4 to 6 days

Shiretoko, Lake Mashu, Lake Akan and Kushiro Marsh 4 days sample trip plan. Eastern Hokkaido 4-day highlights

This sample trip plan covers Abashiri, Shiretoko, Kushiro Marshland, Lake Akan and Lake Mashu in 4 days.
Hokkaido Area

Hokkaido Train Guide. Guide of the access route to major places in Hokkaido by train

Hokkaido is very very popular destination. There are lots of places to see. However this island is quite large. You must know the best way between the places to save your trip time.
Rail pass for residents

Peach Higashi Hokkaido Free Pass user guide

Peach Higashi Hokkaido Free Pass offers unlimited travel in eastern part of Hokkaido. This pass is available for anybody who arrives at New Chitose airport or Kushiro airport by Peach Air flight. This post explains you how to use this pass.
Hokkaido Area

Hokkaido train operation status in fall 2016. Guide for substitute train and bus service.

Tomamu - Obihiro segment will open on 22nd December. Hokkaido was hit by very severe typhoon in late August. Many...
Rail pass for residents

Hokkaido Unlimitd Train Ticket and Southern Hokkaido Unlimited Train Ticket for resident in Japan

JR East and JR Hokkaido have just announced that they will two types of unlimited ride ticket for trip to Hokkaido f...
Seasonal trains schedule

Schedule of 2012-13 winter seasonal trains of Japan Railways

Some part of winter season is the busiest period. Especially in Japan, New Years holidays are crazy busy. In this se...
Hokkaido Area

Hokkaido Rail Pass. The best deal for rail trip in Hokkaido for oversea visitors.

If you travel Hokkaido only, Hokkaido Rail Pass is a good choice to travel there. This post will explain you the type of Hokkaido Rail Pass and how to use it.
Abashiri, Shiretoko-Shari

Direct transfer to Abashiri for Drift ice in Shiretoko by Ryuhyo Limited Express Okhotsk no Kaze

This train has not run in the last few years. Please do not use this train in your trip plan. This is a seasonal ...
Abashiri, Shiretoko-Shari

Drift ice watching in Shiretoko by Ryuhyo Norokko train

Ryuhyo Norokko train has been stopped operation because of carriage was too old. Other train replaced Ryuhyo Norokko...
Seasonal trains schedule

Schedule of 2011-12 winter seasonal trains

Some part of winter season is the busiest period. Especially in Japan, New Years holidays are crazy busy. In this ye...
Hokkaido Area

How to get to the Shiretoko peninsula: The access route from Abashiri and Kushiro to Utoro and Rausu

The Shiretoko Peninsula is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and has rich nature such as the Shiretoko Five Lakes, numerous waterfalls, and see wildlives. This article will show you the access routes to Shiretoko.
7 to 9 days

Sample itinerary Hokkaido 7 days by Japan Rail Pass 7 days

This itinerary includes most of popular spots of Hokkaido in 7 days. Departure and arrival places are Tokyo. You can...
Abashiri, Shiretoko-Shari

The limited express Okhotsk / Taisetsu train guide and the timetable. The trains to Abashiri from Sapporo and Asahikawa

This train takes you to Abashiri from Sapporo and Asahikawa. You can find this train guide and the timetable in this post.
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