Trip to Tohoku, Chubu and Chugoku in 2016 winter – Part 2, Akita airport to Kakunodate

2016 winter Tohoku, Chubu and Chugoku

2016 winter Japan trip 146

This post is continued from Trip to Tohoku, Chubu and Chugoku in 2016 winter – Part 1, Quick trip to Hiroshima from Osaka

On second day of my trip, I flied to Akita and visited Kakunodate. I have been to Kakunodate but my mother had asked me to take her to Kakunodate. Actually she requested Takachiho and Kakunodate.
We had already done Takachiho 4 years ago. This was another task of me. I had JR pass but I booked the domestic flight from Itami (another Osaka airport) to Akita. She is Japanese and she can not get JR Pass. So we flied to Akita to visit Kakunodate and Yamadeara at the beginning part of my trip and I shared these two days with my mother.

Itami airport to Akita airport to Akita station

Itami (Osaka) airport 8:05 (JL2171) 9:25 Akita Airport 9:40 (limousine bus) 10:15 Akita station

In this past winter, Japan had very mild winter. Kakunodate usually have lots of snow in this season. But it did not have any snow on the ground before we departed. But snow started to fall just half day before we departed from Osaka. When we arrived in Akita airport, it was heavy snow falling. We were so lucky.

The flight was approaching Akita airport.

The flight was approaching Akita airport.

Flight just arrived at Akita airport. It was snowy day.

Flight just arrived at Akita airport. It was snowy day.

Limousine bus runs between airport and Akita station.

2016 winter Japan trip 112

Interior of limousine bus to Akita station

Interior of limousine bus to Akita station

All buses depart just after flight arrival. If the flight are late, this limousine bus wait for the flight and pick up all passengers who want to take a bus. So you never miss this bus. After about 30 minutes ride, we got Akita station.

2016 winter Japan trip 116

Akita station to Kakunodate station

Akita 11:06 (Komachi 18) 11:56 Kakunodate

I purchased a ticket for my mother in Akita station. We took Akita Shinkansen to get Kakunodate. I had JR Pass Green but it was a short ride and my mother did not have Green Pass. At this time, we took ordinary seat. But I reserved Green seat for her on next day from Morioka to Sendai.

2016 winter Japan trip 120

After arrival in Kakunodate, we started walking to Samurai residence district (Bukeyashiki) where is the most popular spot in Kakunodate.

Eat Inaniwa Udon and Hinai Jidori for lunch

Before we walked in Kakunodate, we need to eat something. Actually I had decided what I ate. Those are Inaniwa Udon and Hinai Jidori. Inaniwa Udon is one of three popular Udons in Japan with Sanuki Udon in Shikoku and Kishimen in Nagoya. Hinai Jidori is Akita’s local chicken. I researched lunch spot in Kakunodate and I had found the restaurant in Samurai residence district. That was “Sakura no Sato”.

2016 winter Japan trip 141

2016 winter Japan trip 137

When we traveled, it was shoulder season. Many shops and restaurants were closed but this restaurant was open and that served both Udon and chicken.

I was so hungry and my answer is very simple, I ate both Udon and chicken. I ordered Oyakodon and small portion of Inaniwa Udon. Oyakodon is braised chicken and egg over the rice.

2016 winter Japan trip 140

Customer review was right. Both Udon and Oyakodon were so yummy. Especially Oyakodon is most recommended menu of this restaurant. It was very very good.

2016 winter Japan trip 139

After lunch, I started to walk in Samurai residents district.

Walk in Samurai residence district

This district is very very popular in Cherry blossom and fall foliage seasons. But I love this town in winter. Samurai residence have black wood fence. The scenery is amazing in snowy day.

2016 winter Japan trip 147

2016 winter Japan trip 134

2016 winter Japan trip 121

We entered several residences, Ishiguro family house and Aoyagi family house. Those houses exhibit many historical items.

2016 winter Japan trip 152

2016 winter Japan trip 151

2016 winter Japan trip 132

2016 winter Japan trip 159

2016 winter Japan trip 148

You need to pay to enter these residences. But it is worth spending to enter these houses in my opinion. The admission is 300 to 500 yen.

Stay at Tamachi Bukeyashiki Hotel

2016 winter Japan trip 166

Kakunodate is one of the popular places in Tohoku region. But this town does not have many hotels. I picked Tamachi Bukeyashiki Hotel. The rate is not very affordable but I believe this hotel is the best one in this town.

Room is nice and cozy.

2016 winter Japan trip 122

This hotel has one of the best dining in this town. You may enjoy the fine local cuisine.


2016 winter Japan trip 167

2016 winter Japan trip 168

2016 winter Japan trip 169

This hotel does not have Onsen bath but if you want, hotel takes you to local Onsen bath. I took a bath there but Onsen was very very hot. I could stay there for only 5 minutes.

If you are interested in this hotel, please check the link below:
Tamachi Bukeyashiki Hotel, Semboku, Japan (link to Hotel Combined)

I had a good sleep in this hotel.

In next post, I will show you day 3 of my trip, visiting Yamadera and moved to Nagoya.

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