would like to try one of these joyful trains. I wonder though, among the joyful trains covered by JR East Nagano Niigata Pass, which are completely free of charge and doesn’t require any addtional fee such as green seat fee?

    Thank you so much!


  2. Rudy Sada says:

    Hi Takeshi san,

    In October 2018, I plan to go from California to China with 3 days stopover in Tokyo. The plan is to go on Saturday Oct 13, 2018 taking Aizu Creile for that day . Will fly to China from Narita Oct 15 morning.

    Do you have suggestion how do you do that from Tokyo and we would like the package car 1 or 3. Is it easier if we stay in a hotel in Narita or in Tokyo? Where do you buy the ticket package?



    • Hi Rudy san,

      I don’t recommend you to take Izu Creile car #1 to #3. You have to purchase it at JR East View travel center. There is not View Travel in Narita airport station. The nearest one is located in Narita station. Narita station is a few stations away from Narita airport station. I think the staff in Narita station do not speak English.

      You cannot purchase it online either. So you may not be able to purchase it. If you are okay with regular car (car#4), you may be able to make it. You can book it at Narita airport station. But this is also booked after you arrive in Japan.


      Takeshi /

  3. Russell says:

    Hi Takeshi,

    If I wanted to buy a package tour for the Izu Craile, is it covered by the JR Pass or is it completely separate? Also, does it run in winter?

    Also, when taking the Hashidate and Super Hakuto/Inaba limited express services, when do I pay the additional fare? Thank you!


  4. Tak says:

    Hi James,

    I have been very interested in this train ever since they started operating. Do you think it is worth getting the tour package just to get a seat in car #1 or #3. I think the car 4 look ordinary but I would image myself hanging around in car #2 and enjoying music, drink etc…

    By the way, I had a look at Izukyu webpage now. I didn’t know they sell a pass for 1000 yen for non-Japanese people. This might be useful but I guess it cannot be used for this train.

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