JR train timetables guide. How to find the timetable of the train in Japan.

You have to see the timetable to build your trip plan. In this post, I will show you the resources of the timetable of the train in Japan.

JPRail.com PDF timetable

I will tell you about the timetable by the major train companies later. However those are not enough. And some train companies offers only the search engine. You may want to see the hardcopy of the timetable.

I picked up the major trains, such as the limited express Wide View Hida, the limited express Thunderbird, most of the limited express trains in Hokkaido. And I made the timetable in PDF format. You can find it in the link below:

Timetable is not available until further notice due to the train suspenstion due to COVID-19.

JR Group’s website

JR used to be Japan’s National Railway but it was privatized a long time ago. And technically there are five different companies, JR Hokkaido (Hokkaido area), JR East (Tohoku, Kanto, Tokyo and surrounding area, Nagano), JR Central (Shinkansen Tokyo-Osaka, Nagoya and surrounding area, Chubu region), JR West (Kansai and Chugoku regions), JR Shikoku (Shikoku area) and JR Kyushu (Kyushu area). Some of these JR companies offers timetable and fare search in each websites.

JR East timetable

This website shows you the timetables of most of limited express trains, Shinkansen and popular seasonal trains in JR East areas. It also shows you the timetable of JR Hokkaido trains.

JR East official site – the timetable

JR Central timetable

This website shows the timetable of the Tokaido Shinkansen and the Sanyo Shinkansen. This Shinkansen line runs between Tokyo, Nagoya, Kyoto, Shin-Osaka, Okayama, Hiroshima and Hakata.

JR Central official site – The Tokaido and the Sanyo Shinkansen timetable

JR Kyushu timetable

You can find the updated PDF format timetable of most of express trains in Kyushu.

JR Kyushu official site – The route map and the timetable of JR Kyushu trains



If you cannot find the timetable in the links above, please use Hyperdia to find it. Hyperdia covers all train’s schedules, most of domestic flights schedules, airport shuttle bus schedules and fare tables. This is the best website for a traveler who takes a train, and helps you to build your itinerary. It is simple but a bit tricky to use. Please refer the guide of Hyperdia in the link below:

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  1. Hi Takeshi San,

    We are planning to go to Japan in July during the summer holiday, we all together 2 adults and 2 children (2 years old and 6 years old), which pass should we buy if we have the following itinerary

    Day 1 kasai int’l airport to Kobe by bus
    Day 2 Kobe to Anpanman children’s museum, Mt Maya
    Day 3 from Kobe to Nippombashi station, Kyoto, Kyoto railway museum, Nippombashi station
    Day 4 Nippombashi station, Nara, namba
    Day 5 Nippombashi station, Banpaku memorial park, expo city, Nippombashi station,
    Day 6 Nippombashi station, universal studio, Nippombashi station
    Day 7 Nippombashi station, tennoji,Nippombashi station
    Day 8 Nippombashi station to shinjuku, Tokyo tower, shinjuku
    Day 9 shinjuku, Ghibli Museum, Jiyugaoka, shinjuku
    Day 10 shinjuku, yamanashishi
    Day 11 yamanashishi, shinjuku
    Day 12 shinjuku, Disney shinjuku
    Day 13 shinjuku, Sky tree,shinjuku
    Day 14 shinjuku to Narita airport


    1. Hi Elvina san,

      You may use JR pass 7 days for the last 7 days. But it does not give you a big saving. It just gives you convenience. Total fares will not be much different from 7 days JR Pass price.

      If you really want to save your cost, single fare may be cheaper.

      And also if you use JR pass 7 days, you need to include either trip to Kyoto and Nara in this 7 days period. I think trip to Kyoto is better because Nara can be accessed by Kitetsu railway directly. Single ticket is okay for access to Nara. And also other trips when you are in Osaka, single fare is also okay.


      Takeshi / JPRail.com

  2. hi Takeshi
    4 day -flex Hokkaido pass yen22,000 but I use only 4 time
    need to compare is it worth buy or just single -trip ticket will do.
    day 1 .from chitose airport to hakodate station ( price JR rail)
    day 2.from Hakodate station to Sapporo station (price JR rail)
    day 3.from Sapporo to otaru (price JR rail)
    day4 .from Sapporo to chitose airport (price JR rail)
    or can you advise where to find out price.thanks

  3. We are a family of 4 flying into Narita Airport, staying at a hotel in Asakusa for 4 days, and travelling throughout Central Tokyo (Ueno, Harajuku, Shibuya, Ginza, Shinjuku…) . We also have a day trip to Odaiba and Tokyo Disney Sea. Would purchasing a PASMO card be advisable? Also what time is the last train leaving Odaiba ( we plan to stay at Disney until closing and not sure of best way to get back to Asakusa.
    Thank you so much for your help!

    1. Hi Mardie,

      You can use Pasmo. But if you make a lot of trips a day, subway pass is better deal.

      In downtown Tokyo, most of trains runs between 5:30 and midnight. You may stay in Odaiba until late and you can stay in TDL until closing.
      There are many ways between TDL and Asakusa. I think the best way is JR Keiyo line from Maihama to Hacchobori, Tokyo metro Hibiya line from Hacchobori to Ningyocho and then Toei subway Asakusa line from Ningyocho to Asakusa. But I’m not 100% sure, but I believe this is the fastest.


      Takeshi / JPRail.com

      1. Hello Takeshi,
        Thank you for the information. We are planning to go to the Ghibli Museum and Sanrio Puroland. How do we get there from Asakusa? Can we use the One day common ticket to get to these places?

        Thank you!

