My trip to Udo Jingu shrine by local bus and limited express train Umisachi-Yamasachi.

Udo Jingu shrine is located at Nichinan coast. It is very scenic! (C) JP Rail

Udo Jingu shrine (鵜戸神宮) was one of the place where I really loved to go. When I had a trip to Takachiho, I had a time to go there. I use a local bus on the way and get on cruising train Umisachi-Yamasachi on the way back from Udo Jingu shrine.I would like to show you how to access to Udo Jingu shrine by both transportation.

My itinerary and summary of access to Udo Jingu shrine

Udo Jingu can be accessed by local bus only. We can catch this bus at several Japan Railway’s stations, Miyazaki (宮崎), Miyazaki airport (宮崎空港), Aoshima (青島), Aburatsu (油津) and Obi (飫肥). If you use Japan Rail Pass and want to minimize your extra cost, try to catch a bus at Aburatsu. This station is the closest station to Udo Jingu shrine.

When I had a trip to Udo Jingu, I caught a bus at Miyazaki airport. Because I visited Takachiho before this trip. I got on limited express Nichirin from Nobeoka to Miyazaki airport. Most of limited express Nichirin connect to Miyazaki airport. It is easy to transfer from train to bus and the fare is a bit cheaper than getting on at Miyazaki station. And also that is one of the reason why I would fry back to Osaka by the flight. I wanted to check in the baggage before going Udo Jingu.

Anyway my itinerary was the following:

March 18, 2012
08:15 Depart from Takachiho bus center by local bus to Nobeoka (Link to My trip to Takachiho)
09:45 Arrive at Nobeoka station
10:28 Depart from Nobeoka station by limited express Nichirin 3
11:47 Arrive at Miyazaki Airport station
13:07 Depart from Miyazaki Airport by Miyzaki Kotsu local bus to Obi via Udo Jingu and Aburatsu
14:05 Arrive at Udo Jingu iriguchi (iriguchi means “entrance”)
15:20 Depart from Udo Jingu iriguchi by Miyazaki Kotsu local bus to Obi via Aburatsu
15:41 Arrive at Aburatsu station
15:50 Depart from Aburatsu station by limited express Umisachi-Yamasachi
17:11 Arrive at Minami Miyazaki station
17:13 Depart from Minami Miyazaki station by local train
17:18 Arrive at Miyazaki Airport station
I flew back to Itami (Osaka) airport.

I use the bus on the way and the train on the way back. I tell you about both bus and train.

Miyazaki Kotsu Bus (宮崎交通バス)

Common commute bus is used for this route. (C) JP Rail

This is operated by common commute bus. It is not operated by highway motor coach. I think most of you take this bus from Miyazaki station or Miyazaki Airport station. Since this bus service is a commute service, this bus stops at many bus stops and very slow. I recommend you to take this bus from Miyazaki Airport station.


As of October 2015, the timetable are the following:

AoshimaMichi no eki
Udo JinguAburatsu
Udo JinguMichi no eki

These above timetable show you only major bus stops. There are more than 30 bus stops between Miyazaki station and Udo Jingu shrine.


One day pass gives you a good deal! (C) JP Rail

It is 1,480 yen between Miyazaki station and Udo Jingu. It is 580 yen between Udo Jingu and Aburatsu. But forget about this regular fare if you use the bus from Miyazaki station or Miyazaki airport. Because Miyazaki Kotsu sell 1 day unlimited ride pass at 1,800 yen. Even though I travelled from Miyazaki station to Udo Jingu and from Udo Jingu to aburatsu, 1 day pass was still cheaper than regular fare. You can buy this pass at Miyazaki station bus center, Miyazaki airport bus stop, Aburatsu station bus center, Nobeoka station bus center, Takachiho bus center and many more places in Miyazaki.

I made a huge mistake! I got on the bus from Takachiho to Nobeoka station too in same day as trip to Udo Jingu. Both bus from Takachiho to Nobeoka and to Udo Jingu are operated by same company, Miyazaki Kotsu. If I bought this one day pass at Takachiho, I could make a big save. But I forgot to buy a pass before I got on the bus from Takachiho. This pass cannot be bought in the bus. Don’t make a same mistake as me! 🙂

This one day pass cover all local bus services in Miyazaki prefecuture that are operated by Miyazaki Kotsu. It does not cover any express bus services and the bus goes to other prefectures. If you will use the train to Aburatsu both way and get on the bus at Aburatsu, the fare will be 1,140 yen for the round trip. Single fare is cheaper than one day pass.

