Easy trip to Nanki Shirahama from Osaka. Part 2 check in hotel, glass boat tour and small aquarium.

Large rock surface beach can be seen very often in Shirahama (C) JP Rail
Large rock surface beach can be seen very often in Shirahama (C) JP Rail

This post is continued from Easy trip to Nanki Shirahama from Osaka. Part 1 from Shin-Osaka to Shirahama by train.

After we arrived at Shirahama station, caught the bus to our hotel. In Shirahama, most of hotels and ryokans have shuttle service between station and hotels.

Japan Trip 048

The above photo was taken in front of Shirahama station. There is only one exit and one station gate. It is very easy to find the bus to your hotel.

As you see the map below, we checked in hotel. And we went to take the glass boat tours and dropped by small aquarium beside glass boat departure point.

We checked in Hotel Koganoi.

Japan Trip 056

This is very typical large resort hotel. It has a large wide lobby, souvenir store, garden, and of course Onsen bath.

Japan Trip 008
Japan Trip 009 (2)
Japan Trip 011 (2)

I travelled with my 4 years old daughter. So I picked family friendly hotel. This hotel is medium category and they offer buffet style dinner and breakfast.

We had small tea break in the room. Our room was ocean view.

Japan Trip 053
Japan Trip 054

The hotel was not very new but it has nice ocean view. My family really enjoyed staying at Hotel Koganoi.

This hotel was renovated and it is called Yukai Resort Shirahama Saichoraku. This is very family friendly hotel. If you go with your child, it is highly recommended:

Hotels in Yukai Resort Shirahama Saichoraku

And then we took a taxi to get glass boat tour. (taxi fare is around 1500 yen)

Glass boat is not very popular attraction in Shirahama. But it is kids friendly and very short trip. As you may know, 4 years old kid cannot stay at same place in more than 3 seconds. LOL

*Admission 1500 yen for adult, 750 yen for child (4-11 yrs)

Japan Trip 089
Japan Trip 068

I did not know there was the aquarium. It belongs to Kyoto University. It was not a big commercial aquarium. But both my daughter and my wife love fish. I could not ignore this.

*Admission 500 yen for adult, 110 yen for child (6-15 yrs)

Japan Trip 108

After we finished to see those attractions, we went back to hotel and eat dinner. Of course we took Onsen bath. I enjoyed three times to take a bath.

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  1. Thanks for great info… especially about the bus from station. Visiting this month. Very excited, im hoping to swim in the sea.

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