Haneda airport access guide and the list of deals

(C)  Yasufumi Nishi/ JNTO
(C) Yasufumi Nishi/ JNTO

Narita airport (成田空港) is well known as the international airport in Tokyo. But many flights arrives and departs at Haneda airport (羽田空港) too in these days.

Haneda is located in Metro Tokyo 23 municipalities. Haneda is way closer to downtown Tokyo than Narita. Please see the map below to find the location of both Narita and Haneda.

View Narita Airport and Haneda Airport in a larger map

Haneda airport is connected with downtown Tokyo by Tokyo Monorail, Keihin Kyuko Railway (a.k.a. Keikyu railway) and Airport Limousine bus. In this post, I will explain about the access between airport and downtown Tokyo. And also I will mention some deals for airport access.

View Haneda Airport Access in a larger map

But Haneda airport allow only midnight and early morning for international flight. So if you arrive Haneda so late, you may not get downtown Tokyo by train. Let’s see the details, such as fare, schedule and route, about three ways, Tokyo Monorail, Keihin Kyuko Railway and Airport Limousine bus.

How to find the station at Haneda airport international terminal

Actually it is quite simple. When you exit from Immigration and Custom area, you will see the hall, like the picture below.

You will see Limousine bus ticket counter on your left hand side.

If you want to take a limousine bus, you will see the ticket window when you exit from Immigration and Custom. It is same location at the exit. But midnight bus services are very very limited. (C) JP Rail.

Just keep going straight from the exit. Both Tokyo Monorail station and Keihin Kyuko station are just a few steps away from the exit.

Tokyo Monorail station will be on your left hand side. (C) JP Rail
Keihin Kyuko station will be on your right hand side. (C) JP Rail

Once you exit from Immigration and Custom, it takes less than one minute to get the station. Many station staffs are there to help you how to buy a ticket and find a direction. And also there exist lots of signs and most of signs are shown in four languages, Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean. You won’t miss it.

Japan Rail Pass exchange office

JR East Travel Service Center is next to Tokyo Monorail ticket gate. There exist a big sign. (C) JP Rail

JR East has Travel Service Center at Tokyo Monorail Haneda Airport International Terminal station. You can exchange your JR pass here and you can start to use Japan Rail Pass (a.k.a. JR Pass) right after you arrive at Haneda in Japan.

However the window opens only between 7:45 and 18:30. If you arrive at Haneda in early morning or late night, you cannot exchange JR Pass. Shinagawa station is the closest location to Haneda airport. Please check the list of the exchange place and operation hours at Japan Rail Pass official site.

Japan Rail Pass covers Tokyo Monorail only. You cannot take Keihin Kyuko Railway and Airport Limousine bus.

Tokyo Monorail (東京モノレール)

Tokyo Monorail

Tokyo Monorail connects Haneda airport with Hamamatsucho (浜松町). It takes 18 minutes by the fastest train, “Haneda Express”. It takes 23 minutes by local train. Haneda Express stops only Hamamatsucho, Haneda Airport International Terminal, Haneda Airport Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. Tokyo Monorail operates every 3 to 5 minutes in most of operation hours. And it runs in 5 to 10 minutes in very early morning and very late night. Monorail starts to run around 05:00 am and the last one run around midnight.

Please check the exact schedule on Tokyo Monorail official site.

Hamamatsucho is three stations away from Tokyo station. If you want to take Shinkansen after arrival at Haneda, you have to take Yamanote line (山手線). I recommend you to use Keihin Kyuko Railway because they take you to Shinagawa (品川). You can easily transfer to Shinkansen there. If you stay at the major hotel in downtown Tokyo, you may take Airport Limousine bus.

Please see the link below to find more information about Hamamatsucho station in the link below:

Hamamtsucho station guide. How to trasnsfer JR, Tokyo Monorail and Subway lines

Keihin Kyuko Railway (京浜急行)

Keihin Kyuko Railway - Airport Limited Express
Keihin Kyuko Railway – Airport Limited Express

Keihin Kyuko is one of the major private railway company it Tokyo. We call “Keikyu” (short word of Keihin Kyuko).

