Uno station and Uno port transfer guide. How to get to Naoshima from Uno and Okayama

ferry to NaoshimaChugoku Area
Marine liner
Maline Liner is the rapid train which connects Okayama and Takamatsu via Seto Ohashi bridge. You can take this train between Okayama and Chayamachi.

There are two access ways to get to Naoshima. The first one is taking the ferry from Uno. The second one is taking a ferry from Takamatsu.

In this post, I will show you the access to Uno port and Uno station which is the nearest train station to Uno port.


Please see the map below to find the locations of the train station and ferry port.

Okayama is the gateway to get to Uno. You can get to Okayama by the Shinkansen. The Shinkansen connects Tokyo, Nagoya, Kyoto, Shin-Osaka, Hiroshima and Hakata.

Please see the link below to watch the movie about the transfer from the Shinkansen to the local train at Okayama station:

If you look for the access to Naoshima from Takamatsu, please watch the movie below:

Access to Uno station

The interior of the local train to Uno.

Some local train connects Okayama and Uno directly. But in most cases, you have to change the trains at Chayamachi.

I traveled from Okayama to Chayamachi and from Chayamachi to Uno. Please watch the movie below. You can watch the interior of the ferry to Naoshima in this movie too:

The travel time from Okayama to Uno is appoximately 1 hour. But it depends on the waiting time at Chayamachi.

From Uno station to Uno port

Uno station
Uno station has only one platform and two tracks. The ticket gate is located at the end of the platform. It is easy to find the direction.

If you can walk fast, you can get to Uno port in 5 minutes from Uno station. If you have 10 minutes, it is easy.

Uno ferry terminal
Uno ferry terminal is quite small.

If you have a tight schedule, please ride on the first car of the train to Uno. The exit of Uno station is located at the end of the platform. You can get to the exit from the train in the shortest time.

Please watch the movie below. You can find how easy it is.

The crossing time from Uno to Miyanoura port in Naoshima in 20 minutes. You may find the timetable in Shikoku Kisen official site:

Shikoku Kisen official site (Timetable)


It is quite easy to get to the ferry port to Naoshima in Uno. Takamatsu is very attractive place too. If you plan to visit Naoshima, I recommend you to take the ferry to Takamatsu after visiting Naoshima. It takes 1 hour from Miyanoura to Takamatsu.

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