Bus stops

Miyazaki Airport station is located at west end of terminal building. (C) JP Rail

Miyazaki station
First of all, get off Miyazaki station from west exit (西口). Please refer this page of Miyazaki Kotsu website. Look at the map on the top of page. You see “西1”, “西2”, “西3”, “西4”, “A”, “B” and “C” in the map. The bus to Udo Jingu stop at 西3. Take the bus that has route 965 to Aburatsu and Obi (965系統/油津・飫肥行き). If you want to buy one day pass at Miyazaki station bus center, it is located around “B” in above map. It is not complicated. You can find it easily.

Miyazaki airport
If you arrive at Miyazaki Airport station, there is only one exit and it is located at the terminal building. It is small airport and easy to find the location. The bus stop is located at other end of the terminal building. Walk about 50m from the exit of station, you will see a bus stop and small ticket booth. You can buy one day ticket there.

I took this picture when the bus just passed by Michi no Eki Phoenix. (C) JP Rail

Michi no Eki Phoenix
This is not related to Udo Jingu. But this is the best view point of this route. Nichinan Coast is one of the best drive route in Japan. Michi no Eki Phoenix is just located at the center of Nichinan Coast. There are restaurant, souvenir shop and view point. I visited there in cloudy day. You can see the beautiful images in this website.

I regretted that I couldn’t get off the bus there. I should have done the following schedule:

12:12 Depart from Miyazaki Airport by Miyzaki Kotsu local bus to Obi via Udo Jingu and Aburatsu (I could take this bus. But I had a lunch at the airport and took 13:07 departure bus)
12:42 Arrive at Michi no Eki Phoenix and take a lunch there
13:37 Depart from Michi no Eki Phoenix by Miyazaki Kotsu local bus
14:05 Arrive at Udo Jingu iriguchi (iriguchi means “entrance”)

By the way, Michi no Eki (道の駅) means road side station. It is a rest stop. But usually Michi no Eki focus on more local. They sell local products and serve local food. If you have a time, take some rest there and enjoy local taste.

Udo Jingu iriguchi bus stop is one of those bus stops. You cannot see any shrine at bus stop. (C) JP Rail

Udo Jingu iriguchi
This bus stop is located in local residential area. It doesn’t look like the bus stop where is the closet to Udo Jingu. But you will see the white pole sign at the other side of bus stop. And Udo Jingu iriguchi bus stop is located right after short tunnel. You may be able to find this white pole sign right after the bus get off the tunnel at the right hand side. After you get off the bus, please refer these following images.

One of readers gave me updated information. Now the bus goes in the parking, the second image below. So forget about the bus stop above. Now it is much easier to access Udo Jingu by bus.

I spent 1 hour and 15 minutes. I could see everything there.

Aburatsu station

JR Kyushu Nichinan line Aburatsu station (C) JP Rail

This is the easiest bus stop in this route. The bus stop is located just in front of the station. You cannot miss it.
As you saw my schedule above, I had only 9 minutes to transfer to limited express Umisachi-Yamasachi. If the bus arrive on time, it was completely no problem. But the bus was late about 5 minutes. It was very tight. Please be careful if you do this schedule.

Nichinan line and Limited Express Umisachi-Yamasachi

Umisachi-Yamasachi stop at Obi station for 10 minutes. You can buy some local food. at the platform

If you really want to save your extra cost on Japan Rail Pass, you can take a train from Miyazaki to Aburatsu. There is only one round trip of Limited Express Umisachi-Yamasachi on weekends only. In other days, your choice is only taking local train. Nichinan line is a rustic local line. There are only about 15 round trips between Miyazaki and Aburatsu. It takes 1 hour 30 minutes to access to Aburatsu from Miyazaki. So please check both train schedule and bus schedule from Aburatsu to Udo Jingu.

In my trip, I got on Umisachi-Yamasachi on the way back to Miyazaki from Aburatsu. I heard this is very popular train. So I booked my ticket right after tickets are started to sell. But when I got on, there were lots of empty seats. I think the reason why it was Sunday but not high season.

Find your hotels in 218 cities throughout Japan!!!

Hotels in Nichinan Coast, Aoshima, Japan
Hotels in Miyazaki,  Japan

I was very impressed the atmosphere and service by attendant in this train. I really enjoyed it. But Nichinan line goes through more mountain side than road. I had much better view of Nichinan Coast from the local bus on the way to Udo Jingu. If you expect lots of nice view on this train, you may be disappointed. I still recommend you to get on this train if you have a chance. But don’t expect so many chances to watch the view from this train. If you want more details about this train, please see

Miyazaki Kotsu Sightseeing bus Nichinan-go

Miyazaki Kotsu operate sightseeing bus on the day when Limited Express Umisachi-Yamasachi is operated. If you don’t use Japan Rail Pass, the fare is 2,800 yen for round trip. You can choose three types of trips, one way rail and one way bus, round trip by rail, and round trip by bus. If you have a Japan Rail Pass, you can take this bus too. But one way fare is 2,000 yen. It is way higher price than round trip ticket.


