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Overnight train to/from Sapporo and Aomori. Express Hamanasu

Overnight train Hamanasu

Overnight train Hamanasu

This overnight express train is operated between Aomori and Sapporo. If you want to save your time and you don’t want to spend your money for Hotel in Sapporo, this overnight train is the best choice. Especially when you want to transfer to Tokyo from Sapporo as early as possible, this train is connected with the first “Hayabusa” on Tohoku Shinkansen at Shin-Aomori.

Be careful! This overnight train “Hamanasu” arrive and depart at Aomori. Aomori is one station away from Tohoku Shinkansen station, Shin-Aomori. When you transfer to Hayabusa from Hamanasu, you need to take Limited Express Tsugaru 2 that depart from Aomori station at 5:46. You have only 6 minutes to transfer.

Most of the night train have only sleeper class. This express train has Type B sleeper class. But this train has two types of reserved seats too. If you take these reserved class, you can take this train without any extra pay by Japan Rail Pass. Okay, let’s see the accommodations and interior of Hamanasu.

I got on Hamanasu in mid March, 2012. I hope my passengers’ report, “My trip from Aomori to Sapporo on March 19, 2012 by Hamanasu Carpet car.” help you.

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Type B sleeper class

Additional fare 7,560yen (Express surcharge 1,260yen + Accommodation charge 6,300yen)
This is very basic sleeper in Japan. 4 beds are in one compartment. Lower berth is 195 cm X 70 cm X 111 cm. (Length/Width/Height) Upper berth is 195 cm X 70 cm X 95 cm. Lower berth has a little more head room.
Overnight train Hamanasu Overnight train Hamanasu Overnight train Hamanasu Overnight train Hamanasu Overnight train Hamanasu

Dream Car

No extra charge
One of those reserved seats is called “Dream Car”. This seat provide you same grade of comfortably as Green classr.
Overnight train Hamanasu Overnight train Hamanasu Overnight train Hamanasu

Carpet Car

No extra charge
The other reserved seat is called “Carpet car”. This seat is the same kind of seat as Nobi Nobi seat on Sunrise Seto and Sunrise Izumo. It is like a berth. You can lie on the seat. This berth is better than Nobi Nobi seat because this accommodation provides you a pillow, linen and the Heated Carpet in winter time. Please click the following images. You will see the purple carpet on the berth. That is the Heated Carpet.
Overnight train Hamanasu Overnight train Hamanasu Overnight train Hamanasu Overnight train Hamanasu
As you see the images, Upper section has more privacy. Try to get it!

Non Reserved seat

Of course, no extra charge
If you cannot get the reserved seat, you can take a non reserved seat, if you like. This seat is very very common seat. If you need to take overnight train from Sapporo to Aomori, you have to take this. Otherwise I don’t recommend you.
Overnight train Hamanasu Overnight train Hamanasu Overnight train Hamanasu

Other facilities

This train has several the vending machine. You can buy some refreshment.
Overnight train Hamanasu
Several change rooms are equipped in the train. And you will have a small space to take a break, drink and eat. But there is no shower facility.
Overnight train Hamanasu
Be careful! This train has Japanese style washroom only!
Overnight train Hamanasu


Station Aomori to Sapporo Sapporo to Aomori
Aomori (青森) 22:42 5:40
Hakodate (函館) 1:00-1:23 2:52-3:22
Oshamanbe (長万部) 3:08 1:03
Date-Monbetsu (伊達紋別駅) - 0:17
Higashi-Muroran (東室蘭) 4:17 23:50
Noboribetsu (登別) - 23:35
Tomakomai (苫小牧) 5:01 23:04
Minami-Chitose (南千歳) 5:25 22:41
Chitose (千歳) 5:30 22:36
Shin-Sapporo (新札幌) 5:55 22:11
Sapporo (札幌) 6:07 22:00

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137 Comments to “Overnight train to/from Sapporo and Aomori. Express Hamanasu”

  1. John says:

    Thanks M in Japan for giving us genuine information.We,the people of Thailand love Hamanasu train.So after spring 2016,we want to buy this train to increase our infrastructure.We can invest several million japanese yen.So we urges Japanese gov and Jr Group to give this train any Developing countries after spring 2016 “As a token of Love”or sell.
    Do not made this train as a scrap.

  2. M in Japan says:

    I traveled on this train round trip from Aomori to Sapporo and back in August 2014, and it was without a doubt the most unpleasant train I have ridden in Japan. First of all, unless you are a very heavy sleeper, do not expect to actually sleep on this train. It shakes violently for the entire trip, to the point that the carriage end doors are almost continuously slamming open and shut.

    The “dream seats” have less legroom than any long distance train I have been on in Japan. They’re not much better than an airline seat, and every seat has a large heater under it which blocks you from putting your feet under the seat in front of you. They only slightly dim the lights in those cars as well, and people are moving about and, if you are unlucky enough to have an aisle seat, probably going to be hitting you all night due to the violent rocking. And although the train reverses direction at Hakodate, the seats are not reversible, so on the northbound trip, you will be riding backwards for the 5 hours from there to Sapporo.