Keihin Kyuko connects Haneda airport with Shinagawa (品川). It takes 16 to 18 minutes by the fastest train, “Airport Limited Express”. This express train does not stop any station between Haneda airport stations and Shinagawa. But Airport Limited Express is operated in daytime only. Most of trains are Airport Express. This train stops all stations between Haneda terminal and Keikyu-Kamata. And also it stops at Heiwajima, Tachiaigawa and Aomonoyokocho. It takes 23 to 25 minutes by Airport Express. They operates every 5 minutes during daytime and 10 minutes during early morning and late night. The first departure is around 05:20 am from Haneda to Shinagawa. The last departure is around midnight from Haneda to Shinagawa.

Please check the detailed schedule on Keihin Kyuko Haneda Access website.

Shinagawa is one of the biggest terminal stations in downtown Tokyo and Shinkansen stop at Shinagawa. Please see the detailed information about Shinagawa station in the link below:

Shinagawa station guide. Transfer among Shinkansen, Keihin Kyuko to Haneda, Narita Express

If you want to take Shinkansen which is bound for Shin-Yokohama, Nagoya, Kyoto, Shin-Osaka and many station to the west, you should take Keihin Kyuko. But if you stay at the major hotel in downtown Tokyo, you still think about taking Keihin Kyuko. Because Keihin Kyuko is connected with Toei subway Asakusa line. They operates through the subway line and it directly take you to some of the popular spots in Tokyo, such as Shinbashi (新橋), Ginza (銀座) and Asakusa (浅草). If you stay at the major hotel in other areas in Tokyo, you may take Airport Limousine bus.

Airport Limousine bus

Airport Limousine

Airport Limousine takes you most of major hotels in Tokyo. The fare is starting from 600 yen. It is varied by the destination. Please check the details on their website.

Late arrival and early departure

Most of the flights arrive at Haneda in early morning or late night. If your flight arrives late night and/or depart in early morning, you have to think about access to/from downtown Tokyo and should have a back up plan in case of the flight delay.

I show several sample schedules between Haneda and some places in Tokyo by Monorail and Keihin Kyuko. Please see the post at, How to take Tokyo Monorail or Keihin Kyuko for late arrival and early departure at Haneda.

Available deals

There are several deals available for access to downtown Tokyo. Unfortunately all deals apply to one way from airport to downtown Tokyo or round trip. There is no deals available from downtown Tokyo to Haneda airport.

Monorail and Yamanote Line Discount Ticket

It includes Monorail one way fare to Hamamatsucho and the fare to all stations on Yamanote line. You can get Shinbashi,Tokyo, Akihabara, Ueno, Ikebukuro, Shinjuku, Shibuya and many other stations on Yamanote line.

Please see the link below to find more information about this deal.

Tokyo Monorail official site, Monorail and Yamanote Line Discount Ticket

Keihin Kyuko Railway deals

Keihin Kyuko Railway offers several kinds of deal which include Keihin Kyuko train to Sengakuji and subway unlimited ride. Please see the link below to find more information about these deals.

Keihin Kyuko Railway official site, Discount tickets

260 thoughts on “Haneda airport access guide and the list of deals”

  1. Hi, we are 4 adults to arrives Haneda at 1030pm. What train or bus to take to Sunlite Hotel Tokyo, 5-15-8 Shinjuku Shinjuku-ku?

    I will be here from 3july to 14july. I will be leaving kyoto to tokyo and then to Haneda for my plane to leave 15thjuly at 1.30am. What is best way to travel with my 7daysJR Pass from Kyoto to Haneda? (to use from 8thJuly to 14th July) .

    Please help.


    1. Hi Julie,
      Just go to Shinjuku. Please see the following post:
      Regarding access to Haneda from Kyoto, take Shinkansen to Shinagawa and transfer to Keihin Kyuko train to Haneda. Even though Keihin Kyuko is not covered by JR pass, this is the easiest and fastest to get Haneda. You can use Monorail from Hamamatsucho to Haneda by JR pass. But you need to transfer to local train at Shiknagawa to Hamamatsucho and then transfer to monorail to Haneda.
      Takeshi / JP Rail

  2. Hi, we will arrive at Haneda airport at 22,30 and we will stay at Pearl Hotel Ryogoku.
    Which is the best way to get to Ryogoku, Tokyo.

