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The list of deals for Tokyo to/from Narita airport

Narita Airport departure floor © Y.Shimizu/© JNTO
Narita Airport departure floor © Y.Shimizu/© JNTO

It you use JR Pass, JR East Pass or Kanto Area Pass right after you arrive in Narita, you don’t need to purchase any more deals or passes. But some of you stay in Tokyo for the first several days and activate JR Pass or other deals. In this case, you might think about additional deal for the transfer to Tokyo from Narita.

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Trip to Tohoku and Nagano in 2013 winter – Part 1, from Narita airport to Ueno

2013 winter trip route map (Click to enlarge)
2013 winter trip route map (Click to enlarge)

I had a trip to Tohoku area and Nagano area in this past January and February. I stayed there for only three nights. But fortunately I have got many trains, like Overnight Limited Express Akebono, Skyliner, Resort Shirakami, Fuji Kyuko, Ueda Railway, Limited Express Hakutaka. This following list is what I wanted to do in this trip:

  • Try to book and take overnight train on arrival day.
    I wanted to check how long we spend to change the pass, book and transfer to Ueno/Tokyo.
  • To take Resort Shirakami and Akita Nairiku Jukan Railway.
    I wanted to see some spots and trains in Tohoku area.
  • To go to Kawaguchiko (Lake Kawaguchi) station from Shinjuku via Fuji Kyuko Railway.
    I wanted to take both Fujisan Limited Express and Fuji Tozan Densha on Fuji Kyuko Railway.
  • To take a train between Nagano and Naoetsu.
    This section will be transferred to non JR lines in 2015. Because it will be transferred to third sector companies, Shinano Railway and Echigo Tokimeki Railway after Hokuriku Shinkansen will open. JR Pass will not cover this section.
  • To take Limited Express Hakutaka.
    This express train will be discontinued after Hokuriku Shinkansen will open in 2015.

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Access to Narita airport and Kamakura from Tokyo. Rapid Train on Yokosuka-Sobu line (Airport Narita)

Ivory and blue are Yokosuka-Sobu train's color.
Ivory and blue are Yokosuka-Sobu train’s color.

Sobu-Yokosuka line (=横須賀総武線) means the operation route of one of the Rapid train network in Greater Tokyo. This train is operated on Sobu line, Tokaido line and Yokosuka line. Most of trains are operated between Chiba (=千葉) and Kurihama (=久里浜)/Yokosuka (=横須賀) via Tokyo (=東京) and Yokohama (=横浜). Some trains are extended to operate to Narita airport (=成田空港) and other stations in Chiba Pref. This train is a sort of commute train. But all trains have two double decker Green cars in the formation. Especially Rapid train to Narita airport may be replacement of Narita Express if you want to save the fare. These trains are fully covered by Japan Rail Pass. Of course if you use Japan Rail Pass Green, you can take Green cars with no extra cost. Continue reading

Narita Express, Most popular transfer from Narita airport to Tokyo, Shinjuku, Shinagawa and Yokohama

E259 series is the fleet for Narita Express.
E259 series is the fleet for Narita Express.

Narita Express may be your first train in Japan. It is operated between Narita airport and Greater Tokyo area, such as Tokyo, Shinagawa, Shinjuku, Ikebukuro and Shibuya. And also service is extended to Yokohama, Totsuka, Ofuna and Omiya. This train stops both Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 in Narita airport. Continue reading

Compare many rail services and shuttle bus. How to get downtown Tokyo from Narita airport.

Narita Airport departure floor © Y.Shimizu/© JNTO
Narita Airport departure floor © Y.Shimizu/© JNTO

Narita airport is mostly your gateway to explore in Japan. But Narita airport is not close to downtown Tokyo. You have to think about a transportation to downtown Tokyo. Let’s see which way is the best for you. Continue reading