Limited Express Wakashio. Access to Katsuura and Awa-Kamogawa in Boso peninsula from Tokyo

Limited Express
Limited Express Sazanami by newer E257 series
Limited Express Wakashio by newer E257 series (C) Sonic Rail Garden

Limited Express Wakashio by newer E257 series (C) Sonic Rail Garden

Limited Express Wakashio (わかしお) is operated between Tokyo (東京) and Kazusa-Ichinomiya (上総一ノ宮), Katsuura (勝浦), Awa-Kamogawa (安房鴨川). This train runs along the east coast of Boso peninsula in Chiba prefecture. The east coast of Boso peninsula face to Pacific Ocean. This is very popular spots for local tourist in Tokyo.

Of course this train is 100% covered by Japan Rail Pass, Kanto Area Pass and JR East Pass. Let’s see this trains’ route, schedule and accommodations.

Route, schedule and travel time

Wakashio is operated almost every an hour. There is one more round trips departure from Shinjuku (新宿) on weekend.

Tokyo – Awa-Kamogawa : 6 trips (daily)
Tokyo – Kazusa-Ichinomiya : 1.5 trips (1 round trips only on weekend)
Tokyo – Katsuura : 4 round trip (daily)

Kamogawa Seaworld (aquarium) is most popular attraction in South Boso peninsula.

The trains that are operated between Tokyo and Mobara/Kazusa-Ichinomiya are for commuters. And some trains are operated as local train between Katsuura and Awa-Kamogawa.

And this train departs from Tokyo station Keiyo line platform. This platform is located in the underground. It is in Tokyo station but it is way far from other platforms, like Shinkansen, Yamanote line and Narita Express. Please refer the post, “Tokyo station guide. How to change the trains, Shinkansen, Narita Express and other local trains.” to get the details.

If you take this train departure from Shinjuku, the train do not stop at Tokyo station.

View Limited Express Wakashio in a larger map

This train connects Tokyo with Kazusa-Ichinomiya in 1 hour, Tokyo with Katsuura in 1 hour 30 minutes, Tokyo with Awa-Kamogawa in 1 hour 55 minutes and Shinjuku with Awa-Kamogawa in 2 hours 10 minutes.

Limited Express Wakashio makes a stop at these stations:
Tokyo (東京) – Kaihin-Makuhari (海浜幕張)* – Soga (蘇我) – Toke (土気)* – Oami (大網) – Mobara (茂原) – Kazusa-Ichinomiya (上総一ノ宮) – Ohara (大原) – Onjuku (御宿)* – Katsuura (勝浦) – Kazusa-Okitsu (上総興津)* – Awa-Kominato (安房小湊) – Awa-Kamogawa (安房鴨川)

And also the train depart from Shinjuku makes a stop at these following stations:
Shinjuku (新宿) – Akihabara (秋葉原) – Kinshicho (錦糸町) – Funabashi (船橋) – Tsudanuma (津田沼) – Chiba (千葉) before stop at Soga.
Some of the trains stop at the stations with * mark.

Accommodation and train formations

Wakashio is operated by 255 series and E257 series. E257 is newer than 255 series. But it is not much different. E257 series does not have any Green class seat. Usually there are only 1 round trips with Green class seat on week days and two more round trips on weekend. So if you want to take Green seat, please make sure at the time of booking.

E257 series

As I mentioned above, there is no Green class seat on this series. The seat pitch is 960 mm and the seat configuration is 2+2.

Train formation
10 cars formation by E257 series. Some trains do not have any reserved seats.


5 cars formation by E257 series. Some trains do not have any reserved seats.


*R=Reserved ordinary seat NR=Non reserved ordinary seat
Smoking is not allowed on this train.

*Sonic Rail Garden has copyright for all images of accommodations below.
Ordinary class seat

Sanitary space

Passenger’s deck

255 series

255 series does not look so old.

This fleet is older than E257 series. But the interior is not much older than E257 series. And this fleet has Green class seat and lots of luggage spaces. The seat configuration is 2+2 on both Green and Ordinary. The seat pitch is 970 mm on Ordinary class and 1160 mm on Green class.

Train formation
10 cars formation by 255 series. Some trains do not have any reserved seats.


*R=Reserved ordinary seat NR=Non reserved ordinary seat
Smoking is not allowed on this train.

