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Chubu Area

How to get to Takayama by a train and a bus

Takayama is very attractive small town. It is very closed to another popular spot, Shirakawago. In this post, I show you how to get Takayama by train and bus.
Station information

Matsumoto station guide. How to catch the bus to Takayama, Hotaka and Kamikochi. How to take a train to Nagano, Hakuba, Shinano-Omachi.

Matsumoto station from Oshiro-guchi (east side) Matsumoto is the second biggest city in Nagano prefecture. But the s...
1 to 3 days

Sample itinerary of day trip to Kanazawa and Shirakawago from Tokyo

You can visit Kanazawa and Shirakawago from Tokyo as a day trip. This post shows you the sample itinerary and how to manage this day trip.
Rail pass for visitors

Takayama Hokuriku Area Tourist Pass user guide. Perfect deal to travel Takayama, Kanazawa, Toyama, Shirakawago from Nagoya or Osaka

Takayama Hokuriku Area Tourist Pass is very popular and convenient to travel Kanazawa, Takayama and Shirakawago. This post explains you how to use this pass.
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