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Schedule of 2018 spring seasonal trains of Japan Railways

EVA Type 500 train runs as regular scheduled Kodama on Sanyo Shinkansen.
EVA Type 500 train has been running as regular scheduled Kodama on Sanyo Shinkansen for a few years. But it will be done on in this coming May.

Spring is the best season to visit Japan because of the cherry blossom. Spring break of public school in Japan usually starts from the last week of March to the first week of April. This two weeks period is much busier than usual. And also between late April and the beginning of May is one of the busiest period in the year. It is known as “Golden Week” in Japan. April 29, May 3, 4, and 5 are National holidays. If you travel in this period, train may be booked out quickly. Please see the details in the link below:

2018 busiest period to travel by train. Tips to book your seat in even busy period

All JR companies add lots of seasonal trains during all spring season. In this post, I show you many seasonal trains that will run in major tourist spots until the end of June.

*Summer seasonal train schedule (July to September) will come up in late May. But you can find JR East train schedules until September, 2018. You also can find JR Kyushu train schedules until February, 2019. Continue reading

Best cruising local train in Kyushu. Local train Isaburo / Shinpei

Izaburo / Shinpei are mostly operated by restored KIHA 147 series. (C) Sonic Rail Garden
Izaburo / Shinpei are mostly operated by restored KIHA 147 series. (C) Sonic Rail Garden

Isaburo (いざぶろう) and Shinpei (しんぺい) are same local trains. The only difference is the direction. Isaburo is the train that departs from Hitoyoshi (人吉) to Yoshimatsu (吉松). Shinpei is operated from Yoshimatsu to Hitoyoshi. Both Isaburo and Shipei are the name of the key persons when the construction of this section was completed. Isaburo is the named from Isaburo Yamagata (山縣伊三郎) who was the minister of transportations and telecommunications. Shinpei is named from Shinpei Goto (後藤新平) who was the persident of Japanese Government Railways.

These trains are the local trains. But most of seats are reserved seat. And this train is not just local train but the cruising train and is operated by specialized car. This is one of the best local train in Japan. There is a crew attendant on the train. She shows you the scenery of Hisatsu line (肥薩線). Of course you don’t have any restriction to take this train by Japan Rail Pass.

I will show you many images of this train and tell you the details. Continue reading