        1. Hi Mardie,

          You cannot use any deals to visit these two places. Both places are outside coverage area. Just single ticket is fine.
          You can find the info about access to Ghibli museum at the link below:
          You may take subway Ginza line to get Ueno and transfer to JR line. And follow the route in the link above.

          Sanrio Puroland can be accessed by JR line and Tama Monorail. You can take JR train from Mitaka to Tachikawa. And transfer to Tama Monorail to Tama Center.


          Takeshi / JPRail.com

  4. Takeshi/JP Rail.

    I am planning to buy the Takayama-Hokuriku Area pass for my trip in Dec.

    Can I confirm that all the stops for this JR rail is at the main JR station, namely, Nagoya JR station, Takayama JR station, Kanazawa JR station (any other name for this station as I want to book hotel nearer to the station) and Kyoto JR station ?

    For the Nohi Bus from Takayama to Shirakawago and the other bus from Takayama to Shin Hokata, can I check whether there are facilities in the bus to store my luggages ? Am I allowed only to have a backpack or can I carry luggages of any size. Is there any restriction on these buses ?

    Is it possible for me to consult you on Kintetsu Rail pass for use in Osaka in this forum ?


    1. Hi Dlimsh,

      All stations names are correct. You can book your accommodations nearby these stations.
      The buses have luggage rooms and they can take care of hard shell suitcase. But mostly backpack is easier to handle to travelling in Japan. Especially the train does not have any luggage space. Please find more info at the link below:

      I have a post to talk about Kintetsu Rail Pass. Please see the link below:


      Takeshi / JPRail.com

  5. Hi,

    I have plan to visit Japan in December and January.
    I interesting to travel to Atami via Tokaido Main line not the Shinkansen one.
    Can I take this train from Ueno station?
    And also I couldn’t find any timetable. Please help.

    1. Hi Mari,

      Yes, you can. It’s called “Ueno-Tokyo line”. You can find more info at the link below:

      Train runs every 10 to 15 minutes. If you need an exact train schedule, you can find it at Hyperdia:


      Takeshi / JPRail.com

  6. I am going from Nagoya to Matsumoto using limited express wide view shinamo train. However I cannot find the schedule for this train. And do I need to reserve a seat? I will have a JR Pass for two weeks.

    Please can you advise.

  7. Hi, need some advice. I have a short trip to Japan on September which is 2nite in Tokyo and 2nite in Osaka. Is the 7days JR pass releven or just one day pass. We was thinking to travel from Tokyo to Osaka by JR. Can you advise the cheapest way. Thanks

    1. Hi Nora,

      One way fare by Shinkansen from Tokyo to Osaka is almost half price of JR pass 7 days. Single fare is the best option for you. The following posts may help you to have some idea.


      Takeshi / JP Rail


      Takeshi / JP Rail

  8. Hi!

    This is my travel plan and I’m not sure what passes to go for. Can anyone help me?

    8 days
    1- Osaka
    2- osaka station to kinosaki onsen
    3- still in kinosaki onsen
    4-kinosaki onsen to kyoto station and then to higashiyama district and then maybe arashiyama if I have time
    5- fushimi inari shrine
    6- kyoto station to osaka station and then to Dobutsuenae station to go to spa world
    7- dotonburi
    8- osaka station to osaka international airport (morning so only need to use the train for this journey)

    1. Hi Annie,

      You can use Kansai wide area pass for the first five days of your trip.

      But you need to add subway or bus pass in Kyoto. Because the coverage is very limited in Kyoto.

      Single fare is okay for day 6 and 7. There are some deals for day 8. But if you want to take direct transfer to KIX from Osaka station, Limousine bus or JR Rapid train by single fare is your choice.


      Takeshi / JP Rail

      1. Hi!
        This is my travel plan and I’m not sure what passes to go for. Can anyone help me?

        9 days plan:

        1.Osaka airport to kyoto


        1. Hi Karen,

          I would like to make sure the following things before choosing the deals:

          1. Where is “Nyoya”? I have no idea about this place. Do you mean Nagoya?
          2. Which part of Mt. Fuji do you intend to visit, Hakone or Lake Kawaguchi?
          3. Are you departing form Narita? or Haneda? or going back to Osaka?
          4. When are you going?


          Takeshi / JP Rail

      2. Hi,

        Thank you very much for your reply. I’m not sure if I’m going by the rules by asking this and I’m really sorry if I’m not supposed to be asking you about this but here goes…. does the Kansai WIDE area pass cover ALL JR lines in Kansai? eg. I want to go from Osaka to kinosaki onsen which uses the konotori line but I can’t find that line on the kansai wide area pass information. Also does this pass cover all JR lines in Kyoto such as the sagano line?

  9. Hi,

    This is my first time in Osaka. I am not sure where I can find the time table for the trains leaving from KIX to Kyobashi Station.

    I am arriving at KIX at 930pm on Sunday. Can you please advise? Thanks

  10. Hello Takeshi,

    This is my first trip to Osaka. I will be arriving at KIX at 2235 hr on a Saturday night. I will need to get to Tennoji Station. I found that JR travels direct to Tennoji and the last train is at 2332hr. I am worried of flight delays and will not be able to make it to the last train. Any other train travel suggestion at this hour of the night to Tennoji ??

    Thank you in advance !


    1. Hi Rena,

      It may be tight even if your flight arrive on time. First of all, I recommend you to read the following post and keep all info and location in the airport in your mind.

      If you cannot make it, unfortunately there is no direct transfer to get Tennoji but there is a bus to Namba.

      You have to take a taxi from Namba to Tennoji. I don’t have an taxi fare but I guess it costs around 2000 yen. You can catch a taxi at Namba station easily even in midnight.


      Takeshi / JP Rail

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