Miyazaki station 09:00 – 12:55 Nango station
Nango station 13:30 – 17:30 Miyazaki station

The bus stops at Aoshima, Horikiri pass, Udo Jingu shrine, old town of Obi and Harbour town Meitsu. There is a Japanese speaking guide on board. You can get on this bus without reservation when the seat is available. Miyazaki Kotsu has online reservation. But it is in Japanese only.

*This bus service was discontinued on Feb 28, 2015.

57 thoughts on “My trip to Udo Jingu shrine by local bus and limited express train Umisachi-Yamasachi.”

  1. Dear Takeshi san,

    Please guide us for 1st time visiting Kyushu Japan, we want to go to Udo Shrine Departure from Hakata Station and reached Miyazaki Station at around 10.56 am. Can catch local bus at 11.10am to Udo Shrine reaching at 12.40pm. At this point, am i at right track. From Udo Shrine Bus Entrance Stop, how far we need to walk to the Udo Shrine Entrance to Udo Shrine. As there are 2 elderly aged above 60 years, is possible for them to walk there, difficult path to walk, or I chosen the wrong place for them to visit,
    please guide us.

    Many Thanks.
    Have A Nice Day !

    1. Hi Jun san,

      I think you can make it in 14 minutes at Miyazaki station.

      It takes 15 minutes from the bus stop to Udo Jingu. There are slopes and steps. When I was there, my mother was 68 years old but she was totally fine.


      Takeshi /

          1. Hi Takeshi san

            Good Afternoon.

            Can I use all Kyushu Pass to travel using this pass for a bullet train between Hakata and Kokura to Mojiko Station. (Only Sanyo Shinkansen)

            Where does Kyushu Shinkansen start and end.

            Kyushu Shinkansen does not go to Kokura and Mojiko. Am I right.

            Or using this pass for JR Kagoshima Line to Mojiko Station. As it also can use this pass to go to shimonoseki station.

            Please advise me.
            Many Thanks.

  2. Hello Takeshi,

    I am planning to explore South Kyushu in Feb 2018. I want to visit: Sakurajima, Takachiho Gorge, and Udo Shrine using 3 day South Kyushu JR Pass starting from Kumamoto. My questions:
    1. Which city is the best for me to stay at; Kumamoto, Kagoshima chuo or Miyazaki?
    2. What is the best route if I want to go to Takachiho Gorge and Udo shrine? Can I go to these 2 places in 1 day? If yes, what time shall I start the train ride from where I stay the night before (from your answer for question number 1)? Do you think I will have enough time to visit those 2 places in 1 day?
    3. Shall I buy Miyazaki Kotsu 1 day unlimited ride pass of 1800 yen to visit both Takachiho Gorge and Udo shrine?
    4. Do you have a map of the places mentioned above so that I will have some understanding of where those places are located. Can you please share it here?

    I am in the middle of building up my itinerary and stuck at this point. I really appreciate if you could help me plan how to best visit these 3 places in 3 days using my 3 day South kyushu JR Pass.


    1. Hi Harjanti,

      First of all, please see the link below. You will find the info about access to Takachiho.

      I stayed in Takachiho and then moved to Udo Jingu on next day. But you don’t need to stay. You can reach Miyazaki after visiting Takachiho. But you cannot visit Takachiho and Udo Jingu in one day. It’s too much.

      You can spend your time in Udo Jingu on 2nd day and then move to Kagoshima to visit Sakurajima. You can stay 2 nights in Miyazaki.

      You need to purchase a bus ticket from Kumamoto to Takachiho. But you can purchase Miyazaki Kotsu pass at Takachiho. It will cover for Takachiho to Nobeoka and Miyazaki to Udo Jingu to Aburatsu. You can take a train from Aburatsu to Miyazaki or bus to go back to Miyazaki.


      Takeshi /

  3. Good morning,
    I would like to check if i having JR pass is it i can get to take Umisachi Yamasachi train with FOC right? But how to get the reserve seat for JR pass? Or i need to extra buy for the reserved seat? Where i can do the reserve seat?

    1. Hi Rachelle,

      It’s covered by JR pass fully. You can book at any reservation window which is called “Midori no Madoguchi” throughout Japan. You can find Midori no Madoguchi at most of stations.


      Takeshi /

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