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Toreiyu Tsubasa. First ever Shinkansen train that has foot bath.

The first ever Shinkansen cruise train, Toreiyu Tsubsa. (C) James Chuang
The first ever Shinkansen cruise train, Toreiyu Tsubsa. (C) James Chuang

Shinkansen run as fast intercity transfer. But this train, “Toreiyu Tsubsa” shows us completely different concept as Shinkansen train. This Shinkansen train does not run very fast. It stops at all stations and it gives you warm atmosphere to spend the time in the train with your family or friend.

My reader, James and Tak gave us many photos of this train. I would like to share the photos and information with you.
I would like to thank you, James and Tak for sharing the beautiful photos. Continue reading

What is Shinkansen (bullet train)? Most convenient and the fastest train service throughout Japan.


Shinkansen (新幹線) is high speed train service that is operated by JR. It is one of the fastest train in world and sometimes called “Bullet Train”. JR has this high speed train network throughout Japan. You can save lots of your trip time by using this train system.

Most of you use this train system in your trip. I would like to share the basic information about this train system, Shinkansen. Continue reading

Schedule of 2012 summer seasonal trains of Japan Railways

Some of Furano Lavender Express are operated by Kiha183 Crystal Express train.
Some of Furano Lavender Express are operated by Kiha183 Crystal Express train.

In summer season, the busiest period is mid August. This period is called “Obon (お盆)”. Everybody try to go back to hometown in this period. In this year 2012, August 10 to 19 will be Obon period. Especially the direction to go out from major cities on Aug 10-12 and the direction to go into major cities on Aug 17-19 will be much busier. These dates are weekend days. Everybody will try to move on these dates. If you travel in this period, try to go opposite direction. It makes you to travel much easier.

JR Group operate lots of seasonal trains during all summer season and increase the number of trains in Obon period. It is too many to introduce all seasonal trains. So I pick up the popular trains and are operated in the popular spot. Continue reading

Direct transfer to Yamagata and Shinjo, Yamagata Shinkansen (bullet train)

Yamagata Shinkansen
Yamagata Shinkansen E3 series.

Yamagata Shinkansen is operated between Fukushima and Yamagata and Shinjo. But all train services are provided to/from Tokyo and go through Tohoku Shinkansen between Tokyo and Fukushima. It is usually coupled with Tohoku Shikansen “Yamabiko” between Tokyo and Fukushima. At Fukushima station, these trains are uncoupled. Yamagata Shinkansen go toward to Yamagata and Shinjo.

Yamagata Shikansen is sometimes called Mini Shinkansen. Because technically it is not “Real” Shinkansen. It is smaller and slower than common Shinkansen because of sharing the truck with the local trains between Fukushima and Shinjo via Yamagata.

In this post, I would like to show many photos of Yamagata Shinkansen train and explain about this train. Continue reading