*Sonic Rail Garden has copyright for all images of accommodations below.

Green class seat

Ordinary class seat

Sanitary space

Passenger’s deck and luggage space


  1. Itim says:

    Hi, I plan to go to Kamokawa Sea World from Tokyo on Friday early morning with my son.
    Hyperdia recommend to go with Wakashio 1 and stop at Katsuura at 8:46 then transfer to Sotobu Line at 8:48.
    I have only 2 min to transfer. I can’t find any map or detail of Katsuura Station or arrival/departure platform at Katsuura.
    My Question, Do I have time enough to transfer the train within 2 min with my children. Seem like If I mis this train I have to wait about an hours for next train.


    • Hi Itim,

      There are two platforms in Katsuura station but I think you will change trains at same platform. In most of cases, 2 minutes transfer time is on purpose. I’m optimistic and you can make it.


      Takeshi /

    • Tania says:

      Did you manage to change trains at the Katsuura station on time? ie within that 2 minutes. Am thinking of taking the same this week to Kamogawa seaworld. Cheers.

      • Itim says:

        Jusr finished my Japan trip.
        Yes, we did it. It’s stop on the same track and another train was waiting there.

  2. Tricia says:

    Hi! May i know how much is the one way ticket and round trip ticket from tokyo to ara-kamogawa using this line?
    Thanks!! 🙂

  3. Rin says:

    Hi Takeshi-san, thanks for the previous reply to my questions, I can’t reply directly to your answer as I am typing via phone and I can’t see any reply button. But I just received an update from the university about the schedule and sadly it seems like I won’t be able to travel to Tokyo that much (only about 2-3 round trip) , so I think buying JR East Pass will be a loss for me. So my question :
    Can I buy the ticket for Wakashio in Awa-kamogawa station? And just want to make sure, I am not obliged to make any reservation right?
    Thank you in advance 🙂

  4. Rin says:

    I will be having summer program in of the university in Chiba, and seems like the closest station to the univ is Futomi Station.
    It will be from 6th to 29th July 2015.
    I will have classes on weekdays, but on weekends I would like to go to Tokyo.
    Here’s my questions :
    1) Seems like JR East Pass will be more effective for me since I won’t be going on consecutive days. But since I’m going to stay in Japan for 3 weeks + several days so I have to but it twice so I’d like to ask, is the pass only available for sale in big train station?or is it available in Awa-kamogawa? If it’s not available in Awa-kamogawa could you refer to the nearest train station that selling the pass?
    2) I just want to confirm my route : Futomi station –> Awa-kamogawa station–> ride the ltd express wakashio –> Tokyo station. And then from Tokyo station I can ride on the Yamanote Line to commute to places like Akihabara, Ikebukuro, Shibuya,etc. Is that right? And is that all covered by the JR East Pass?

    Sorry for the long questions, hope you won’t mind, thanks in advance 🙂

    • Hi Rin,

      1) Actually Narita airport station is only place to sell this pass in Chiba pref. If you arrive in Narita, you can purchase it when you arrive. You don’t need to activate right away. You can pick up the date when you want to start.

      2) That is right. All part of your trip is covered by JR east pass.


      Takeshi / JP Rail


  5. isurunath says:

    Hi. I need to get from samara to Tokyo on a daily basis. Leaving in the morning and returning at night. Could you let me know what train to get and the duration of the commute? Thanks.

  6. Michelle says:

    Hi we are planning to go to sea world we are living in kinchicho. We just want to ask how much is the round trip ticket for 2 adults and 2 kids ages 6 and 9. Thanks looking forward for your reply

  7. rajendra says:


    My Cousins are planning to visit Awa-Kamogawa tomorrow from Tokyo and would like to enquire whether they can use their JR Pass for travelling by Ltd. Express Wakashio ? Or could suggest alternate travel using JR pass.

    • JPRail says:

      Hi rajendra,

      Yes, it covers this train.


      Takeshi / JP Rail

      • Rajendra says:

        Dear Takashi-san,

        Thank you for your email reply regarding the use of JR pass for the Wakashio express.

        On Thursday, my cousins are planning to go to the Tateyama Alpine Route starting early in the morning.
        Could you please inform whether travel on Ltd. Express Hakutaka2 (Tokyo to Toyama route) and Ltd. Express Azusa1 (Shinano-Omachi to Tokyo route) is covered by JR Pass ?

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