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  1. Hello Takeshi San,
    Where can i find the 2019 Spring Joyful train schedules?
    How far in advance do you suggest that i need to reserve seats? Will seats be likely available if i book just a day in advance?

    Thank you

  2. Hi Takeshi
    First my gratulation, what you are doing. Just great.
    I plan to come back to Japan with my twins (4 year old when we arrive in Tokyo). We want to drive arround Japan with JR Railpass. But whow to do with my children? Can I buy seat reservation for the children, even if they do not beed a train ticket to get a seat for them? Or do I have to go to non reserved cars? Can I buy green class seat reservation for my kids if I have green class JR railpass? Thanks for your answer. Greetings Stefan

    1. Hi Stefan,

      If you want to give the seat to your child, you have to pay. It’s free of charge for 5 years old or under but one of adult passengers must share the seat. Even if you use Green class seat, it’s same.
      If you take a seat in non reserved car and there are lots of empty seat, you can give them seats.


      Takeshi /

  3. Dear Takeshi-san,

    First of all, thanks for this great site and forum, really valuable for foreigners travelling to Japan.

    I am travelling with my family (2 adults and 2 children of 8 and 5 years old during the trip) to Japan end of April – beginning of May for 2 weeks.

    As you suggest in your “rule section”, I made my own itinerary and I was able to choose most of public transportation options and tickets offered in Japan.
    Nevertheless, I still have few doubts here below and I hope you can help me.
    Please notice that we plan to buy ICOCA upon arrival at the airport.

    1. We arrive in KIX on Sunday the 21st of April (which is the Easter day) in the evening and we have to head to Osaka city center (Shinsaibashi/Nagahoribashi).
    As far as I can understand the best option should be the “Nankai Ltd. Exp Rapi:t” train + the “Sakaisuji” line changing in Tengachaya.
    Then, we would like to buy the “Kanku-Tokuwari Rapi:t” ticket for the Nankai line (as suggested in a post found on your site).
    I saw that another cheaper ticket (Kanku-Webtoku Ticket) is available, but only on-line

    So my questions are :
    a) Could you kindly confirm that “Kanku-Tokuwari Rapi:t” is the best option ? or may it be a crowded period at KIX and the “Kanku-Webtoku Ticket” could be a better option?
    b) if Kanku-Webtoku Ticket is the best choice and, as it seems we have to book a specific train time on-line, how long do you think should be the lag between our arrival and the train departure (1 hour? 2 hour?).
    Please notice that we have to claim our luggage, pass through the custom/police checks + get our mobile SIM + buy ICOCA cards

    2. We plan to take Kintetsu line (from Osaka to Nara) and Kehian line (from Osaka to Uji and Yawatashi).
    So my questions are :
    a) by using ICOCA on those lines, do we need to buy additional tickets to take “Rapid Express/Limited Express” trains and/or reserved seats (when reservation is applicable) ?
    b) may we buy reserved seat ticket for the 5 years child without buying child ticket (which usually is half adult price) or should we buy child ticket + seat reserved ticket ?

    3. We plan to go from Kyoto to KIX by taking the JR Haruka on the 2nd of May in the evening.
    Having an ICOCA card for adults and children we think to buy the “Haruka deal” ticket for adults + “JR West 1-day pass” for children.
    So my questions are :
    a) Is this the best choice?
    b) Does it make sense to have seat reserved for all 4 of us departing from Kyoto heading to KIX ? Do you think we may find seats easily also in the context of the period (i.e. golden weeks)?

    Hoping to have been as much detailed as possible (but not too much), I look forward for your suggestion.

    Thank you very much.

    1. Hi Stefano san,

      Kanku Webtoku is slightly cheaper. And you don’t need to decide the train. The flight arrival time is not always on time. Train company understand this and your train will be assigned when you exchange the ticket. So don’t worry about it. You can go for Kanku Webtoku.

      Reserved seat fee is required to take the limited express train on Kintetsu line and Premium car of limited express on Keihan line. Other trains and cars do not require any extra charge.

      If you want to reserve a seat for child, you have to pay child base fare too.

      Haruka is a good choice. But Haruka deal does not cover a reserved seat. If you want to reserve a seat, you have to pay a regular fare. You may think about taking a limousine bus. It may be easier.


      Takeshi /

  4. Dear Mr Takeshi

    I would like to check is there any discounted ticket(no jr pass) for Sapporo-Biei-Asahikawa? Thanks in advance for the advise.

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