Train operation status

Last updated on 10:30 on August 18, 2018 (Japan time)

This page shows you temporary closed sections by natural disaster.

Substitute transportation service is available on most of closed section. JR Pass and other JR deals cover these substitute service. But if you intend to take these services, please make sure whether it is available or not, when you exchange a pass.

Closed by heavy rain storm in July 2018

At this point, you cannot access to Takayama, Gero and Hida-Furukawa by train.

Takayama line between Nagoya and Takayama will be back to normal sometimes in August 11th. But Toyama to Takayama route will not be open for next several months.

These following line are closed and trains are suspended at this point.

Takayama line (Sakakami – Inotani)

This segment between Hida-Kanayama and Gero is now open. All trains which include Limited Express Wide View Hida now is operated as normal between Osaka, Nagoya and Takayama. It is no problem to travel by train to Takayama from Nagoya, Gifu, Kyoto and Osaka. But the segment between Sakakami and Inotani is still closed. You cannot travel to Takayama from Toyama by train. We have to wait to fix this segment for another several months.

Substitute bus services are available for the closed segment. But the spaces are limited. You might not be able to take a bus which you want to ride because of luck of seats. The current schedules of closed segments are the following:

From Takayama to Inotani (on the way to Toyama from Takayama and Hida-Furukawa)

Local train Bus service
Takayama Hida
Sakakami Sakakami Inotani
05:31 05:47 06:07 06:35 07:20
07:40 08:03 08:22
09:40 09:57 10:17 10:19 11:04
10:28 10:44
12:01 12:21 12:40 12:45 13:30
14:34 14:51
15:51 16:11 16:30 16:40 17:25
16:44 17:01
17:51 18:09 18:33 18:38 19:23
18:51 19:07
20:06 20:23 20:42
20:55 21:12 21:32 21:37 22:22
22:51 23:08 23:27

Rapid bus service from Takayama to Inotani is also available. You can get Inotani without changing bus and train at Sakakami.

Bus service
Takayama Hida
07:08 07:34 08:39
08:50 09:16 10:21
11:42 12:08 13:13
13:29 13:55 15:00
15:17 15:43 16:48

From Inotani to Takayama (on the way to Takayama and Hida-Furukawa from Toyama)

Local train Bus service
Takayama Hida
Sakakami Sakakami Inotani
05:42 06:03 06:19
05:43 06:28 06:33 06:55 07:11
07:13 07:34 07:51
08:16 08:33
08:47 09:32 09:37 09:58 10:14
10:51 15:22
11:05 11:50 11:51 12:12 12:29
15:01 15:22
14:50 15:35 15:40 16:01 16:18
17:08 17:29
16:55 17:40 17:47 18:09 18:27
19:14 19:30
20:16 21:01 21:06 21:28 21:45

Rapid bus service from Inotani to Takayama is also available. You can get Takayama without changing bus and train at Sakakami.

Bus service
Inotani Hida
09:12 10:14 10:43
11:30 12:32 13:01
15:14 16:16 16:45
17:16 18:18 18:47

These above trains and bus services are covered by rail pass, such as JR Pass, Takayama Hokuriku Tourist Area Pass. But the space is limited. Regular ticket holder and local commuters, students have priority. If you want to move between Toyama and Takayama quickly, you should take Nobi bus express bus services. These rail passes do not cover these express bus services. Only Takayama Hokuriku Tourist Area Pass covers Takayama-Shirakawago-Kanazawa route.

Please see Nohi Bus official site to get the details.

Okayama and Hiroshima area

  • Sanyo line (Mihara – Semo, Yanai – Kudamatsu)
    *The segment between Yanai and Kudamatsu will be open in mid September.
    *The segment between Shiroichi and Seno will be open in September.
    *The segment between Mihara and Shiroichi will be open in October.
  • Fukushio line (Fuchu – Shiomachi)
    *It takes several months to fix this segment.
  • Kishin line (Tsuyama – Niimi)
    *This segment will be open by the end of October.
  • Geibi line (Hiroshima – Niimi)
    *The segment between Karuga and Shimofukawa will be open in August 25.
    *The segment between Niimi and Bingo-Ochiai will be open by the end of year 2018.
    *The segment between Karuga and Bingo-Ochiai will be closed until further notice.
  • Kure line (Itosaki – Saka)
    *The segment between Hiro and Saka will be open in mid November.
    *The segment between Mihara and Hiro will be open in January 2019.
  • Gantoku line (Iwakuni – Tokuyama)
    *The segment between Iwakuni and Suo-Takamori will be open on August 20.
    *The rest of Gantoku line will be open in mid October.
  • Inbi line (Tsuyama – Chizu)
    *This segment will be open by the end of year 2018.

