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Get a connection by WiMAX. Nationwide internet access in Japan

I always write about travelling in Japan by trains. But I will talk about a different topics this time.

When you travel outside of your country, how do you get internet connection? Late days some of you care about internet connection more than cell phone connection. Yes, I am! No connection, No life for me. ๐Ÿ™‚

Whenever I’m in Japan, internet connection is the biggest issue for me. I got a connection when I stayed in my parents home or stayed in hotel. But how do we get it when we are travelling? There are many coffee shops, like Starbucks, in Japan. They have a WIFI spot. But these WIFI spots are not for everyone. In north America, anyone can get a connection very easily at coffee shop. But it is different system in Japan. Only customers who have an account with major cellular companies in Japan or registered at major portal site, like Yahoo Japan, can access this WIFI spot. So basically this service is just for domestic customers. Continue reading