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Sam,
      Take the following lines:
      Haneda -> (Tokyo Monorail) -> Hamamatsucho -> (Yamanote line) -> Akihabara -> (Sobu line) -> Ryogoku
      Takeshi / JP Rail

  3. Hello, I’m arriving on Thursday at 2pm and need to get to Komazawadaigaku.. What is the simplest way I can do this?
    Thank you.

  4. Hi, I will be arriving Tokyo Haneda International Airport on 12th (Tues) June 2012 at close to midnight at 2305. I wish to connect to Yokohama station and transfer to Bashamichi Station. What is the best route?

    1. Hi Sim,
      You can go to Yokohama by Keihin Kyuko and transfer to Minato Mirai line at Yokohama. But the last train depart from Heneda at 23:42. It is very tight. If you miss this train, the only way to get Yokohama is taxi. You need to rush to go through custom and immigration.
      Takeshi / JP Rail

  5. Hi admin,

    My flight arrive at Haneda airport at 23:00, weekday (i.e Monday), what is the economy way to get to KAMATA, Grand Park Hotel Panex Tokyo?

    What time for the last train at night and it cost?

    1. Hi Norzita,
      Please read the post above carefully.
      As I mentioned, Kamata can be accessed by Keihin Kyuko. The last train is 00:20. It might be in time. If you cannot miss it, taxi is the only way.
      Please read the chapter of Keihin Kyuko in above post to get more details.
      Takeshi / JP Rail

  6. I will need to be at Haneda Airport by 5:20 am. I will be staying at Courtyard Hotel in Ginza in Tokyo. What’s the best way to get to the airport at that time?

    1. Hi Les,
      There is no public transportation from Ginza such an early time. You need to take a cab to Hamamatsucho from Ginza. You can take Monorail at 5am and takes 12 minutes to get Haneda. Taxi fare is around 1000 yen.
      Takeshi / JP Rail

  7. My flight arrive at Haneda airport at 23:00, weekday (i.e Monday), what is the economy way to get to Palm & Fountain Terrace Hotel at Akemi Urayasu-shi, Chiba other than taxi (total passenger 5 adults & 3 children)?

    1. Hi Lydia,
      You must take Monorail by 23:45 to Hamamatsucho. After arrive at Hamamatsucho at 23:52, take JR train to Tokyo at 23:59. Transfer the train to Soga via Maihama, Urayasu on Keiyo line at Tokyo station. Train depart at 00:33. This is the last one. And also Keiyo line at Tokyo station is located at deep underground level. It takes at least 10 minutes to transfer.
      If you miss 23:45 monorail, taxi is only way. Try to get out Immigration and custom ASAP.
      Takeshi / JP Rail

  8. Hi, I would like to get to the intercontinental tokyo bay from Haneda International Terminal.

    However i would be arriving close to midnight and may miss the Tokyo monorai. Taxis are very expensive. Any other ways to get there please?


    1. Hi Koh,
      Unfortunately, monorail and taxi are only way to get there. Try to go through custom and immigration as quick as possible. Monorail station is a few steps away from the exit.
      Takeshi / JP Rail

  9. Hi, I would like to get to the Conrad Hotel in Tokyo (close to Shiodome station) from Haneda International Terminal. What would be the best way to get there please?

    It seems that I can take Tokyo Monorail to Hamamatsucho, then maybe taxi to Shiodome? How much would the taxi cost between Hamamatsucho and Shiodome?

    Alternatively maybe I should take the Keikyu line towards Shinagawa. Does it mean that I will need to change at Sengakuji to Toei Asakusa line, then to Daimon and change to Toei Oedo line to Shiodome?

    Please can you advise?

    Thank you very much in advance!

    1. Hi Cathy,
      Take Monorail to Hamamtsucho and transfer to Yamanote line to Shinbashi. Shinbashi is just one station away from Hamamatsucho. Shiodeme is within walking distance from Shinbashi station.
      Takeshi / JP Rail

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