Shikoku and Kyushu area

  • Yosan line (Unomachi – Uwajima)
    *You can get Yawatahama via Uchiko line from Matsuyama.
    *Substitute bus service is available between Yahatahama and Uwajima.
  • Chikuho line (Keisen – Haruda)
    *It will take a long time to recover this segment.

Those following limited express trains are suspended.

  • Limited Express Uwakai (Matsuyama – Uwajima)
    This train will run between Matsuyama and Yawatahama. Substitute bus service will connect Yawatahama and Uwajima.
  • SL Yamaguchi (Shin Yamaguchi – Tsuwano)
    Steam locomotive cannot be sent to Shin-Yamaguchi because of Sanyo line closed. This train will be suspended until further notice.

Closed by heavy rain storm in Kyushu, July and September 2017

The record breaking heavy rain storm and typhoon hit northern and central Kyushu region. The following line are closed until further notice.

  • Hitahikosan line between Yoake and Soeda
  • Houhi line between Hiro-Otsu and Aso

Very popular train, “Yufuin no Mori” now run on regular route

Hitahikosan lines are damaged by typhoon very seriously. This line will not be opened soon.

Aso cannot be accessed by train only from Kumamoto. It was damaged by earthquake in 2016. If you go to Aso, you can take the route from Oita.

Currently closed

Nemuro line between Higashishikagoe and Shintoku

This line has been closed since Typhoon hit this area in August, 2016. The damage is very serious and this line may be closed permanently. Substitute bus service is available. You can take a local train between Furano and Higashishiagoe and substitute bus between Higashishikagoe and Shintoku. This substitute bus does not run very frequently. Please see the timetable below to make sure the timetable.

From Shintoku to Furano (from Mar 17, 2018)

Furano Higashi
07:20 08:04 08:09 09:00 09:11
11:15 12:00 12:05 12:54 13:05
14:19 15:04 15:13 16:02 16:21
16:46 17:31 17:36 18:26 18:45
19:06 19:50 19:55 20:55

And also there is one bus trip from Furano to Shintoku.

Furano 11:02 – 11:58 Ikutora – 12:50 Shintoku

This bus does not stop at other than Ikutora.

From Shintoku to Furano (from Mar 17, 2018)

Shintoku Sahoro
07:59 08:15 09:07 09:15 09:54
10:49 11:05 11:57 12:09 12:49
13:58 14:14 15:05 15:13 15:52
16:20 16:36 17:28 17:40 18:20
18:38 18:54 19:47 19:58 20:35

There is no straight bus services from Shintoku to Furano.

Hidaka line (Hokkaido) between Mukawa and Shizunai

It is closed due to the landslide by high wind and wave. Substitute bus service on this segment is available. It will take a year or more to fix this damage. Demand is very low but cost is high. JR Hokkaido is now negotiating with government for financial support.

Yamada line between Kamiyonai and Kawauchi

Due to landslide, this segment is closed and substitute bus is available.

Tadami line between Tadami and Aizu-Kawaguchi

This line has been closed since heavy rain storm hit this region in 2011. JR East and municipal government has agreed to keep this line. It is expected to be open in 2021.

Yamada line between Miyako and Kamaishi

Third sector railway company, Sanrinku Railway will take over this line. A few parts of this line will be open in fall 2016. All line is expected to be open in 2018.

Joban line between Tomioka and Namie

Substitute services are available. This segment will be open in spring 2020.

Houhi line between Higo-Otsu and Aso

This line was damaged by Great Earthquake in April, 2016. All trains are suspended until further notice.

133 thoughts on “Train operation status”

  1. Hi,

    We are in Nakatsugawa and plan to go to Takayama. The original plan was: Nakatsugawa to Tajimi, Tajimi to Mino-ota, and Mino-ota to Takayama. With JR pass.
    What would be the better alternative? much better if the cost is covered by JR pass.
    Thanks a lot!

