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My trip to Udo Jingu shrine by local bus and limited express train Umisachi-Yamasachi.

Udo Jingu shrine is located at Nichinan coast. It is very scenic! (C) JP Rail

Udo Jingu shrine (鵜戸神宮) was one of the place where I really loved to go. When I had a trip to Takachiho, I had a time to go there. I use a local bus on the way and get on cruising train Umisachi-Yamasachi on the way back from Udo Jingu shrine.I would like to show you how to access to Udo Jingu shrine by both transportation. Continue reading

Schedule of 2012 spring seasonal trains of Japan Railways

Fuji Shibazakura Festival at Fuji Kawaguchiko ©Akira Okada/© JNTO

In spring season, the busiest period is late April and the beginning of May. It is called “Golden Week” in Japan. April 29, May 3, 4, and 5 are National holidays. If you can, lease try to avoid travelling on those days.

JR Group operate lots of seasonal trains during all spring season. Especially JR Group add lots of the extra trains on those above holidays. It is too many to introduce all seasonal trains. So I pick up the popular trains and are operated in the popular spot. Continue reading

Easy rail excursion along Nichinan coast in Miyazaki by Limited Express Umisachi-Yamasachi

Limited Express train Umisachi-Yamasachi is operated by refurbished KIHA125 series.
Limited Express train Umisachi-Yamasachi is operated by refurbished KIHA125 series.

Umisachi-Yamasachi (海幸山幸) is limited express train that is operated between Miyazaki (宮崎) and Nango (南郷). This train is named from Yamasachihiko (山幸彦) and Umisachihiko (海幸彦) in Japanese mythology.

This is not a real express train and is a kind of cruising train for sightseeing along Nichinan line (日南線). This train is suitable for the tourists who go to Aoshima (青島) and Udo Jingu shrine (鵜戸神宮) at Nichinan coastline (日南海岸). This train makes your trip more memorable.

If you use Japan Rail Pass, you can take this train with no extra cost. I will show you some images of this train and tell you the details. Continue reading