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Toyama station guide. How to change between Hokuriku Shinkansen, other local trains and Toyama Chiho Railway.

JR and Ainokaze Toyama Railway Toyama station south side exterior

Toyama is one of major cities in Hokuriku region. This city is known as the base of Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route and Kurobe Gorge (Kurobe Keikoku). You also can access to Tateyama by both train and bus, and Shirakawago and Shin-Hotaka by bus directly. This station is the hub of this region.

In this post, I would like to explain about Toyama station’s structures with many photos of this station. And I also show you the bus stops around this station and Toyama Chiho Railway’s station which is Dentetsu Toyama station. Continue reading

Intercity train between Niigata and Kanazawa. Limited Express Hokuetsu

Limited Express "Hokuetsu"
Limited Express Hokuetsu

This train was discontinued on March 13, 2015. Hokuriku Shikansen has started to run on March 14, 2015. You can get Kanazawa and Toyama by Shinkansen from Tokyo without any transfer and much faster. If you need an access to Kanazawa from Tokyo, please find more info at the post, Hokuriku Shinkansen, direct access to Kanazawa, Nagano and Toyama from Tokyo.

If you need to transfer between Toyama/Kanazawa and Niigata, you have to take Hokuriku Shinkansen and transfer to limited express Shirayuki at Jouetsu-Myoko station. Unfortunately there will be no choice to take direct train service between Kanazawa/Tokyo and Niigata. Please find more info at the post, Limited Express Shirayuki. Intercity express between Joetsu-Myoko and Niigata.

Hokuetsu (北越) is operated between Niigata and Kanazawa. If you go to Kanazawa or Toyama from Tokyo, you may take Joetsu Shinkansen and transfer to this train at Nagaoka station.

Hokuetsu is fully covered by Japan Rail Pass. But if you are hurry, you have a choice to take Hakutaka. But Hakutaka is operated on both JR lines and Non JR lines. That means you need to pay the extra. I would like to show you the details about Hokuetsu and the difference between Hokuetsu and Hakutaka. Continue reading