    1. Hi Jordi,

      If you want to use JR pass, you can take same route. But you have to take a local train from Mino-Ota to Hida-Kanayama, a substitute bus from Hida-Kanayama to Gero, and take a local train again from Gero to Takayama. As the segment between Hida-Kanayama and Gero is closed, you have to change train and bus. These local trains and the substitute bus are covered by JR pass.


      Takeshi /

  2. Hi!
    We are a family travelling to Japan for first time newxt week, We bought the pass for 7 days with the intention to travel to a small village in the mountains above Takayama coming from Tokyo. I have read that there will be” Substitute bus services are available for the closed segment”. Are we in that semgnet? How can we asure this? Thanks a lot!

    1. Hi Thais,

      Train runs around Takayama. But trains are suspended on the way to Takayama. I updated this page and show the substitute bus service timetable. Please delete your history on your browser and refresh this page. You will see the timetables of substitute bus service.

      There is no limited express trains to Takayama. So you have to change train and bus at least twice. Train is much slower than original timetable. It is inconvenient now. If you are okay with extra payment and want easier trip, I recommend you to take an express bus from Nagoya to Takayama. This is not covered by JR pass but you can get Takayama from Nagoya directly.


      Takeshi /

  3. Hi, Takeshi

    First of all, thank you very much for much needed info since I plan to take Sunrise Izumo from Izumo to Tokyo on 29 August, but it is a relief to hear that it’s going to resumed to normal in mid August.

    However, I do have a few questions to ask regarding Sunrise Izumo;
    1. Do you have any recommendation on reserving the Nobi-nobi seat? or just try to reserve as soon as I get my JR Pass and hope for the best?
    2.If I take Sunrise Izumo (with Nobi-nobi seat) from Izumo in the last day of my JR Pass, and I will arrive in Tokyo in the next morning, which is beyond my JR Pass activation period, do I have to pay anything? or my JR Pass still covers the whole journey?

    Thank you in advance.
    Best Regards,

    1. Hi Passapol,

      1. You have to book it when you get JR Pass in Japan. There is no ways to book it before you exchange JR pass.

      2. Regarding taking Sunrise on 7th day of JR pass, I believe it covers until you get Tokyo. But I’m not 100% sure. In basic JR ticket rule, it’s called “continuation ride”. The base fare ticket covers the trip until you exit the station. Express train ticket covers until you get off the train. I think JR pass follows same rule and it was written in JR Pass official site before. But it is not written in official site any more. Please make sure when you will book Sunrise Izumo ticket or exchange JR pass.


      Takeshi /

      1. Hi, Takeshi

        Thanks again for your time and your answer. And yeah, I will definitely ask the stuff about “continuation ride” rule, then I will let you know the result.

        Best Regards,

  4. Hi Takeshi,
    I am planning to travel from Nagoya to Takayama, stayed there for a night or two, then go to Toyoma by train, in early September 2018. Will train service be available by then. If not, will “train pass” cover the bus service above.
    Appreciate your advice.
    Thanks and regards

    1. Hi Albert,

      According to the official announcement, Nagoya to Takayama route will be open in mid August. But Takayama to Toyama route may be not open in early September. JR prepare substitute bus service on closed segment. You can take this substitute bus service by train pass. But you cannot get Nohi bus (direct express bus service from Takayama to Toyama) by train pass.

      If you want to use train pass, you have to take a local train from Takayama to Sakakami, a substitute bus service from Sakakami to Inotani, and a local train again from Inotani to Toyama. And also some substitute bus run between Takayama to Inotani. You don’t need to change trains at Sakakami.

      Please stick around this page. I will update substitute bus service timetable soon.


      Takeshi /

      1. Hi Takeshi,
        Thanks for your quick reply. Looking forward to the substitute bus service timetable.
        thanks and regards

          1. Hi Takeshi San,

            Sorry to bother you again.
            I presume train between Nagoya and Takayama has resumed normal from 11 Aug.
            I input the date 8 Sept and found from HyperDia the following:
            12:01 Takayama
            13:10 – 13:43 Inotani
            14:33 Toyama
            Does it mean that from 8 Sept onwards, there will be JR service between Takayam and Toyama, and I dont have to take substitute bus between Takayam and Inotani please.
            Thanks in advance for your advice.