    Overall, I would NOT recommend this train. It is obvious that JR views it as a low priority, given the ancient equipment and lack of comfort. The rest of the JR system is quite impressive, so this train just stands out to me as an embarrassment for the Japanese rail system. Do yourself a favor and jump on an early morning limited express instead, or fly, or take a ferry, but whatever you do, don’t waste your time and money on the decrepit Hamanasu.

  3. Jim Nixon says:

    Hi, I want to travel from sapporo to aomori in early feb 2015. After a four days in Hakkoda I will then go to Nagano. Would it be better to buy a 7-day JR pass or pay for the tickets separately?

  4. Can Van Huynh says:

    Hi Takeshi,
    Could you advise about the situation with non-reserved seat from Aomori to Sapporo please.
    If I take the overnight train Hamanasu with non-reserve seat, (from 5/10/2014 to 10/10/2014), is there any case that I have to stand the on the whole night?


  5. ridwanis says:

    I want to Know following things:

    1.By using jr kyushu study abroad pass,Can I take seat on limited express train without extra charge in the valid area?Can I use this pass weekdays?Is this pass consecutive or non- consecutive?

    2.By using jr kyushu 期間限定!! じぃじ、ばぁばとお出かけきっぷ / kippu Can I take seat on limited express train without extra charge in the valid area?Can I use this pass weekdays?

    3.By using jr kyushu pokemon Stamp Rally Norihodai kippu, Can I take seat on limited express train without extra charge in the valid area?Can I get oita version/segment beside Fukuoka area ?

    4.By using jr kyushu,Hachi-ju-hachi Yumeguri Kippu, Can I take seat on
    limited express train without extra charge in the valid area?Is this pass consecutive or non- consecutive?


    • Hi ridwanis,

      1. Please see the following:

      2. It covers non reserved seat only. It’s available for weekend only and this pass is available for the child who travel with the passengers by Actvie 65 ticket.

      3. I couldn’t find any info.

      4. I couldn’t find any info.

      Are you a student or senior? You asked me about several tickets. But study abroad pass is for foreign student only and Full Moon Pass is the couple who are 88 years old combined.

      For overseas travellers, there are many choices for unlimited ride. But for local and residents in Japan, there is no choices for unlimited ride to take any trains and any seats (reserved or non reserved) other than Full Moon Pass as long as I know. But if you use Full Moon Pass, you have to have spouse and total ages more than 88 years old.


      Takeshi / JP Rail

  6. ridwanis says:

    i want to use hamanasu train with my jr east and hokkaido rail pass,valid for 7 days.can i use non reserved seat on hamanasu train without extra charge?
    2.with jr full moon pass can i use non reserved seat on hamanasu train without extra charge?

  7. Can Van Huynh says:

    I want to travel from Aomori to Sapporo in October 2014 by the overnight train Hamanasu.
    Is there anyway I can verify that the Overnight Train Hamanasu still running at that time and not discontinue?
    Thanks for your help.
    Can Huynh

  8. Chew CP says:

    Hi Takeshi,

    Thank you for your quick reply.

    By the way, I’ll be staying a night in Noboribetsu and just wonder if there are places for dinner and breakfast within walking distance from the hotel, say Dai Ichi Takimotokan, cos if food is limited I may then have to opt for hotel/dinner/breakfast package.

    Thanking you once again.

    Chew CP

  9. Chew CP says:

    Hi Takeshi,

    Just to confirm that the additional 7,560 is per bed and not per compartment right? (Cant’t be that cheap!) You mentioned that the Carpet Car is always sold out, what about reserved Dream Car? I can make reservation in Tokyo right?

    Thanking you for your feedback.

    • Hi Chew CP,

      That additional charge is per bed. This is open space and not compartment. So basically 4 passengers share with this section.
      Dream car is much easier to book than Carpet car. When I was on Hamanasu, Carpet car was completely sold out. But it was 50% occupancy in Dream car. But it was low season. If you will be in peak season, Dream car may be sold out too.

      You can make a booking at any JR stations that has Midori no Madoguchi throughout Japan.


      Takeshi / JP Rail

  10. john says:

    hi do i need to pay any extra charges if i take the hamanasu?? I am going to purchase the jr pass and I am referring to the extra basic fare and extra express surcharge that you have mentioned in the overnight train posts. Thanks!

    • Hi John,

      JR pass covers fully other than Type B berth. You can take Carpet, Dream of non reserved. Carpet car is almost impossible to book. It’s usually sold out just after on sale one month prior to departure date. We can’t book online. So basically JR Pass user can book after arrival Japan.


      Takeshi / JP Rail

      • john says:

        ok thanks! another question, if i would like to get off at Hakodate is it possible with this train???

        • Hi John,

          You can get off there, but the station is closed from 3:30 am to 4:30 am. You can’t stay in the station for all night. As far as I know, there is no 24 hrs open cafe. You will not have any place to stay from 3:30 to 4:30. I don’t recommend it.


          Takeshi / JP Rail


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