          2. Hi Albert san,

            I don’t think Hyperdia shows a correct timetable. When Nagoya-Takayama route was closed, Hyperdia showed a regular train schedule. This shows the timetable from the database. It does not recognize the closed segment.

            I think it will take a few months at least to repair Takayama-Toyama segment. It won’t be open in September unfortunately.


            Takeshi /

    1. Hi Len,

      Only Hashidate #2, #5, #8 and #9 are suspended between Fukuchiyama and Amanohashidate/Kimihama. These Hashidate run between Kyoto and Fukuchiyama as normal and other Hashidate run as normal.
      These suspended Hashidate are operated by Kyoto Tango Railway’s fleet. Probably Kyoto Tango Railway cannot send this fleet.


      Takeshi /

  5. Hello,
    We are planning to travel from Himeji to Hiroshima (Shinkansen Hikari) on 27/7, Hiroshima to Kanazawa (Shinkansen Sakura and Ltd Exp Thunderbird) on 29/7, Kanazawa to Takayama (Shinkansen Hakutaka and Ltd Exp Wide View Hida) on 31/7, and Takayama to Tokyo (Ltd Exp Wide View Hida via Nagoya) on 2/8. Are any of these currently closed? Are there alternatives?

    thank you.

    1. Hi Adrian,

      Ltd Exp Wide View Hida is suspended. I recommend you to take Nohi bus from Kanazawa to Takayama and Takayama to Nagoya.

      If you intend to use rail pass, such as JR pass, it does not cover Nohi bus. You have to pay regular fare.

      If you want to take train, you have to change local train and substitute bus service several times. It’s slow and very inconvenient. It is not recommended for overseas tourist.


      Takeshi /

  6. Hi Takeshi,

    We are booked to go to Gero from Takayama on the 18th. With all of the closures, can we still expect the trains to be running, or can you recommend an alternative route? Thanks so much.


    1. Hi Shanna,

      Actually train runs between Takayama and Gero. But only local train runs on this segment now. Train runs by tentative timetable. So I don’t know how long it takes, but I guess it takes 1.5 to 2 hours.

      If you go south, such as Gifu, Nagoya, after visiting Gero, you need to take a substitute bus from Gero to Hida-Kanayama, and then take a local train from Hida-Kanayama to Gifu. If you go to Nagoya, you have to change trains at Gifu again.

      JR pass covers substitute bus service too but your trip is much longer than regular schedule and need to change train/bus a few times. It will be troublesome.


      Takeshi /

  7. Hi Takeshi,
    Thank you for all your useful information!
    I’m hoping to visit Koyasan in May 2018 and was wondering if you knew a link to the timetable for the temporary bus service from Hashimoto to Koyasan?
    Many thanks,
    Anna 🙂

      1. Hi Takeshi: is the train from Osaka to Koyasan running? We are scheduled to travel to Koyasan from Osaka on April 23. Thx much!

  8. Dear Takeshi,

    i wanted to thank you first for all your work you put into this site, as it helped me numerous times in planing my trips through japan in the past!

    In may this year i was planing to use rhe resort shirakami from akita to aomori, which according to your post fron january 20 should be running daily in may.

    Sadly is not listing this train as a possible connection when using their site. Was the train discontinued after the winter schedule or is just the data faulty?

    It would be realy great if you or another reader of this site has some information about this.

    Kind regards from Germay, Daniel

  9. Dear Takeshi,
    good evening

    Maybe You or anyone else, reading this, has an idea.

    At the moment I´m on my way to Japan. I would like to finish some more of the railway lines in Japan.
    Do You know if there are any railway lines which are in danger of being closed in the near future? I worry a bit about Gotsu to Miyoshi? Last year I took a train there but for the last 20km into Miyoshi, passengers had to change to a bus. Hyperdia showed nothing about it. So was that something which only happened that day or is it a permanent thing?
    Also are there any more lines, which could face the axe?

    Best Regards
    and many thanks for Your help

    1. Hi Frank,

      Sanko line was damaged by rain storm before. In this winter season, it was damaged again by snow storm. It has just been recovered. But this line will be closed permanently on the end of March. It’s this month.

      Sekisho line between Shin-Yubari and Yubari in Hokkaido (a.k.a. Yubari line) will be closed. The date has not been confirmed yet. But it may happen on next spring.


      Takeshi /

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